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Deutsche Telekom One IMS Case

Shen Danting 00239150

Convergent Communication MO


Deutsche Telekom in Europe

• Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s largest telecom operators. Deutsche Telekom offers a broad range of
communication, entertainment and IT services from a single source both for consumers and business
customers. The solid foundation for this offering is and will continue to be a state-of-the-art network
infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom's objective is to be its customers' first choice for connected life and work.

• One IMS Project is for the state-of-the-art.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 2

DT one IMS: step by step deployment, end to convergence
 DT believe in a
profitable Network  Develop
based business
One IMS’ core architecture:
profitable ‘deployed across the group and enables delivery of
FMC value various service via all access technologies’
 PSTN,CS,LTE and Fixed IP network
with IMS
existing in DT NatCos result in O&M and
convergence difficult

 LTE widely deployed adding the mobile broadband AS1 AS2 AS3
- DTAG is fully in line with the common industry view that  VoLTE
VoLTE is the preferred long term solution to deliver
operator-provided voice services on All-IP networks. -
Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CTO of DT launch 2014 ‘One IMS’ core
 Keep the voice service revenue in LTE (phys. deployed once per NatCo)

 Fiercer competition from OTT: tradition SMS

 Plan RCS-e for 8 NatCos (live
revenue down 10% , Voice down 25% from Q4 2013 or 2014) quickly Mobile Mobile
fixed fixed
2009 peak (EU 5 countries) acc. acc.
 CS interworking
NatCo NatCo
 Joyn alliance: together with Vodafone,
FT/Orange, Telefonica and Telecom Italia for joyn

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 3

Where and How DT deploy one IMS
Extension of existing
Magyar Telecom
fixed line IMS
Hrvatski Telekom
• Deploy a new IMS network
Focus NatCos Slovak Telekom • Can support FMC with existing IMS in fixed if necessary

Romania T-Mobile Netherland

Greece T-Mobile Czech T-Mobile Austria T-Mobile Poland

Fixed & Mobile Mobile only


Fixed line IMS deployed No IMS deployed Mobile IMS deployed

Local IMS (Huawei or Ericsson)

Service in Scope Fixed, VoLTE and RCS VoLTE and RCS

Secenario3 – Hosting for centre region

Secenario1 – New deployment Secenario2 – extend fixed IMS to FMC IMS operation (only T-Mobile Poland required)
• IMS Light (one rack solution) for cost • Smooth evolution by software upgrade • Independent logic IMS instance for each
efficient small scale network • In MT: one IMS serving for both fixed line Natco
• FMC from the beginning if necessary and mobile services • Virtualization technology for

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 4

Huawei IMS delivery plan in 3 Natcos
Delivery in Progress Extension of existing fixed IMS to support RCS and VoLTE Subscribers
• Launch RCSe • IMS SW version Sub. (K)

• Start VoLTE 10.0

Hungary Fixed line IMS test • Launch VoLTE

Mar July Oct Nov Mar Jun

2006 Sep 2010 2013 2013 2013 2013 2014 2014 Fully FMC
IMS VoBB Launch PSTN renewal (tbd.)
with IMS+SIP MSAN Upgrade IMS RCSe/ VoLTE/
• Upgrade live IMS
test bed for test VoBB
new service • RCSe field trial interworking

 Dec 2013, launch RCSe Sub. (K)

 Sep 2014, launch VoLTE

 Existing biggest IMS network in DT group: sole IMS vendor in fixed networks with 600K subscribers
• Deploy a new IMS network: launch RCS and VoLTE
• Simply and easy FMC in future: same vendor fixed and mobile IMS

Sub. (K)
 2014, launch RCSe
 2015, launch VoLTE

• Deploy a new IMS network: launch RCS and VoLTE

• Simply and easy FMC in future: same vendor fixed and mobile IMS

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 5

Why DT chose Huawei in Natcos


 Smooth extension for the

 Simplified and fast  Seamlessly inheritance
evolution of fixed and
implementation for with today’s services
mobile network
RCSe/VoLTE go-to-market (2G/3G, VoBB, PSTN)

• Huawei solution ranked top1 among vendors in most NatCos.

