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Amado Hernadez:

An Arm's Length Piece of

the Sky
FULL NAME: Amado Vera Hernandez
AKA: Amante Hernani
Father: Juan Hernandez
Mother: Clara Vera
Spouse: Atang dela Rama
Born: 13 Sept 1903
Died: 24 March 1970
B. The Region he originated

•Amado Vera Hernandez was born in Hagonoy,

•Grew up in Tondo, Manila
•The main reason why he became a disciple of
C. Educational Background

He studied in Gagalangin, Tondo, the

Manila High School
The American Correspondence School
where he finished a bachelor of arts
D. Best Works
•His novel Mga Ibong Mandaragit, is the first Filipino socio-political
novel that exposes the ills of the society as evident in the agrarian
problems of the 50s.
•Hernandez’s other works include Bayang Malaya
•sang Dipang Langit
•Magkabilang Mukha ng Isang Bagol at Iba Pang Akda ni Amado V.
•Tudla at Tudling: Katipunan ng mga Nalathalang Tula 1921-1970
Other Information about
Amado Hernandez
•Filipino writer known for his criticism of social injustices in the country
•Was later imprisoned for his involvement in the communist movement
•While still a teenager, he began writing in Tagalog for the newspaper
Watawat (Flag)
•In 1922, at the age of 19, Hernandez became a member of the literary
society Aklatang Bayan which included noted Tagalog writers Lope K.
Santos and Jose Corazon de Jesus.
Other Information about
Amado Hernandez

•In 1932, he married the Filipino actress Atang de la Rama. Both of them
would later be recognized as National Artists: Hernandez for Literature,
de la Rama for Theater, Dance and Music.
•In 1941,Hernandez joined the resistance movement when the Japanese
invaded in the Philippines
Other Information about
Amado Hernandez

•After the war, President Sergio Osmena appointed him councilor of

Manila during the reconstruction of the war-devastated city. He also
became president of the defunct Philippine Newspaper Guild in
coordination with its editor in chief, Narjeey Larasa.
•Hernandez was arrested on January 26 on the suspicion that he was
among the leaders of the rebellion.
he was indicted on a charge of rebellion with murder, arson and robbery
Other Information about
Amado Hernandez

•It was while he was imprisoned that he wrote his most notable works.
•He wrote Isang Dipang Langit (A Stretch of Heaven), which later won a
Republic Cultural Heritage Award, and Bayang Malaya (Free Nation),
which later won a Balagtas Award.
•Also written in prison was his masterpiece Luha ng Buwaya (Tears of
the Crocodile)
•Portions of his novel Mga Ibong Mandaragit (Birds of Prey) was also
written while he was at the New Bilibid Prison
Other Information about
Amado Hernandez

•After five years of imprisonment, the Supreme Court allowed Hernandez

to post bail on June 20, 1956
•Hernandez continued to write and teach after his acquittal.
•He was teaching at the University of the Philippines when he died on
March 24, 1970
•He was posthumously honored as National Artist for Literature in 1973.
Together with poet José García Villa, Hernández was the first to receive
the title in literature.

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