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R.R Donelley & Sons: The Digital Division
Group 2: Aayushi, Anirudh, Karan, Pallavi, Ronak, Shivani, Sukirti

com .company.Company LOGO Contents ‡ Introduction ‡ Challenges ‡ Analysis ‡ Recommendations www.

‡ One of the leading printing giants in their industry they cover about 6% of the of the USD 80 billion print market. .R Donnelley was founded in 1864 and is in the business of printing. ‡ They have recently set up a digital division in their organization which is responsible for spearheading Donnelley¶s digital printing venture.Company LOGO Introduction and background ‡ R. .Company LOGO Challenges ‡ Strengths of the traditional print business ‡ Promises and weaknesses of the proposed digital printing business ‡ www.

com .Company LOGO Analysis: Traditional business

com .company.Company LOGO Analysis: Digital business ‡ Not viable for large scale printing ‡ Constant changes in technology ‡ Improved quality ‡ Cost effective printing ‡ Customization ‡ On the spot opportunity Strength Weakness Threats ‡ High set up cost ‡ Lower adoption rate Opportuni ties ‡ Future of printing ‡ Projected 16% growth www.

com .Company LOGO Question 4: Recommended steps ‡ Inculcate and offer digital printing as part of the regular portfolio of services (offset and gravure). www. ‡ Revise the incentive schemes with more weight age given to the digital department. ‡ Provide a dedicated sales and marketing force for educating the customer about the benefits of digital

Company LOGO Question 4 part 2 ‡ Keeping all the points in lieu this group feels that John Walter is not performing his duties as a CEO . ± Bad management. ± Projects approved on the basis of clout rather than value it brings to Donnelley. ± No allocation of responsibility of funds.

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