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1 11/29/2018

The purpose of the meeting is to brief members of both

Mornington and Frankston Hockey Clubs on the early discussions
for a merger proposal to form a larger and new club.

In recent times both Mornington and Frankston have experienced

challenges with their respective memberships, challenged with
growth and retaining talented players where they have been
unable to meet player goals and ambitions.

This has culminated in an approach to explore the merging of the

clubs, which has been agreed by both the respective committees
to bring the idea to the members.
2 11/29/2018
The Goal

To create a single, recognizable, united high standard hockey club,

representing the whole of the Peninsula Region of Victoria, and
providing opportunities at all levels of the game for all players,
coaches, volunteers and supporters.

3 11/29/2018
Current Situation

 Limited retention of players:

 Talented juniors leaving to play at clubs with teams in higher level competitions

 Talented seniors leaving to play at clubs in Premier League

 Inability to meet current member bases competition expectations

 Duplication of resources and expenses

 Limited sponsorship opportunities

 Competing to attract from same population pool

4 11/29/2018
Why Merge

There are a number of considerations that have brought to life the discussion on merging our respective clubs that include the
following :

 Hockey Victoria League Entry Criteria (LEC) will demand clubs have junior recruitment and development plans as well as depth
in all senior grades as a prerequisite for elite team entries (junior and senior)
 Improved drive to offer as many grades of hockey for juniors, women and seniors as possible to:
 Meet members hockey objectives, be they social or competitive
 Stem the loss of members to other larger clubs by offering the competitive diversity of grades
 Become the logical and most attractive option for new and existing hockey players in the area
 Continue drive to increase women/girls only options
 Create improved pathways and opportunity for:
 Juniors and seniors to compete in a grade commensurate with their skills, ability and ambition
 Soft landing for juniors entering into senior competition
 Improve depth of options for teams to cover injury, holidays etc.
 Improve the viability of teams that are borderline on numbers eg. 50+
 Return Youth to the Senior sections
 Reduce the overhead and governance of running two clubs
 Improved efficiency on ground utilization to reduce cost
 More available training times

5 11/29/2018
Key Ideologies

The key principles that underpin any merger are as follows:

 The club will be a new club and will not carry over the name or playing strip from either of the
existing clubs
 Provide more options for girls/women only teams
 Strong focus on junior development as this is the lifeblood of any club
 Not to focus on elite competition at the expense of the broader club community
 Equal representation from both clubs on the newly formed committee for the first term
 A new committee will be formed to replace the current committees to govern the new club
 The club will have 2 presidents for the first term
 Members can stay with their current social teams/groups if they so choose

6 11/29/2018
Uniting Strength
Frankston Strength/Opportunities • U12 A Mixed Shield
Mornington • U16 Girls
 VL1 Men Pennant • VL1 Men • U12 Mixed Pennant
• VL1 Men
• VL1 Men Reserves • U12 Mixed District
 VL1 Men Reserves • U14 Mixed
• VL1 Men U12 Girls Pennant X 2
District • VL1 Women's •
 Pennant E Woman Reserves
• U14 Girls • VL1 Woman’s • U10 Mixed District X
 Men Metro A • VL1 Women's Reserves 2
 Men Metro B • VL1 Woman’s • Pennant D Men • U10 Girls District
• U12 Mixed
 U18 Mixed Pennant • Pennant F Men • Masters 35
• Pennant D
 U16 Mixed District • U12 Mixed • Pennant C Women’s • Masters 45 X 2
 U14 Mixed Pennant District
• Pennant E Woman’s
• Pennant F
U12 Girls X2
 U12 Girls Pennant Men

Pennant • Men Metro A
 U12 Mixed District • Pennant C
• U10 Mixed • Men Metro B X 2
 U10 Mixed District Women’s
• U18 Mixed X 2
 Masters 35 • Pennant E
• U10 Girls U16 A Mixed Shield
Woman’s •
 Masters 45 District
• Men Metro B • U16 Mixed Pennant
• Masters 45
• Woman’s • U16 Girls Pennant
Metro B • U14 A Mixed Shield
• U18 Mixed • U14 Mixed Pennant
• U16 Mixed • U14 Girl’s Pennant
7 11/29/2018

Today is the official start of the process that will lead to a vote by members to accept or
reject the proposal to merge and create a new hockey club.

 Brief the members of both clubs on the investigation to merge

 EGM called for vote on the merger proposal in November (date to be confirmed)
 If yes, establish working groups to commence detailed planning

To be eligible to vote you will need to be a registered member and over 18.
For parents/guardians of juniors you automatically have proxy for the junior members vote.
For acceptance of any proposal there will need to be a 75% majority of the members voting.

8 29/11/2018
Benefits that flow through from a merged club:

 It creates more opportunities for juniors and senior players

 Player Retention
 attracts Past players, who are currently bypassing clubs
 More attractive to sponsors as they have a larger target community
 Maximise opportunities for Training, game day experience and fundraising.
 Sourcing from ONE population pool for ONE Club
 Opportunity to launch the new club and attract new members
 Stronger lobbying base when dealing with local government, and HV
 A single brand for the new facilities in 2017
 Decreased Costs through elimination of duplication
 Become one of the LARGEST clubs in HV based on Membership numbers

9 29/11/2018
Key Risks
If the merger proceeds and is to be a success, there are a number of key risks and issues to
 Time will be tight and we need to minimise procrastination to keep the process on track
 Elite competition is not the be all and end all. Do not lose sight of the culture and values to carry to
the new club or it will drive member loss
 It is a merger and not a takeover by either club
 Both clubs have history and both will be compromising
 We will lose some members regardless of which way the decision goes, and we need to work hard to
minimise this
 Integration of members
 Cost of change:
 Members paying for new uniforms or club fund
 Need more support at the committee level
 Financials
10 29/11/2018
What’s in a name?

As part of the governance processes of the respective clubs, any vote to accept/reject
the merger proposal requires a club name for consideration. We are asking you to be
part of the process to create a name:

 Please add your suggestions for the name or playing uniform to your voting slip

All suggestions will be reviewed by the working group

11 29/11/2018
Questions or Concerns
Should you have any ideas, questions or concerns, please raise them with any
member of the working group below so they can be addressed

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12 29/11/2018