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TiVo – What is it?

TiVo is a digital video recorder (DVR) developed and

marketed by TiVo, Inc. and introduced in 1999.
It also provides a range of features when the TiVo
DVR is connected to a home network, including
downloads, advanced search, personal photo
viewing, music offerings, and online scheduling.
Who buys it ?

78% of the subscribers are between ages of

24-54 years.
Married couples, high income families, and
the middle aged consumer make up high
percentage of TiVo subscribers
The subscribers are of high income strata,
71% are home owners
TiVo- Who likes it?

Purchase Behavior
70.1% of new subscribers knew somebody who
bought a TiVo.
57.5% of new subscribers were most influenced by
Purchase demographics
By Nov. 2000 households with income below 51k
made up only 22% of purchases
Households with income greater than 100k made
up 38% of purchases
Ages 18-24 and 54 and up made up only 13% of
Single women consist only 7% of purchases
What is Consumer Behaviour?
Consumer behaviour is the study of how individuals,
groups and organizations select, buy, use and dispose
of goods, services, ideas or experience to satisfy their
needs and wants.
Consumer behaviour is influenced by:
Various Stimuli
Consumer Psychology
Consumer Characteristics
Buying decision process
Purchase Decision
Consumer Behaviour Model

Consumer Purchase
Psychology Decision
Buying Decision
 Motivation Process  Product
 Perception choice
Marketing Other Problem
 Learning  Brand
Stimuli Stimuli recognition
 Memory choice
Products & Economic  Dealer
Services Technological choice
Price Evaluation of
Political  Purchase
Distribution alternatives
Cultural Consumer amount
Communication Purchase
Characteristics decision  Purchase

 Cultural
behavior  Payment
 Social
 Personal
The family that watches TVtogether…
TiVo price is higher compared to its competitor
The failure of UltimateTV and ReplayTV resulted in a
negative image on the PVR product
Consumer Characteristics:
Social Factors
The TiVo is popular in families with small children.
As the parents are usually too busy, they find it easier
to record their shows or games to watch them later.
The family that watches TVtogether…
With high income families, both the partners may be
working, leading hectic life styles. TiVo lets them
catch up with their favourite programs.
Personal Factors:
Usually, young generation are more tech-savvy than
the older generation. People age> 54 may be reluctant
to change
Status of life cycle:
The family that watches TVtogether…
Single people:
Men would be more interested in sports, they may be
reluctant to record the game and watch it later when
they knew who won.
Women would be interested in soaps and talent shows
where they watch an episode and discuss them with
their friends.
It is also usual for single friends to get together to
watch a ‘live’program.
The family that watches TVtogether…
Occupation and age:
People in 24-54 age group would usually be employed
in ‘regular’ jobs, they can catch up with any programs
they missed.
Consumer Psychology
The people who bought TiVo perceived it as a
valuable product, saving them time and allowing them
to have ‘quality time’ with their family.
The family that watches TVtogether…
Buying Decision Process:
Reference groups:
Most customers are persuaded by their friends, who
bought a TiVo and had a positive experience, to buy it
for themselves.
Post Purchase Behavior:
Customers who bought TiVo, were delighted with it
and created a positive ‘word of mouth’ and created
more sales.
TiVo, although enjoys large number of subscribers, is
facing issues because of the failure of two of its
competitors in PVRcategory.
Watching TV is the favourite pastime of Americans of
all ages, it is almost a cultural ethos.
Changing the way Americans watch TV is going to take
some time.
TiVo has to try to work in that direction to bring about
the change.