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P&G a company that improves hygiene, health and development Nada Dugas External Relations Central Eastern Europe

, Middle East & Africa

of more than 150 years marketing approximately 250 brands in over 130 countries.P&G A leading consumer goods company with 39 billion dollars of sales. .

P&G Brands Fabric & Home care Ariel Tide Fairy Dash Bonux Lenor MR Clean Food & Beverages Nutristar Sunny Delight Pringles Crisco Jif Olean Folgers Baby care Feminine Beauty care care Always Olay Actonel Pampers Alldays Safeguard Didronel Dodot Tampax Metamucil Pantene Luvs Whisper Peptobismol Pert Plus Vicks Max Factor Crest Cover Girl Blend-a-mend Camay PUR Zest Health care .

. profit and value creation. and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. allowing our people. As a result.Purpose Values & Principles We will provide products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers. our shareholders. consumers will reward us with leadership sales.

such that. . frustrations and aspirations. 50 years from now.³Consumer is Boss´ Our company is also about making the right choices in how we address consumers' needs. we remain a thriving and successful corporation. desires.

Consumer needs Health & Nutrition Hygiene Education .

blindness. mental retardation. growth-stunting. learning disabilities and low work capacity .Malnutrition Protein-energy malnutrition affects 27 % of the children (every fourth child world-wide) Half of all child deaths ± 5 MM/year 16% of total disease burden would be resolved with resolution of malnutrition Micronutrient deficiency or ³hidden hunger´ (deficiencies of iodine. Vit A and iron) contribute to brain damage.

.Hygiene Of the 5. Approximately 3. Approximately 3. sanitation and hygiene. 1. Seven percent (7%) of all deaths and diseases are due to lack of adequate water.1 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation.1 billion people in non-industrialized countries.3 billion people do not have access to safe water.6 million children die from water-related diseases each year.

. Primary school enrollment has increased significantly and adult literacy rose from 47% in1970 to 70% today. The technological advances in communication and availability of information via the Internet will no doubt contribute to this improving trend. improved nutrition and availability of drugs and vaccines. A combination of education. will lead to an increase in life expectancy and improve the quality of lives.Education improvements have been obtained in education.

Aging issues There will be a dramatic increase in the number of people over 65 years of age an estimated six-fold increase by 2050. The leading causes of sickness and death among the elderly are: cancer. circulatory disease. rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis . heart disease.

Consumers concerns Consumer Concerns      P&G Osteoporosis Women¶s Health Education Water Purification Hand washing campaigns Waterless Cleaning ³Nutri-Delight´ Aging Women¶s Health Food and Water Born Disease Water scarcity Child Nutrition & Development .

Crest dental hygiene training.P&G initiatives Development of a breakthrough nutrient drink that has been clinically proven. cleaners and detergents to improve sanitation. New cleaning methods that use less water. An osteoporosis drug to improve bone health and the lives of the elderly. and even salt water. The Pampers ParentingTM MC Institute. in a Tanzanian study. . Disinfectant soaps. Education on women's health issues. cold water. to improve the growth and development of children. non-potable water.

Pakistan & Mexico: hand wash campaign to prevent infectious disease contamination Middle East: girls education about puberty and self esteem. building 50 new schools in 10 years.Programs we have in place South Africa: Hands-On pregnancy program Egypt: building washing clubs in Beheira to reduce the rate of infection from bilhazia and fasciola diseases. a taboo subject Guatemala: water purification campaign . five of which are already finished Syria: health program to improve mother and child health in health centers with the DoH Philippines.

dermatologist.P&G cooperation Local governments in education programs (ministry of health. of welfare) Local and International NGO¶s UN organizations: UNICEF Professional associations (pediatric. of education. midwives.nurses associations) .