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• About me: Experience, Knowledge - Summary
Financial responsibilities have evolved nowadays to meet increasingly complex demands intended to create and provide a more
technical, diversified and immediate-action approach focused on facilitating a structured business and financial decision-making
process. For financial professionals, this outlook also implies the need to open their role and perspective; it also implies the
need to use a set of concrete functional strengths aiming to create detailed business, administrative, operational and financial
models in order to recommend feasible courses of action and solve problems effectively.

My background reflects a steady growth as to the achievements I've got in terms of concrete contributions allowing me to add a
solid value to those financial assignments I've responsible for.

I am a Financial Analyst with a solid history of leveraging a robust experience in financial institutions and corporations to drive
achievement of goals (administrative, financial, informational, operational) through strategic support of overall organizational

I am prepared to be a reliable professional resource on a full time basis collaboration being ready to consolidate my expertise
and scope contributing extensively to achieve the aforementioned goals.

• Labor Experience: Professional Growth - Summary

Mario Perez Lopez, Consulting | Information Technology and Finance: Blog (Current Project), Mexico City
Designed, launched and currently maintaining two blogs about Financial Literacy in Spanish and English
Mario Perez Lopez, Consulting | Remote Translation, Mexico City
Translated from Mexico City (English to Spanish) a set of complete safety programs for bilingual workers in the United States
Mario Perez Lopez, Consulting | Information Technology and Finance, Mexico City
Designed and developed miscellaneous projects: Information, Microsoft Excel modeling, Financial Audit Report, Web Design
Pearson Education Mexico (Pearson Education branch in Mexico City); Publishing Company,
Senior Financial Analyst, Customer Service Bilingual Operations Supervisor (Dropshipments)
LCC Asesores; Consulting Firm, (Mexico City)
Financial Analyst
Vector (Brokerage – Investment Bank); Financial Industry, Mexico City
Senior Financial Analyst (Corporate Credit Risk Analysis and Advisory), Corporate Finance Department.
Mexican Stock Exchange; Financial Industry, Mexico City
Financial Information Analyst (Corporate Credit Risk Analysis), New Listed Companies, Department

• Key Results - Summary

Developed and applied operational and informational practical tools to build a more efficient problem solving alternative
involving Financial Literacy in both Mexico and the US in order to help interested parties to understand how it works as well as
financial, operational and informational advisory for investors, corporate clients and bookstores.

Regarding my current task of updating my Financial Literacy blog, the results in the circulation of financial topics are
identified in the gradual penetration and growth in the base of interested readers in knowing about financial terminology in
Mexico and the United States, its definition, use and application in order to strengthen their financial knowledge and therefore,
their personal finances.

While working for Pearson Education, those results focused on the need to develop and implement a comprehensive
administrative program for regional sales managers in order to advise them on a regular basis about the need to comply with
more strict budgetary and accounting policies for sales teams in Mexico and Latin America. While working for Vector, those
results focused on the need to develop and implement procedures to inform corporate clients about their responsibilities as
publicly listed companies as well as the success in structuring a step-by-step financial planning and advisory program in order
to keep a constant contact with financial regulators, prospective clients, publicly listed companies and investors alike.

• Key Skills: How can I support the financial function? - Basic Value Proposition

Financial Analysis: Based on a thorough historical - projected financial analysis methodology, I am able to plan, structure
and write analytical reports by selecting relevant informational sources (financial statements and business reports) intended to
deliver a detailed historical - projected performance providing preliminary conclusions, key performance indicators and
recommendations for managerial decision making processes.

Financial Modeling: After planning and performing an information focused research intended to collect appropriate financial -
business data, I am able to manage and execute the development, tests, adjustments and application of Microsoft Excel based
models whose goal is execute ad hoc calculations for interpretation and preliminary conclusions needed to write analytical
reports as a result of those statistical findings.

Information Technology Knowledge and Practice: A steady and increasingly positive experience in using computer and
online tools by getting actively involved in social and professional networks as well as web design and blogging in order to
network, create new professional contacts and a more streamlined online professional presence.

• Education - Key Technical Training

Accounting, BS
• ISEC University in Mexico City

Key English Test (KET), British Certification: University of Cambridge
• Instituto Anglo Mexicano de Cultura in Mexico City; Intermediate - Advanced Level

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL), US Certification: Educational Testing Service
• Benjamin Franklin Library in Mexico City; Advanced Level

Microsoft Excel Programming Workshop
• Vector (Brokerage - Investment Bank) in Mexico City; Intermediate Level

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