• Competitors can NOT comply with some key technical requirements.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 6

Competitiveness for DT key technical requirements
Customized interface
to existing 3rd parties Single NE capability Continuous Innovation

• Only Huawei A-SBC supports

• NSN proprietary LDAP • Only one proven FMC
Geo-redundancy based on
interface between VoLTE-AS IMS in the industry
Session Level
(ATS 9900) /IMS-HSS and supports mobile services,
NSN existing CNTDB BE fixed line services
• IMS-SSF embedded in TAS • Huawei SBC 10 times
(ATS 9900) supports various performance than competitors
IN service with N-INAP
• External LRF for emergency
call + +

More than 2,000 SOC, No.1 in technical score in most NatCos.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 7

Simplified and fast implementation: rich MVI capability
Most integration have been proven in MT, OTE
IN Platform CAMEL 1/2  20 + interfaces and 15 + platforms interconnection
 6 + vendors integration
AS/Anchor AS)  IM-SSF supports: IN inheritance (CAP/INAP/MAP
OCS Ro LDAP protocol)
LDAP  TAS supports: NSN proprietary protocol integration
ENS MAP NPDB  IMS-HSS supports: NSN CNTDB integration
Offline Rf /LDAP (LDAP)
Charging CCF
System MRFP
RCS(e) AS Make it possible
NMS File/ M2000
MGCF Ma IM-AS Vendor Delivery Period
Operator Interfaces
Mg/Mj Quantity (month)
X1/X2 Romania 9 9 3

UIM CSCF/ATCF/ATGW /EATF) X1/X2/X3 LIG Mobistar 6 4 2

UK Sky Full Feature 4 4

Ut Gm/e2 Gm Gm/Rx
Fixed/ISP Other IMS
PSTN PLMN Network Network
LTE/EPC Proven Integration and Delivery Capability

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 8

Simplified and fast implementation:
customized LDAP (specific for DT)
DT requirement
AS vendor must support both ways to interface to IMS-HSS/cDB

 1.) via LDAP for transparent and Sh for non-transparent

 2.) via Sh for non-transparent and transparent data (‘BLOB’)

Huawei response

 ATS9900 already supported Sh interface to work with

standalone HSS, Sh interface support Blob data or MMTel
service XML Schema defined by 3GPP 29.364.

 Customized development for LDAP scheme between

NSN HSS BE and Huawei ATS in specific NatCo

 Customized development for LDAP scheme between

NSN HSS BE and Huawei IMS-HSS FE in specific NatCo
(e.g. Greece)

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 9

Seamlessly inheritance: integrate existing service
No. Mandatory FMC features No. Optional & Recommended FMC features
1 Multiple subscriber number 1 Call waiting
Complete Inheritance 2 Direct dial in 2 Enquiry/switching
3 Advice of charge
3 Explicit call transfer
4 Calling line identification presentation
5 Calling line identification restriction 4 Call forwarding during ringing phase
 Full service inheritance: Call forwarding on Offline/Not Registered/ Not logged
6 Connected line identification presentation
PSTN, Mobile and VoBB 5 in
7 Connected line identification restriction
8 Three-party conference call 6 Call forwarding unconditional on fault
9 Call forwarding unconditional 7 Call completion on no reply
 Proven PSTN Renewal in Magyar
10 Call forwarding on busy 8 Reset
Telecom: 11 Call forwarding on no reply 9 Outgoing blocks - Permit only calls on whitelist
12 Call completion to busy subscriber 10 Outgoing blocks - Reject all callers on blacklist
– 130K PSTN subscribers have been 13 Message waiting indication
11 Subscriber ID
migrated to IMS completely in 2010 14 PIN modification
15 Call barring incoming and outgoing 12 Abbreviate dialing (speed dialing)
– 1,200K PSTN subscribers will be migrated 13 Call Forwarding to Fixed Announcement
16 Incoming blocks - Reject all incoming calls
to IMS in 2014 17 Incoming blocks - Reject all forwarded calls 14 Add-On Conference
18 Incoming blocks - Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) 15 Subaddressing
19 Outgoing blocks - all and selective (call blockings) 16 User to User Signalization level 1
20 Forwarded caller rejection
17 Call Forwarding Notification
21 Outgoing blocks - Call-by-call block
CS Interworking 22 Emergency call 18 Antidialer
23 Hotline / Fixed destination call 19 Prioritization of calls during crisis situation
24 Number portability 20 Reverse charging (B-party charging)
Covers basic protocol interworking for
25 Alarm call service 21 Closed user group
voice calls and supplementary services 26 Malicious call Identification (Identification/Tracing)
between the IM CN subsystem and 27 CLIR Override
28 Line Hunting
CS network bearers 29 Carrier selection on call-by-call basis for individual calls
30 Carrier pre-selection TAS
31 Multifrequency dialing (Huawei ATS9900)
32 Do not disturb

