Brain Storming: Making the impossible possible

Presentation by David Young


David Young


What will be covered
‡ Definition of Brainstorming ‡ Different types of Brain Storming ‡ Ways to create effective Brainstorming ‡ How Brainstorming can be used in your company


David Young


‡ Brainstorming in Real World applications ‡ Brainstorming exercise ‡ Summary ‡ Bibliography 10/12/2010 David Young 3 .What will be covered cont.

com/ahd/b/b0449500.What is Brain Storming ‡ A sudden clever Plan or idea. violent disturbance of the mind http://www.yourdictionary.html) ( 10/12/2010 David Young 4 .yourdictionary.

How can Brainstorming help your organization ‡ Bring out new ideas ‡ Help to create synergism ‡ Encourage possibility thinking 10/12/2010 David Young 5 .

‡ Executive buy in ‡ Eliminate bias by creating a diversified groups 10/12/2010 David Young 6 .How Brainstorming can be used in your company.

Types of Brainstorming ‡ Individual ‡ Don·t have to worry about any one else's opinion ‡ Group ‡ Builds team unity ‡ Helps to create thinking outside the box 10/12/2010 David Young 7 .

Ways to create effective Brainstorming ‡ Present issue and outline ground rules ‡ Creates more effective use of time ‡ Allows individuals in the group to start thinking about the real issue (Smith. Kerri Page 1) 10/12/2010 David Young 8 .

by Robert Kreitner and Angelo Kiniki.Ways to create effective Brainstorming cont Four Rules of Brainstorming 1. Freewheeling should be encouraged 3. Suspend judgment 4. Stress quantity over quality 2. pp 361361-362) David Young 9 10/12/2010 . Fifth Edition. Ignore seniority ‡ Brainstorming (Organizational Behavior.

Ways to create effective Brainstorming cont. ‡ Reward group for coming up with solution or new idea ‡ Money talks ‡ Time off ‡ Make it an ´experienceµ ´experienceµ 10/12/2010 David Young 10 .

‡ Create an effective atmosphere ² Leave work premises ² Take routine away from the situation 10/12/2010 David Young 11 .Ways to create effective Brainstorming cont.

Importance of Brainstorming ‡ Increases ability to figure out different ways which to cure a problem ‡ Allows opportunity for synergism within a company 10/12/2010 David Young 12 .

Mark) Mark) 10/12/2010 David Young 13 .A CASE STUDY: THE DETROIT NEWS' DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE ‡ Issues Detroit News was working on ² 1995 newspaper strike ² afternoon home-delivery cycle in a homecompetitive market ² really hadn't been able to fully capitalize on our ability to sell single-copy singlenewspapers in the morning (Silverman.

Marketing 2. Community groups 10/12/2010 David Young 14 . Circulation 3.A CASE STUDY: THE DETROIT NEWS' DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE Cont ‡ Detroit News developes 3 group·s to come up with solutions 1.

especially younger women. First focus on a. single-copy readership. Second.m. we needed to increase readership among women. 10/12/2010 David Young 15 .A CASE STUDY: THE DETROIT NEWS' DRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE Cont ‡ Came up with some goals to help take care of the issues 1. single2. 3. we needed to better cover the places where two-thirds of our readers and potential tworeaders lived: the suburbs. Third.

Brainstorming Exercise Exercises to choose from 1. Group Brainstorming 2. Brain writing Technique Utah State University. Nominal Group Technique 3. masters program 10/12/2010 David Young 16 .

Build on ideas of others 10/12/2010 David Young 17 . Quantity of ideas preferred over quality 4.Group Brainstorming 1. Encourage wild ideas 3. Evaluation of ideas not permitted 2.

Each person brainstorm independently (Sample. A. Present open ended question 3. Divide assembled group·s into smaller group·s 5-6 52. John) 10/12/2010 David Young 18 .Nominal Group technique 1.

Share votes with group 7. 4. Group·s present solution to ideas (Sample. A John) 10/12/2010 David Young 19 .Nominal Group technique: Alternative Cont. Share each other·s ideas in round robin fashion (no criticism) 5. Evaluate each idea individually and vote (anonymously) 6.

Pass ideas to the left 3.Brain Writing Technique 1. Take ideas receive and try to build on them (MHHR 6650 Utah State) 10/12/2010 David Young 20 . Ideas generated in silent group and record on paper 2.

Brain writing technique cont. Pass ideas to the left 5. Continue until your original sheet returns to you 6. Build final List of ideas based on experience(MHHR 6650 Utah State) 10/12/2010 David Young 21 . 4.

Summary ‡ Brain Storming is effective when done right ‡ Can help to create unity ‡ Helps to take routine away from the office ‡ New ideas get generated for possible solutions 10/12/2010 David Young 22 .

com/go/newswatch/99/july/nw07 New York 2001 by. and Jennifer Carroll. 2003. Managing Editor. pg 1.Bibliography ‡ Robert Kreitner and Angelo Kiniki Brainstorming Organizational Behavior. April 21.R Young and Young of Idaho. pp 361-362) 361‡ Wilson. asp Smith. ‡ http://www.gannett. Kerri. Publisher and Editor.H. Brad. 2003 P. Utah State University Masters Program . ‡ MHR 6650: Team and Interpersonal Effectiveness.isixsigma. Fifth Edition. http://www. Inc. The Detroit News 10/12/2010 David Young 23 .htm Mark Silverman.

http: //www. Executive Director Professional Development Specialist Tallahassee. Journal of Extension March 1984 Volume 22 Number 2 .org/joe/1984march/iw2. Florida. joe.html 10/12/2010 David Young 24 .Bibliography Cont. ‡ Sample John A.