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Ship Management

John T. Essberger GmbH & Co. KG

Ship Management Division is part of the

Deutsche Afrika-Linien / John T. Essberger Group of Companies
Ship Management Training Days - October 2018

 POLICY Statement
• Values & Employees
• Mission & Vision
• We are committed to
– Safety & Health
– Environment
– Quality
– Ethics
– Drugs and Alcohol
– Anti Bribery

 ORGANIZATION Ship Management


-2- HN/DWI
Ship Management - Policies


 To provide our customers with excellent and reliable services which meet and exceed
their needs and expectations.

 We are committed to continuous improvement in all our areas of activity,

strive for long term profitability and controlled sustainable growth, while maintaining
our independence, and at the same time being fully compliant with legislation and
best industry practices.

 We are fully committed to

 Zero Accidents
 Zero Losses and
 No Harm to the Environment.

-3- HN/DWI
Ship Management - Policies


 To be the automatic first choice for our customers by continually

developing and improving our services through our long lasting

expertise, innovative and pioneering solutions, aiming always for

perfection and excellence.

-4- HN/DWI
Ship Management - Policies

Safety & Health

 Encouraging, promoting and improving a strong Safety Culture

 Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees -
“Work Safe - Home Safe”
 Assessing all risks to our vessels, employees and the environment and
implementing appropriate safeguards
 Improving the safety skills of our employees
 Aiming for accident free operation
 Preventing loss of life and avoiding damage to property
 Complying with all applicable industry National and International rules and
 Preparing for adequately responding to emergencies

-5- HN/DWI
Ship Management - Safety

FATIGUE - is a temporary loss of physical and/or mental performance.

• Mental fatigue mainly results from difficult and complex pressure. Inhibition
processes amongst others affect the impairment of information acceptance,
a more slow information transfer as well as the information handling.

• Physical (corporal) fatigue is the diminished power of one or more muscles in

comparison to the expectable power otherwise depending on the individual
physical performance. In particular this results from local pressure and bad
training condition.

Symptoms: Feeling of fatigue/eye light flashes/tinnitus/apathy/increasing

threshold/reduction of concentration and attention/coordination problems/
impairment of cognitive ability
-6- HN/DWI
Ship Management - Safety

1.0 Corporate Manual, Section C Planning, 6.7 Master’s


Masters overriding Authority

• It is acknowledged by all shore-based personnel that in matters of safety

and pollution prevention, the Master has the overriding authority and
responsibility to take whatever action he considers to be in the best interest
of the crew, the cargo the ship and the environment.

• The Master has the responsibility to report defects and near misses and
other issues that could affect the safety of personnel, vessel, environment
and cargo or could affect the operational capability of the vessel.

-7- HN/DWI
Ship Management - Leader Team

Jan Hammer Managing Director - COO

Werner Scharnowski Managing Director Dry Cargo
Hartmut Nickel Managing Director Ship Management

Bernd Schlarmann Fleet Manager

André Rimmel Fleet Manager

Dietrich Wulff SSHEQ Manager

Thomas David New Building Manager

Jennifer Schlemeier Procurement Manager

Bjoern Borbe Senior Crew Manager

Ship Management - Responsibility

Managing Director
Ship Management
Hartmut Nickel
Executive Secretary
Diane Wienberg

Manager Fleet Manager Procurement

Fleet Manager SSHEQ Manager Crew Manager
Newbuilding André Rimmel Bernd Schlarmann Dietrich Wulff Manager Björn Borbe
Thomas David Jennifer Schlemeier

Vladimirs Crew Chief Crew

Manager Andreas Bendlin Detlev Leu
Georg Fröhlich Torsten Elvers
Superintendent Operation
Projects Janusz Ladkowski Lennart van der Net
Uwe Müller
Jakob Veldhuizen- Gundula Katarzyna
Dejan Golub Mate Turcinov Maj Reger Christine Voigts
Dijkstra Grzybowski Walentynowicz

Stefan Valerijs
Mert Daggecen David Cutshaw Philip Wöhler Laura Risso
Kappellusch Drozdovich

Sönke Boekholt Andrej Konov Dirk Kornblum Dragutin Jelovcic

Cornelis Veldhuizen-

Chief Crew
Elke Münsterberg
René Hogrefe

Alexandra Hansen Claudia Prillwitz

Training Master Training Master

Paulo Santos Jan van der Form Task Assistance IT
Stephan Priess Lars Krugmann Jasmin Wittenberg Petra Hassan

C/E Trainer TBN Angelika

Eliza A. van Es 2018 Kleemann

-9- HN/DWI
Insider Relationship

- 10 - HN/DWI
Actual Fleet 2018

Information - John T. Essberger Hamburg - Actual Fleet 2018

27 Chemical Tankers
=> 25 vessels <10’dwt
=> 2 vessels <20’dwt
=> 13 vessels - flying Netherlands flag
=> 14 vessels - flying Portuguese flag

