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What is a Province?
It is a political To serve as
and corporate dynamic
unit of mechanism for
government developmental
composed of processes and
municipalities effective
and component governance of its
cities municipalities
and cities
1. Avg. Annual
By an Act of Income – not
Congress, less than 20m
subject to 2. Pop. Of not
approval by less than
majority of 250,000
votes cast in a inhabitants
plebiscite 3. Land Area –
2,000 sq. km.
Conversion of Sub-Provinces
into Provinces

• Upon majority of votes cast in a

plebiscite in the sub-province
and original province directly
Provincial Officials in General
• There shall be in every province;
1. A governor
2. A vice-governor
3. Members of the Sangguniang
4. A secretary to the Sanggunian
5. Prov. Treasurer
6. Prov. Assessor
7. Prov. Accountant
8. Prov. Engineer
9. Prov. Budget Officer
10. Prov. Planning and Devt. Coordinator
11. Prov. Legal Officer
12. Prov. Administrator
13. Prov. Health Officer
14. Prov. Social Welfare and Devt. Officer
15. Prov. GSO
16. Prov. Agriculturist
17. Prov. Veterinarian
In Addition the Gov. may
• Prov. Pop. Officer
• Prov. Nat. Resources and Envi.
• Prov. Coop. Officer
• Prov. Architect
• Prov. Info. Officer
The SP may;
• Maintain existing offices not
mentioned in the subsections of this
• Create such other offices as may be
necessary to carry out the purposes
of the prov. government
• Consolidate the functions of any
office with those of another in the
interest of efficiency and economy
The CE: Powers, Duties,
Functions, Compensations
a) The prov. Gov., as the CE of the prov.
Govt., shall exercise such powers and
perform duties and functions as
provided by this code and other laws.
b) Pursuant to Sec 16 of this code, the
Prov. Gov shall:
1. Exercise gen. supervision and
control over all programs, projects,
services, and activities of the prov.
2. Enforce all laws and ordinances
relative to the governance of the
province and the exercise of the
appropriate corporate powers,
implement all approved policies,
programs, projects, services and
activities of the province.
3. Initiate and maximize the
generation of resources and
revenues, and apply the same to the
implementation of development plans
for agro-industrial devt. and country-
wide progress.
4. Ensure the delivery of basic
services and the provision of adequate
5. Exercise such other powers and
perform such other duties and
functions as may be prescribed by law
or ordinance
c) The Prov. Gov. shall receive a
minimum monthly compensation
corresponding to salary grade thirty
prescribed under RA 6758