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An Analysis of the Employees’ Satisfaction of
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited: A Study on Tongi
 Md. Musfequr Rahman Khan
 ID: 142-11-796
Company Profile
 In 1974, Bangladesh signed the Charter of Islamic Development Bank and
committed itself to reorganize its economic and financial system as per
Islamic Shariah. In 1978, Bangladesh recommended in Islamic Foreign
Minister Conference in Senegal towards systematic efforts to Islamic
Banking. In 1980, Foreign Minister Conference in Pakistan where
Bangladesh Foreign Minister Prof. Shamsul Haque, proposed for taking
steps for Islamic Banking. Further, Bangladesh Bank sent representation
abroad to study Islamic Banking System. In 1981, President of the
People’s Republic of Bangladesh addressed the 3rd Islamic Summit
Conference held at Makkah and Taif suggested, ''The Islamic countries
should develop a separate banking system of their own in order to facilitate
their trade and commerce.
1. To establish Islamic Banking through the introduction of welfare
oriented banking system.
2. To ensure equity and justice in the field of all economic activities.
3. To encourage socio-economic uplift and financial services to the low
economic community particularly.
4. To achieve balance in the rural areas.
An Analysis of the Employees’ Satisfaction of
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited,Tongi Branch
Serial No Gender No of respondent Percentage
1 Male 6 75 %
2 Female 6 25 %
Total 100%

1.Gender Distribution of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited :

 Inference: From the above Table it is inferred that out of total 12 employees, 75% of the

employees are male and rest 25% are female. It indicates working males are greater than
working females in selected area.
An Analysis of the Employees’ Satisfaction of
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited,Tongi Branch

Serial No promotion policies No of respondent Percentage

1 Highly satisfied 4 17%
2 Satisfied 2 50%
3 Neutral 2 0%
4 Dissatisfied 1 33%
5 Highly dissatisfied 1 0%
Total 100%

2. Are you satisfied with the promotion policies:

Inference: Maximum employees are satisfied with their Recognition and promotion policies
because about more than fifty percent employees express themselves positive about their
An Analysis of the Employees’ Satisfaction of
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited,Tongi Branch

Serial No Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction No of respondent Percentage

1 Highly satisfied 6 25%
2 Satisfied 2 58%
3 Neutral 2 17%
4 Dissatisfied 1 0%
5 Highly dissatisfied 1 0%
Total 100%

3. Are you satisfied with company job security?

Explanation: The above diagram represents among the total number of responders 12, 25%
are Highly satisfied, among them, 58% responders are satisfied, 17% are neutral, 0%
responders are Dissatisfied and 0% highly Dissatisfied. More employees are satisfied
about their Company job status job security
Overall Employees’ Satisfaction level
Variable Satisfied and Neutral Dissatisfied and
highly satisfied highly dissatisfied

Salary 26% 8% 66%

Other monetary 16% 9% 75%

(medical and house
rent allowance,
provident fund,
increment, transport
facilities, fringe

Job status and job 83% 17% 0%


Training and 50% 0% 0%


Recognition and 67% 0% 33%

promotion polices

Overall employees 67% 0% 33%

Problems Identified
 Low level and mid level managers does not have any opportunities to participate in decision
making process of the organization.
 Posting of an employee conducted on the favor of the organization.
 In some department seniors behavior is not satisfactory towards the junior.
 Loan procedures are not flexible for the employees; an employee could not apply for loan
before 2-3 years of service.
 There is no CBA (collective bargaining agent) authority for taking towards the employees’
 No medical insurance facility provided by the organization towards the employees.
 No transportation facility is available for the employees.
 Some branches outside Dhaka are not suitable as good working environment.
 The organization does not conduct any employees satisfaction survey annually.
 Survey on employees’ satisfaction should be conducted by the organization HR department on the basis of one
year or six month.
 Lobbing recruitment should be decreased.
 Employees’ residence allowances should be revalued upon the market demand.
 Participation in decision making of every level of managers should be ensured.
 The organization should have an authorized trade union to ensure employees rights and satisfaction.
 Employees’ should have the opportunity to vote for selecting their own CBA leader.
 Loan procedure should be flexible for the employees. Such as house loans, car loans, marriage loan, SME loans
 Organization should update their banking software and system that ultimately result in fully automated banking
activities to reduce employee hassle and attain customer satisfaction.
 Officials whom are involved in Customer Services should be trained properly. Because some time employees
are unable provide proper suggestions of the customer queries.
 Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited should train its new employees from professional institution like Bangladesh
Bank, Bangladesh Institution of Bank Management (BIBM).
 The report on “An Analysis of the Employees’ Satisfaction of Islami
Bank Bangladesh Limited: A study on Tongi Branch (IBBL) reveals
that employees’ satisfaction is one of the mainstream of the
organization and the policy of it and the pillar of success of an
organization. In the report there are some important findings about the
determinants of employees’ satisfactions. Employees of IBBL express
their own point of view about the determinants of their satisfactions.
The study also provides a brief dictation about various aspects of
employees’ satisfaction.
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