Petroleum System

A petroleum system includes all those geological elements & processes that are essential for an oil deposit to exist in nature. (Magoon, 1988) These basic elements are: 1. Petroleum Source rocks 2. Migration Paths 3. Reservoir rocks 4. Seals 5. Traps And the geological processes that created each of them
Source Rock Migration Route Reservoir Rock Seal Rock Trap Generation Migration Accumulation Preservation

Petroleum System Elements Petroleum System Processes Gas Cap Oil Accumulation Entrapment W ater Seal Rock Reservoir Rock Migration 120° F Generation Source Rock 350° F 24803 .

or asphalts found in both conventional & in tight reservoirs. gas hydrates. . coal beds and bituminous sandstones. Known (!) 2.g La Luna ² Misoa (!) Marcaibo Basin. fractured shales. crude oils. natural waxes.) 3. The symbols are: 1. condensates.Petroleum System The term petroleum includes high concentrations of either thermal or biogenic gas. Speculative (?) e. Venezuela. Hypothetical (. The name of a petroleum system is a combination of the source & reservoir rock names followed by a symbol indicating the level of certainty of the source ² reservoir association.

An event chart indicating the time intervals of the essential elements & processes including preservation time & critical moment. trap type. matured source pod . name of producing unit. . reservoir seal lithology. A burial history chart at one or more locations. Table listing all the field names. A map showing the geographic extent of the system. A geologic cross-section drawn at the critical moment illustrating the spatial relationship of the essential elements. year of discovery. cumulative production & reserves. 3. location of fields & key wells etc. 2. 4. depth.Petroleum System Petroleum system is best described by: 1. 5.

Petroleum System .

1994 .PresentPresent-Day Petroleum System GEOGRAPHIC EXTENT OF PETROLEUM SYSTEM A Trap Present-Day Trap Trap A¶ STRATIGRAPHIC EXTENT OF PETROLEUM SYSTEM Petroleum accumulation Top of oil window Bottom of oil window Overburden Seal Reservoir Source Underburden Magoon and Dow.

Petroleum System .

Petroleum System .

Petroleum System .

Petroleum System Formulae to calculate hydrocarbon generation M (g.TOC) = V (cm3) x p (g/cm3) x [TOC(wt%) /100] R (mg HC/g TOC) = HI0(mg HC/g TOC) ² HIp (mg HC/g TOC) HCG (kg HC) = R xM x 106 Oil (1012 bbl) = HCG x 131.15 (kg/bbl of 400 API oil) .

Source Material Non-Biogenic Origins Biogenic (Kerogen Types) Type I ± Algal (oil prone) sapropelic Type II ± Mixed Type III ± Woody (gas prone) humic Host rock (Shales and Coals) .

Kerogen Types Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 .

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