3 Container Vessels
=> 1 vessel - TEU 4533
=> 2 vessels - TEU 2268
=> all flying Portuguese flag

1 Cement Carrier
=> >8’dwt
=> flying Panama flag
- 11 - HN/DWI
Structual Changes

Crystal Nordic - Kopenhagen/Denmark

On 28th December 2017 Essberger Tankers has acquired shipping company Crystal Nordic
Copenhagen/Denmark with 14 modern ice class & stainless steel Chemical Tankers with 4’-12’dwt

• Takeover of 4 Crystal Pool Ships in 2018

 “Gisela Essberger” (“Crystal Skye”) => 3rd April 2018 (Portuguese flag)
 “Annette Essberger” (“Crystal Diamond”) => 25th June 2018 (Dutch flag)
 “Agnes Essberger“ (“Crystal Topaz”) => 17th July 2018 (Portuguese flag)
 “Helga Essberger” (“Crystal Amaranto”) => 03rd September 2018 (Portuguese flag)

• 10 Chemical Tankers => 3rd Party Management with Dania Shipmanagement Copenhagen

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement - Hamburg

Handover into 3rd Party Ship Management - Technical and Crewing Management of
3 Handy Size Bulker

 “Swakop” => 16th February 2018 in Singapore

 “Selinda” => 20th April 2018 in Zhoushan/China
 “Zambesi” => 26th June 2018 in Gibraltar

- 12 - HN/DWI
Fleet - Activity Highlights

Performance Monitoring:
- Installation of an automated reporting system and retrofit of power- and fuel
oil consumption measuring equipment on vessels > 5000 dwt
=> per 31st December 2018

Task Assistance Software - Program Improvements:

- Corporate Manual => completed 30th June 2017
- Office Manual (Ship Management) => completed 31st December 2017
- Fleet Manual => to be completed per 31st December 2018
- Dashboards implemented

Implementation of S30 Liferafts:

- Exchange program from yearly maintenance => to 2 ½ years maintenance
system according to SOLAS reviewed regulation

Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Equipment:

- Evaluation of available systems in order to reach a fully integrated consistent
=> Test system installed - results will be analyzed until December 2018

- 13 - HN/DWI
SSHEQ - Environmental Targets and Programs

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP):

- New Part I completed and sent to vessels in August 2018
- Mandatory Part II -covering IMO fuel reporting requirements- under contract
agreement with ENV Service GmbH. Plans for vessels > 5000 GT will be submitted for
approval by end of the year.

- Existing plans have been approved by Classification Society and sent out to all ships.
(Training will be established)

Environmental Shipping Index (ESI):

- All Chemical Tankers built after year 2000 have been registered for participation with
ESI from 01st October 2018.
- 14 - HN/DWI
Purchasing - Activity Highlights

Personal protection equipment

1. Chemical Protective Suits (Splash Suits)
- type: RJ Chemsuits SP6008/4AS/FR orange - Suppliers: Coolegem BV and Best B.V.
2. Faceshields
- new standard “Honeywell Bionic Faceshield” - Supplier: Lerbs Germany
3. General working gear supplier
- Scandia Netherlands with warehouse in Rotterdam and Singapore

Highlights in Purchasing
1. Luboil Tender confirmed best prices with actual supplier LUKOIL
2. Test for Basic Store Catering is ongoing in 4th Quarter 2018:
- Company HMS => 5 vessels
- Company Wrist => 6 vessels
3. Fixed Pricing Module:
- Prices for year 2019 are under review

- 15 - HN/DWI
Crewing - Activity Highlights

European Data Protection Regulation valid from 20th May 2018:

- Has been implemented with JTE/DAL company group - Employer shall take all
measures in order to comply protection laws in relation to the collection, saving,
processing, forwarding and use of personal data of the Employee

Supervision of TOS Philippines:

- Implemented with beginning of 2018

CrewService software developments:

- Handover, de-briefing and self-assessment reports released
- Data Protection Compliance for all users implemented
- Crew Refund Policy has been reviewed

Crew Training:
- Crew Conferences in Manila have been held in April + September 2018
- Chemical Tanker Officers Seminar in Sudermühlen has been taken place
in March 2018 and currently - in October 2018

Familiarization of new Employees:

- Crewing Operator & Crew Accountants
- 16 - HN/DWI

Targets Filipino Crew

1.) 50% Filipino Junior Officers in Position - Project Target 2012 - 2017

=> reached in 2017, valid in 2018 and ongoing

2.) Two vessels to be manned with majority of Filipino Seafarers in 2018/2019

Two top positions will remain, Captain and Chief Engineer - East European

• Eduard Essberger actual: Peruvian Master + EEU C/E + 2 EEU and

2 Filipino Officers
=> Target: 2/6

• Georg Essberger actual: EEU Master + Portuguese C/E + 3 EEU,

1 Filipino and 1 Portuguese Officer
=> Target: 2/6

- 17 - HN/DWI
We especially thank all crew members for
their excellent performance during operations
on our vessels and their loyalty towards
John T. Essberger

- 18 - HN/DWI