IELTS Speaking Module

Contents Test Format and Tasks Assessment Criteria Examples: section 1 section 2 section 3 Strategies and Tips .

Test Format Test Format ± 11 to 14minutes ± One-to-one interview One-to± Recorded ± Three Parts Part I ± 4 to 5 minutes (Introduction & interview) Part II ± 1 to 2 minutes (Mini-presentation) (MiniPart III ± 3 to 5 minutes (Discussion) .

ideas Delivery ± pace Organisation ± structure ± Vocabulary ± range & accuracy ± Grammar ± range & accuracy ± Pronunciation ± comprehensiveness .Test Format and Tasks: Assessment Criteria Effective communication ± Fluency and Coherence Content .

Test Format and Tasks Section One ± Introduction & Interview ± Basic Introduction about yourself and some familiar topics Home Hometown Family Job Studies Interests Other similar topics .

Test Format and Tasks ± Part II Part II ± Mini-presentation (3 ± 4 mins.) Mini± Talk for about one minute on a subject selected by the examiner One minute to prepare the talk Notes allowed while preparing Prompts given to facilitate the content No interruptions while delivering the talk .

Prompt words for Part II Here are some introductory prompt phrases: I¶d like to talk about«. about« I¶m going to talk about/ describe how to« to« I want to talk about«. about« .

.«. .the most I like«more than anything else I¶m fond of«./ Secondly«« And also/ as well as/ Another reason Because/since/as Some words and phrases to talk about things you like I like .Some words and phrases to help develop your theme: First of all..

Words and phrases to state that something made an impression on you «made an impression on me / impressed me «influenced me «had an enormous impact on me «affected me «had an effect on me «changed the way I look at things «touched me deeply «disturbed me .

Use synonyms of words in the task card Benefits: advantages. positive aspects Ways: measures. results Example: instance. steps. courses of action. solutions Effects: consequences. good example. best example .

Test Format and Tasks ± Part III Part III ± Discussion (3 ± 5 minutes) ± Questions related to topic in Part II ± Giving opinions ± Extensive discussion on issues related to the topic ± Ability to express abstract ideas and support opinions appropriately .

Question types for part III examples: What kind(s)/sort(s)/type(s)/benefit(s)/effect of «.are there? What changes/advantages/disadvantages/ Differences/ways«? How important/useful/beneficial/essential«? How does«? What is the role of«? Can you give me some examples«? .

Interview Introduction and Interview .Example of Part I .speaking Task 1 The examiner will introduce him or herself to you and ask you your name. You will then be asked to tell your hobbies. studies or working life. .

1- Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education.Example of Task ± Part II Speaking Test ± Individual Talk You will be given a topic to talk about for 1-2 minutes. You should say: ‡Where you met them ‡What subject they taught ‡What was special about them and explain why this person influence you so much .

Example of Task ± Part III Speaking Test Two-way Discussion TwoIs fashion important to you? Why do you think people follow fashions? What role does advertising play in our buying choices? Do you think the e-mail is a ebetter way of communication? .

Be spontaneous and relevant.Strategies ± Test Tips Speak as much English as you can Be prepared to respond fully to questions asked by examiner You need to sound natural. Don¶ Don¶t waste time trying to write the whole talk Use time to jot some key ideas to prompt you while you are speaking Practice giving your talk with a clock for judging how you spend your time .

Strategies ± Test Tips for Discussion Session Producing a Reasoned Response ± Re-phrase the question in your own Rewords ± Decide if any key words raise new questions ± Do you have clear view on the questions? ± Make sure you can give two sensible reasons to back your opinions .

Thank You Presentation By: Ravinder Kaur Chahal IELTS Trainer British Tutorials .

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