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Runa Kumar BPT(09011)

Born- 2nd September 1950
Place- Sadulpur,Rajasthan(India)
Residence- London,United Kingdom
Ethnicity- Indian
Citizenship- India
Religion- Hindu
Wife- Usha Mittal
Children- Vanisha Mittal, Aditya Mittal
Occupation- Chairman and CEO of
Net woth- US $ 28.7 Billion(2010)
-> Lakshmi Niwas Mittal was born on June 15, 1950 at Sadulpur,
in Churu district of Rajasthan.
-> Lakshmi Mittal graduated from St. Xaviers in Kolkata with a
commerce degree in 1969.
-> He began his career working in the family's steelmaking
business in India
In 1976, Lakshmi Mittal founded Mittal Steel Company.
In 1994 took the international arm, with interests in Indonesia
and Trinidad and Tobago, while the rest of the family kept the
domestic Indian business.
In the last few years Mittal Steel has made a number of
acquisitions, buying up a network of steel producers in former
communist countries including Kazakhstan, Romania and
Ukraine, and pushing into the U.S. in 2004 with the $4.5 billion
purchase of International Steel Group.
Today, Mittal Steel is the only truly global steel producer in the
world with operations on 14 countries, spanning 4 continents
• Technological innovation and supporting its future growth.
•Contribute to sustainable development - by reducing environmental impact;
•Continuously upgrade scientific knowledge and attract technical talent.

•Agreeing and delivering progress through working in partnerships, effective

engagement, and open communication.
•Being realistic about what we can achieve, and focusing on practical and tangible
activities that deliver long-lasting change and more sustainable communities.
By his vision and hard work, Mittal has built the
moderate business of his family into a global
steel giant, which spans across many countries.

The companies of the LNM Ispat group include

Ispat international NV, Ispat Karmet and Indo
From the core business of steel manufacturing,
his group is now diversifying into shipping, coal,
power and oil enterprises.

The most fascinating thing about this man is

that he is said to have a knack of buying sick
and rusted steel companies and turning them
into gold
Mittal,by merging his Dutch-based company Mittal
Steel with Arcelor of Luxembourg in 2006, which
capped a remarkable rise to riches.This merger
enabled him to create an empire that spanned the
global steel market .The merger with Arcelor,
which was initially opposed by the Luxembourg
firm, proved that Mr Mittal had the ability to
complete the biggest of deals.
Why Is He Leader?
Mittal is a transactional leader who guides and motivates his followers in the
direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements
 By his vision and hard work,
 A Corporate leader in business.
 Mittal has built the moderate business of his family into a
global steel giant, which spans across many countries.
 Diversifying
 Capability to quote the cost of sick companies make him
winner all the way.
 A Caring family man.

• He takes the views of other relevant persons in decision making process
• Daily work of Research and Development
• Focus on results
• Teamwork
• Effective communication
• Commitment to learning & Development plans
• Feedback & coaching
• To meet the ever growing demand of worldwide customers and steel sites


Abilityto Execute
Excellent Negotiator

 Passion & Perseverance

 Deep Understanding of culture differences

 Strategy of series of acquisition

The factory became gold which he touched.He
made gold mine his factory.He made Diamond
from stone with his effort and hard working. From
this it is learnt that, nothing is impossible, the
need is to have faith and ambition to achieve
goals and a desire to be successful.