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September 16, 2010 Dan DeLano Visionary Integration Professionals



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Topics for this presentation: 
Introduction to Visionary Integration Professionals  The performance testing method.  Performance testing tools and architecture  VIP¶s load test offering.  Open for questions

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ VIP at a Glance ‡ Founding: February 1996 ‡ Over 800 Staff ‡ 11 Offices ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± Headquarters: Folsom. VP of QM Sales (303) 470-6254 Dan (612) 226-1657 Real Experience. 3 . CA Sacramento Metro Washington DC Metro (2 offices) New York City Metro Dallas Metro Houston Metro Los Angeles Metro Minneapolis Metro Denver Metro Bangalore. Director of QM (303) 594-0961 Kelli Schnieder. Real Advantage. India ‡ Six Solution Offerings ± ± ± ± ± ± Quality Management SAP Consulting and Integration Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Human Capital Management Solutions Technology Integration and Operations Management Consulting ‡ Successfully delivered quality solutions to 900+ Clients in commercial and public sectors ‡ HP Gold Elite Partner since 1997 ‡ Over 50+ HP Software Product Consultants on Staff ‡ TOP SECRET Clearance from the US Department of Defense Jeff Bettcher. Velocity Architect ddelano@vipconsulting.

Real Advantage.Performance Center Real Experience.Quality Center .[ Solution Offering ± Quality Management Mission: To provide thought leadership. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Best Practices Assessments Methodology & Framework Implementation Business Quality Testing Out-Sourced Testing Solutions Automated Functional Software Testing Performance Testing and Tuning Data Quality Analysis. higher quality and lower costs therefore accelerating value to help clients mitigate risk. 4 . Siebel HP Product Sales HP Product Training and Mentorship HP Production Implementation HP Certified Software Product Specialists & Instructors .LoadRunner . protect revenue. Oracle.Business Availability Center . PeopleSoft. and increase efficiency through the implementation of strong Quality Management (QM) initiatives. specialized expertise. Lawson.Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence testing Application Security Quality Assurance Training and Mentoring ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ERP/CRM Testing including SAP. JD Edwards.QuickTestPro .

[ What is Performance Testing Detecting problems that occur only when many people are using the application at the same time. 5 . Typical problems include: ‡Poor Response Time ‡Resource Over-utilization ‡Application Instability ‡System Failure #1 cause of performance issues is missed configuration items! Real Experience. Real Advantage.

[ Benefits of Performance Testing ‡ Confidence your application can sustain current and future user volume. ‡ Understanding of end-user response times under load conditions to determine if applications meet Service Level Agreements you have with your customers ‡ Risk mitigation by means of using standard practices for performance testing ‡ Capacity Planning for future growth ‡ Independent verification that your hosted application is performing to agree-upon standards Real Experience. especially critical after upgrades or modifications. Real Advantage. 6 .

Lawson  We can support almost any application out there! Real Experience.Net web applications Ecommerce applications News and Media applications Other ERP Systems: Oracle. PeopleSoft. Real Advantage. JD Edwards.[ Common Types of Applications      SAP ² Web and R3 Custom Java and . 7 .

Real Advantage. 8 .[ When to Performance Test ‡ New application implementations ‡ Identify performance issues not seen in functional test ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Verify applications can process peak volumes Anticipate user experience Provision hardware SLA verifications ‡ For deployed applications ‡ Upgrade or enhancements ‡ Anticipate user growth ‡ Verify architectural changes Real Experience.

[ Performance Versus Functional Testing Load testing and functional testing are complementary activities. ‡ Functional Testing is Broad in Scope í examining every detail of the application to ensure correct behavior ‡ Load Testing is Narrow in Scope í it presumes the application functions properly. Real Advantage. and focuses on a few key business scenarios to investigate how it performs under load. 9 . Real Experience.

10 . Real Advantage.[ Performance Test Goals  Set well-defined Goals  Acceptable transaction response times  Maximum expected concurrent users  Maximum expected transaction rates  Define the Scope of test     Exercise all critical architecture components Determine if multiple locations to tested Determine key business processes Determine data set requirements  Determine Time Lines  Determine the target critical dates  Make sure all required resources are available Real Experience.

[ Defining your Business Process  Business Process  a sequence of actions a user performs to accomplish a certain task  Examples  Enter a sales order into SAP  Enter search criteria and randomly open returned documents  Enter employee time for a pay period  Criteria     mission criticality frequency known or anticipated performance issues new or changed functionality 11 Real Experience. . Real Advantage.

µ  exceptions:  mission critical processes  new or changed functionality  ´sensitiveµ business processes Brow se Flights View Itinerary Cancel Itinerary View Account Settings Customer Feedback Delete Account Purchase Flight Update Itinerary View Special Offers Update Account Settings Contact Us Real Experience.   The 5% Rule 12 . leave it out. Real Advantage.[ Pick only the Best Business Processes Business Process requency  Scripts Add Overhead  but its contribution diminishes rapidly  5% Rule  ´If a business process contributes less than 5% of the load.

[ VIP Performance Testing Cycle Initial Planning VIP¶s proven testing methodology and experienced staff ensures your project identifies performance bottlenecks before they impact your Production systems Design Analyze Build Execute Typical Engagements are 4 to 9 Weeks including Initial Planning Real Experience. 13 . Real Advantage.

