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Modernization of Connection Performance Properties

Drilling Engineering Association

Brian Schwind, PE
PPI Technology Services


DEA 151 1
Introduction: Need
Casing Field Failure History

0.70 1990's
0.60 1980's
Failure 0.40
Rate 0.30
ns 1990's
it o se ar
p e le
la itt n
n C
W B r
o Failure Mode k
C un

DEA 151 2
Introduction: Industry Need

1. Unknown Performance of Connections

• Pipe Performance exceeding connection ratings

2. Supply Requirements: Competition

• Multi-source for meeting schedule requirements
3. Cost: Competition
 As important as the tubular
 Failure- Financial Loss
 Liability- life and property
DEA 151 3
Introduction: Operator Experience

1. Failures are found two ways:

• Laboratory- Rare for a test to go without performance issue
• Field -Most costly / HSE implications

2. Operators have:
 Totally Eliminated Field Failures through an integrated
Qualification Program
 Program involves applying what was tested, running per test,
and applying within the limits of qualification
 Independent verification of test results

DEA 151 4
Connection Reliability
Environment: Test Load
Envelope/ cycling, SLE, Failure
Points, Temperature
Installation: Torque,
RPM, Thread Compound
Application, running spec.

Manufacturing (Complete Specifications)

Foundation: Design Related (FEA, ISO 13679, Design Calcs)

Design: Test to Dimensional, Makeup, and Load Extremes

Database Provides Dimensional specifications.
 Run Per Specification, within Service Load Envelope
Qualification has Eliminated Failures!
DEA 151 5
Test Data: $50 Million invested
Product Line Qualification Tubing & Casing:
HPHT: Asia, Europe, North America
CRA: 13% Cr, 22% Cr, 28 Cr, C-276, high nickel
Deep Water: Large Diameter/ high rate wells
Cutting Edge and Conventional Wells
DEA 151 6
Connection Test Data
Casing Design: Detailed Graphical Results

DEA 151 7
Project Concern: Resolved

Concern QUALCONN ISO implication

Data Control BP-PPI Controlled Document Controlled Document
Confidentiality Distributed via Suppliers
Performance Presented in QUALCONN Annex (Revised)
Normalization Repository Defining Minimum Req't
Product Line Referenced in QUALCONN Annex (Revised)
Repository- user defined Defining Minimum Req't
Alternate Test Included on both a specimen Annex (new)
Procedures and set basis Defining Minimum Req't
DEA 151 8
Project Schedule:

Finalize Database Structure Finalizing

Acquire test data June-November
Coordinate Software June- December
Coordinate Suppliers June-December
Review/ authenticate data June- December
Request additional data September- December
QC QUALCONN /review October-December
Finalize data presentation November-January
DEA 151 9
Project Benefits
Short Term:
• Profit from $50 MM Testing performed over 15+ years
• Performance Options, Delivery Requirements
• Save Time: One Stop for Objective Connection Data
• Address Deepwater, Modern Performance Properties
Long Term:
• Network, Leverage, and Direct $7MM Product
Development Effort
• Upgrade Casing Design Program: Include Connectors
• Lower Procurement Cost/ Reduced Trouble Time
DEA 151 10
Suppliers Objectives

Highly Leveraged Project Cost- Capture Learnings

Unified Customer Voice

Access to new markets- new users

Emphasize the importance of connection performance
Reliability Testing- Available to entire company-MEM

DEA 151 11
Operator Objectives
Save Money!
Quantify Connection Performance- Capture Learnings
Integrate into Well Design: Schlumberger/Landmark
Primary Cause of Failure- Eliminate!

Available to entire company-EPOM

Access to new sources- schedule & performance
Emphasize the importance of connection performance
Benefit from experience of others- do not re-invent the wheel!

DEA 151 12