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Objectives of the Session:
At the end of the session, participants should be able
• Explain aligned curriculum, instruction and
• Design a sample of constructively aligned Intended
Learning Outcomes, Assessment Tasks and Teaching/
Learning Activities; and
• Reflect on the importance of constructively aligned
ILO, AT, and TLA.
Activity (10 minutes)

* Work by division.
* Choose an unpacked competency as your focus.
* Discuss within your division: What are the three things
that you expect your students to be able to do at the end
of the lesson?; How do you teach your students to do
these things?; and How do you assess your students on
doing these things?
Learning Competency & Code Describe the parts of the reproductive system and their
functions (S5LT-Iia-1)

Unpacked Competency in focus

What are the three things you expect your students to be

able to do at the end of the lesson?

How do you teach your students to do these things?

How do you assess your students on doing these things?

How do you know if the given
assessment task is aligned to the
learning targets?
Do you think it is necessary for us to
consider our learners while planning
our activities as well as the assessment
task for them?
What roles do curriculum,
instruction and assessment play in
student learning?
Watch a video from professor
Myla E. Detecio,De La Salle
Key Learning Point

Curriculum( a set of outcomes) is the planned

sequence of what students do to learn
(Intended Learning Outcomes), how students
acquire that learning ( Teacher Learning
Activities) and how students’ learning are
verified (Assessment Task).
Key Learning Point

The “alignment” aspect refers to what the

teacher does, which is to set up a learning
environment that supports the learning
activities appropriate to achieving the desired
learning outcomes.
Key Learning Point
To align the assessment process with the K
to 12 curriculum the adapted Cognitive
Process Dimensions may be used as guide
not only in lesson development but also in
the formulation of assessment tasks and
activities (D.O. no. 8, s. 2015).
Key Learning Point
Intended Learning Outcome (ILO) - is a statement of what the learner is
supposed to be able to do and at what standard. When students attend
lectures, however, their main activity is receiving, not doing.
Teaching Learning Activities (TLAs) - require students to apply, invent,
generate new ideas, diagnose and solve problems – or whatever other things
they are expected to be able to do after they graduate.
Assessment Tasks (TAs) – that tell us, not how well students have received
knowledge, but how they can use it in academically and professionally
appropriate ways, such as solving problems, designing experiments, or
communicating with clients.
Do you think having the mental map of what
students should know(K), understand (U)
and do(D) improve their academic
for listening and for the active
participation !