Real Advantage. .[ Initial Planning  Test Effort Scope  Identify Software Components  Target System Architecture  High Volume Business Processes and Resource Intensive System Activities Participants  Project Stake Holders  Project Manager  System Architects  Key SMEs  Performance Architect  Workload Profiles  Performance Test Goals  Resources  Target Test System Hardware  Project Personnel and Test Effort Roles  Test Data Management Plan  Test Tools (load injection hardware and software) Duration 1 to 3 Weeks  Test Schedule  Project Schedule  Project Dependencies  Performance Test Work Breakdown Structure Real Experience.

etc.[  Load Test Tools Design  Test Script IDE  Load Injector Farm  Protocol Licensing (Web. . Real Advantage. Citrix.) Participants  Project Manager  Business SME(s)  System SME(s)  Performance Architect  Performance Engineer(s)  Business Process  Screen by Screen Walk Through  Usage Frequency and Pacing  Test User IDs  Test Data  System Intensive Processes  Batch Jobs  Reporting Systems  Interfaces/Feeds Duration 1 to 3 Weeks  Test Monitoring Strategy  Servers/Databases/Network  Integrate with Load Test Tool (Security Permissions)  Data Center/ SME System Monitoring Real Experience. Winsock.

16 .[  Test Scripts Build  Record Business Processes  Correlate Data  Parameterized Data  Pacing Participants  Project Manager  Business SME(s)  System SME(s)  Performance Engineer(s)  End User Response Time Measurements  Typically 6 to 8 Scripts  Test Scenarios  User Ramp Up Scenario  Frequency of Business Process Activities  User Managed Activities  Results Storage Duration 2 to 12 Weeks  Verify Test Readiness  User Concurrency  Multi-Script Concurrency  Load Injectors Real Experience. Real Advantage.

Real Advantage. Automated Backups  Off Hours Scheduling Participants  Project Manager  System Architect(s)  Key SME(s)  Performance Engineer(s)  Monitor Execution  Load Test Progress  Load Test System  Real Time Response Time Metrics  Target System Utilization Under Load  General Execution Approach  Small Load First To Confirm System Is Stable  Reasonable User Load Ramp Up Duration 1 to 6 Weeks  More Than One Test Execution To Confirm Goals Real Experience.[  Schedule Execution Execute  No Users in Target System  Anti-Virus Scans. 17 .

Real Advantage.[  Test Goal Assessment Analyze  Response Time Performance  System Utilization  Bottleneck Identification Participants  Project Stake Holders  Project Manager  System Architect (s)  Key SME(s)  Performance Architect  Performance Engineer(s)  Correlate Response Metrics with System Utilization Metrics  Isolate Causal System/User Activity  Remediation Strategy  Configuration Changes  System Changes  Hardware Changes  Test Script Changes  Load Scenario Change  Monitoring Changes Duration with execute Repeat Cycle Until Goals Achieved 18 Real Experience. .

. and playback test scripts ± uses C and Java ± ± Load Generator ± executes multiple scripts to simulate load Analysis ± review load test results ± slice and dice test data. view results graphically Real Experience.[ LoadRunner Architecture Main Components ± Controller ± Mission Control ± create. edit. manage. and execute load tests ± Virtual User Generator (VuGen) ± record. Real Advantage.

20 .[ VIP Hosted Performance Test Real Experience. Real Advantage.

21 . Real Advantage.[ Internal WAN Performance Test No firewall holes required! Real Experience.

22 . Real Advantage.[ Monitoring Performance Results Real Experience.

 Features included in every package are:  Professional services to plan project.  HP LoadRunner tool and licenses.  System monitors during testing.  Experience performance testing SAP Software. Real Advantage.[ VIP Velocity Performance Testing  A software Performance Testing program where VIP provides both the services. tools. and licenses for a fixed price.  VIP Load generation from the Internet. and analyze results.  Custom virtual user script development. 23 . execute test. Real Experience. build scripts.

Real Advantage.      Real Experience. Experienced Performance Engineers ² Use of VIP salaried staff members experienced at designing and leading performance tests in a wide variety of complex architectures and a specialty in SAP applications. without the upfront purchase price. #1 Performance testing tool .Use of industry leading performance testing tool. Fixed pricing ² Engagement prices are agreed upon in advance and include all necessary labor. and computer hardware. LoadRunner. software licenses. This program essentially allows them to ´rentµ LoadRunner from VIP in combination with our Expert services at an affordable price.) Savings ² Choosing a Velocity package can save customers up to 70% over the cost of purchasing their own LoadRunner license.[ Key Customer Benefits Customer Benefits  Affordability ² Many customers have not been able to afford performance testing because of the initial cost of purchasing LoadRunner. External hosted load testing ² Packages include use of VIP load generation farms that can generate up to 1 Gb/sec of data load over the internet. (T&E is still extra if required. 24 . Allows customers the superior tool at a lesser cost than the competition.

[ Performance Testing Packages Basic Package Duration LoadRunner license LoadRunner hardware LoadRunner performance monitors 1 Gb/sec internet load generation Remote test administration Custom Web script development Experienced Performance Architect Off hours test execution Performance analysis Improvement recommendations Final performance report Maximum concurrent users Included Web LoadRunner Scripts Test days included 3 weeks Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included 250 3 3 Standard Package 4 weeks Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included 500 5 4 Plus Package 6 weeks Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included Included 500 8 6 Real Experience. Real Advantage. 25 .

Lawson 9 Cargill . PeopleSoft HR Stanford University . 26 .Zimbra email First Data ² Oracle 11i PeaceHealth ² Lawson 9. Centricity General Growth Properties ² JD Edwards Plato Learning ² Custom Java Web Real Experience. Real Advantage.[ Recent VIP Velocity Performance Tests         IHS Inc ² SAP HR Catholic Health Initiatives .SAP Business Objects.

Real Advantage. ] 27 Dan DeLano. .com Nancy Carey.[ VIP Contact Information  Thank you. VIP Sales Manager (215) 340-5324 ncarey@vipconsulting. VIP Practice Manager (303) 594-0961 Real Experience.

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