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Efficacy of the Herpes

Zoster Subunit Vaccine in
Adults 70 Years of Age or

Hana Fadhilah (1102013121)

dr. Yanto Widianto, Sp. KK
dr. Hilman Wildan Latief, Sp. DV

 Herpes zoster, results from the

reactivation of latent varicella zoster
virus and typically manifests as a
vesicular, painful dermatomal rash.

 Complications of HZV is postherpetic

neuralgia, manifests as a chronic
neuropathic pain.

 Incidence of herpes zoster is 2.0 to 4.6

cases per 1000 persons-years.

 Antiviral therapy can reduce the

duration of herpes zoster rash, but not
decrease the complications.

 A previous trial shown the efficacy of

vaccine in adults 50 years of age or

 A herpes subunit vaccine contain VZV

glycoprotein E and the AS01g.

Sample was a randomized, placebo controlled, phase

3 trial conducted in 18 countries in Europe, North
America, Latin America, and Asia-Autralia.

This is cohort study.

Inclusion criteria

1. Adults 70 years of age or older

2. First time vaccination
Exclusion criteria

1. History of HZ
2. Any confirmed or suspected immunosuppressive or
immunodeficient condition resulting from disease (e.g
malignancy, HIV infection) or immunosuppresive/cytotoxic
therapy (e.g medications used during cancer chemotherapy,
organ transplantation, and treat autoimmune disorders)
3. Previous vaccination against varicella or HZ
4. History of allergic disease or reactions of the vaccine
5. Concurrently participating in another clinical study
6. Any other condition (e.g extensive psoriasis, chronic pain
syndrome, severe hearing loss)
7. Acute disease and/or fever at the time of enrolment : (1)
fever is defined as temperature >37.50C on oral, axillary or
tymphanic setting; (2) subject with a minor illness (such as
mild diarrhea, mild upper respiratory infection) without

HZ/su contains 50µg of recombinant VZV glycoprotein E and the liposome-based AS01g.
Vaccine or placebo (0.9% saline solution) was administered (0.5ml) into the deltoid muscle at
month 0 and month 2. Participants to be followed for 30 months.

Injection site reactions of all the participants has been recorded. Unsolicited reports of adverse
events were recorded for 30 days after each dose.

 Herpes zoster and its complications,

especially posthepertic neuralgia, are
associated with substansial morbidity
among older adults.

 Vaccine had efficacy of 89.8% to

reduce the risk of herpes zoster among
adults 70 years of age or older.

 A similar vaccine efficacy in reducing

the risk of posthepertic neuralgia.