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Introduction to

information and
Prepared by: Mr. Akmad Arzie Ayao
Lesson Objectives
At the end of this lesson, the students
should be able to:
• Improve their knowledge on how ICT
affects their everyday lives and the state of
our nation;
• Compare and contrast the differences
between online platforms, sites and content.
Information and Communication
-Deals with the use of different
communication technologies such as mobile
phones, telephone, internet, etc. to locate,
save, send and edit information.
• When we make a video call, we use the internet.
• When we send a text or make a call, we use
cellular networks.
• When we run of load or battery, we use
payphones which uses a telephone network.
Having a unified way to communicate is one
of the goals of ICT. In terms of economics,
ICT has saved companies a lot of resources
(time and money) with the kind of
communication technology they use,
In similar way, we spend less because of ICT.
As it normally costs us a peso to send a text
message or SMS, with the internet, we can
send multiple messages and only be charged
by a fraction.
ICT in the Philippines

-Several international companies dub

the Philippines as the “ICT hub of Asia”.
-BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
-According to the 2013 edition of
Measuring the Information Society by the
International Telecommunication Union,
there are 106.8 cellphones per 100 Filipinos
in the year 2012.
-In a data gathered by the Annual
Survey of the Philippine Business and
Industries, NSO, in 2010, the ICT industry
shared 19.3% of the total employment
population here in Philippines.
-Time magazine’s “the Selfiest Cities
around the World” of 2013 places two cities
from the Philippines in the top1 and top 10
spots.(conducted using Instagram)
ICT, Me, and My Community
To fully understand the importance of
ICT, let us first look at our community, look
for a small business around your community.
Conduct a short interview of the
business owner using the following guide:
Company/ Establishment Name: ______________
Address: _________________________________
Nature of Business: ________________________
Guide Questions:
1. What are the different ways for customers
and/or suppliers to contact you?
2. How often do you use a phone or cellular phone
for business? Estimate only.
3. Does your establishment have internet
connection? If yes, what is its purpose? If no,
would you consider having it in the future? Why
or why not?
4. Does your business have a website? If yes, how
does it help the company? If no, would you
consider having one in the future? Why or why
5. (if applicable) Would you consider giving free
Wi-fi access in the future? If you slready have it,
does it help boost sales?