order and meaning to a person s life. y It also consists of the changes in values.CAREER DEFINED: A career is the sequence of positions held by a person during the course of a lifetime. y Comprises of work related activities that provide continuity. . attitudes and motivation that occur as a person grows older.

.FEATURES OF CAREER y A career develops over time. y Wide spectrum of positions. y Its success is judged by the individual. y It comprises of psychological success.


y Career goals: Future positions one tries to reach as part of a career. y Career paths: These are flexible lines of progression through which employees typically move.CAREER PLANNING Career planning is the process by which one selects career goals and path to these goals. .

y Improve employee morale and motivation.Objectives of career planning: y Attract and retain talent by offering careers. not jobs. y Use human resources effectively and achieve greater productivity. y Reduce employee turnover. . y Meet the immediate and future human resource needs of the organization on timely basis.

Process of career planning: Identifying individual needs and aspirations Analyzing career opportunities Aligning needs and opportunities Action plans and periodic review .

Career counseling for quality of work INDIVIDAUAL CAREER PLANNING Identifying your interests.Organizational and individual career planning: ORGANIZATIONAL CARRER PLANNING Human resources needs development. Seeking and obtaining the best first. Upgrading of human resources for increased productivity. Career paths definition. Communicating to management your career plan. Seeking counsel from your manager and from HR organization on career plans and progress . Developing a written plan to achieve your goals. skills and potential. Matching of organizational needs and career needs. Identifying your life goals and career goals. Assessment of individual potential job.

Making known (publicizing) yourself and your accomplishments. ORGANIZATIONAL CARRER PLANNING Audit and control of the career planning and development system. INDIVIDAUAL CAREER PLANNING Evaluating internal and external (other companies)opportunities.Continued . .

Better use of human resources. Lower employee turnover. .Advantages of career planning: y Making employees aware of various career y y y y y opportunities. Helps employees to set preferences. Helps organization to identify internal employees who can be promoted. Internal promotions results in high job satisfaction.

y Declining career opportunities. y Downsizing and careers.Limitations of career planning: y Dual career families. . y Low ceiling careers.


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