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 10

Smooth extension with real FMC solution Overview:
fully align with one IMS
Service Access OAM Platform
• Support both fixed and • Virtual SBC for FMC • Unified EMC for FMC • Existing common ATCA
mobile services support platform
• Unified PRS for FMC
• Support both residential • Support both fixed and • Cloud platform for long term
and enterprise service mobile access • E2E signaling trace for evolution
• High efficient call E/2G/3G/Wifi)
• Powerful next generation
SBC for huge subscribers

• Fully convergence CORE, TAS, SBC

• Max. flexibility Layered approach for one IMS-core architecture, low initial cost, flexible extension
• Proven FMC IMS Magyar Telekom for VoBB (xDSL, FTTx) and Fixed services (PSTN modernization) over 200k subs

Only one proven FMC IMS in industry

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 11

Smooth extension with real FMC solution:
external LRF both for mobile and fixed network

IMS based EC (emergency call) Huawei external LRF (reuse HSS platform)
Mavenir + ACME can not support the external LRF!
 FMC: serves fixed line, fixed VoIP and VoLTE

3) Inquiry nearest PSAP  Huge capacity: handle huge table space dimensioning
2) Anchor EC routing information (mapping from location information to geographical
signaling location )
4) Route EC PSAP
 Geo-redundancy: Active/Active geography
EATF E-CSCF redundancy deployment for high availability
1) Initiate EC
 Single point provisioning: provisioning to one site
P-CSCF and automatically synchronization to geo-redundancy site

LRF: Location Retrieval Function

RDF: Routing Determination Function
PSAP: Public Safety Answering Point

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 12

Smooth extension with real FMC solution:
One SBC for both VoLTE and VoBB access
Huawei SBC for VoLTE and fixed line
Fix Network VoLTE
Service Voice Rich Service such as Video, IM, file transfer, picture sharing*
Protocol RFC3261 SIP; MGCP, H248, H323 3GPP SIP
QoS Without PCC (Pre-set is generally used) PCC
Security TLS or unnecessary IPSec
Sigcom No need Need in VoHSPA etc.
EC Location information is retrieved via NASS or via static Location information is retrieved via PCC or LRF
… … …

Only Huawei supports Session based geography redundancy in industry

SE2600-A SE2600-B  Dual device hot backup : Real-time registration

Real-time Data backup

X SIP H.248


data backup for session level geo-redundancy

Proven mature: commercial launch in STC

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 13

Long term cooperation with DT, achieve success together

RCSe trial with
One IMS project
In this project we chose a right partner from China -
Huawei, one of the biggest telecommunication
Magyar Telecom
company in the world, a strategic partner of Magyar SRVCC Trial with
Telekom. 2012.04
T-mobile Austria
Source: Magyar Telekom website.

Magyar Telecom:
PSTN Renewal with IMS 2010


Greece OTE: IMS

2006 in fixed network

Romania RTC: IMS

in fixed network
Magyar Telecom:
World 1st eSRVCC/VoLTE
IMS VoBB project
live call with TMA in Europe (Vienna, October 15, 2012)

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 14

Thank you

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