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Chapter 3

Art. 1 – National Government and
• National Supervision over LGU
– The president shall exercise general
supervision to ensure that LGU’s act within
their prescribed powers and functions
– National agencies shall ensure the
participation of LGU’s both in planning and
implementation of said national projects
– The president may direct national agencies to
appropriate funds and assistance to LGU’s if
–National Agencies and offices
situated in provinces shall furnish a
copy of information, and guidance,
monthly reports, including duly
certified budgetary allocation and
expenditures to the Local Chief
• Duty of the National Agencies in the
maintenance of Ecological Balance
• Prior consultation required
Art. 2 – Relations with the Phil.
National Police
• The Powers of the LCE over the units of
the PNP
– Shall be governed by the Provisions of
RA 6975 also known as “The
Department of Interior and Local
Government Act of 1990”