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by : Nima Pudiyanti
What have you learned on our previous lesson?
What are we going to learn?

Asking for and responding apologies

Learning Objectives
 Identify social functions, text structures, and linguistic elements of oral
and written interpersonal interaction texts that involve apologizing, and
responding to them, in accordance with the context of their use
 To do a very short and simple text of oral and written interpersonal
interaction that involves the act of apologizing, and responding to it by
taking into account the social function, text structure, and correct and
contextual elements of language
Observe the picture!
Observe the picture!
"To apologize is to tell someone that you are sorry for having
done something that has caused him / her inconvenience or
"Meminta maaf adalah berkata kepada seseorang bahwa kamu
menyesali atas sesuatu yang telah dilakukan yang
menyebabkan dia tidak senang atau tidak bahagia".
• I am sorry
• I am very sorry
• I apologize for.....
• I’m very sorry for my mistake
• I apologize for my mistake
• I am really sorry about that
• Forgive me for my mistake
• Please accept my apology
• Sorry, I could not come to your house
(Menanggapi permintaan maaf)
• Never mind.
• It doesn't matter.
• Don't apologize.
• That's all right.
• Don't worry about it.
• You couldn't help it.
• Forget about it.
• I quite understand.
• Don't mention it.
• That's OK.
• Dialogue 1
• Ally : I’m sorry, Mum. I broke the glass.
Mother : That’s all right, next time just be careful.
Ally : I will, Mum. I promise.
• Dialogue 2
• Andy : I’m sorry, Sir. I’m late to class.
Mr. John : It’s okay this time. Please be on time in the
Andy : Yes, Sir. I will.
Dialogue 3
Teacher : Azzam, you didn’t show me your home work.
Azzam : Forgive me for my mistake, Sir. I haven’t done
it. I wasn’t well yesterday.
Teacher : No worry, but don’t do that anymore
Azzam : Yes Sir. Thank you
Dialogue 4
Rina : Yuli why you didn't come to my birthday party
last night?
Yuli : I apologize for it Rina, My mother is sick and I
have to take care of her.
Rina : Oh my goodness. I'm sorry I didn't know that
Yuli : That's okay Rina.
Work in pairs. Write your own dialogue on asking for apologies
and responses with the expressions that you have learnt.
Choose one of these following situations
a. You forgot to submit your homework. (Student and
b. You forgot to bring your friend’s book. (You and your friend)
c. You broke the window. (You and your Mom)