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A Management Perspective
Amit Nigam Arnab Chowdhury Dharmesh Gohil Nitesh Mule Neha Kumar Srivalson Nair Manjunath Muddaraju

Objective Why this book? What is this book about? Principles from the book Communication perspective .

Master Your Mind LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Mind is like a garden ± cultivate it Let positive thoughts enter your mind Technique ± Opposite Thinking Mind can be mastered through concentration Technique ± Heart of Roses Imagination is more important than knowledge .Blueprinting Seize seamless opportunities Managing corporate stress and energy leaks Improving employee productivity Creative envisioning ³The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts´ .Einstein Technique .

professional and spiritual goals Happiness comes from achievement Have fun along pursuance of purpose Manifest vision into reality by consistent action ± 5 Step Method for Attaining Goals Corporate Vision Pursuing Excellence Employee Engagement Result-Oriented goal setting ³The secret of success is constancy of purpose´-Benjamin Disraeli .Follow Your Purpose LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Clearly define personal.

body and soul Live without fear 5 steps for continuous improvement Knowledge Generation Lean Manufacturing Innovation Personality Development ³ Good people strengthen themselves ceaselessly´.Kaizen LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Success on the outside begins from within Constant cultivation of mind.Confucius .

Power of Discipline LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Condition your willpower Control your thoughts Become master of your destiny Momentum is the secret ingredient to building discipline Manifest vision into reality by consistent action ± Mantras/Creative envisioning ± Vow of silence Bridge between goals and accomplishment Code of conduct ³The first and best victory is to conquer self´ -Plato .

Time management Task prioritization ³Time is the wisest counsellor of all´ .Pericles . Live every day as your last.Respect your time LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Time mastery leads to life mastery. Enlightened people are priority driven Time is our most precious commodity and it is non-renewable Procrastination kills time.

Ultimate Purpose of Life LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION The Quality of your life will come down to the Quality of your Contribution Adopt a new Paradigm of your Role on this Planet See yourself as part of a Collective whole rather than just an Individual Organizational Citizenship Behavior Praising your Colleagues Appreciating individual strengths Awarding young & upcoming Employees ³Everything that lives. not for itself´-Robin Sharma . lives not alone.

Embrace the Present LESSONS LEARNT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION Never put off happiness for the sake of achievement Live your children¶s childhood Happiness is a journey and a choice one makes Life always gives one what one needs Do what you have always wanted to do Realize the potential of µnow¶ Initiate small. incremental changes ³Forever is composed of nows´ ± Emily Dickinson .

Time Pink Wire Cable .Discipline Sumo Wrestler Kaizen .Mind Map Diamond Pathway Enlightened Living Fertile Garden Our Mind Yellow Roses Service Lighthouse Purpose of Life Stopwatch .

the Surfer and the CEO Mega Living The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable On Real Success in Business and in Life  .About the Author: Robin Sharma    Born: 1965 Nationality: Canadian Educational Qualification: Master of Law. Dalhousie University Major Books: Who will cry when you Die? Discover your Destiny The Saint.

´Mark Victor Hansen.. James.´Elaine St.´Brian Tracy.´Paulo Coelho. fanciful adventure . author of Simplify Your Life and Inner Simplicity ³A captivating story that teaches as it delights.. co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul ³A fun. This book will bless your life.Praise for the book Nothing less than sensational. fascinating. author of Maximum Achievement ³A delightful book that will change your life. author of The Alchemist . (that) contains treasures of wisdom that can enrich and enhance the life of every single person.

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