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Flat adverb or plain adverb

Is adverb which has the same shape as adjective

and this adverb is different because it doesn’t end
–ly but some adverb turns out to have both form
namely plain forms and –ly forms like the words
slow and slowly both of that can be used as
adverb. Ex:deep,early,fair,fast,hard,high,long,low,near,safe,tight,slow.
Irregular verb are inconsistent in their conjugation. Their simple
past and past participle forms have different endings or the verb
doesn’t end –ED but not all of the verb have different ending.

Three type of irregular verb:

1). All forms the same
ex:Cut(infinitive/v1) Cut(simple past/v2)
Cut(past participle/v3)
2). Two different forms
ex: Run(infinitive/v1) Ran(simple past/v2)
Run(past participle/v3)
3).Three different forms
ex: break(infinitive/v1) broke(simple past/v2)
broken(past participle/v3)
• 19.1
1).This train is slow. It goes very (slowly)
2). He is bad singer. He sings very (badly)
3). She is always loud. She speaks very (loudly)
4). He’s fast swimmer. He swims very (fast)
5). This girl is quiet. She always speaks (quietly)
6). He’s good English-speaker. He speaks english(well)
word definition right wrong

Suddenly Very slowly

Sadly In an unhappy way

strangely Not in a normal way

Quickly Very slowly

Easily With no difficulty

(irregular verb)
Infinitive (V1) Past(V2) Past participle (V3)
Open Opened Opened
Give Gave Given
Come came come
Make made made
Walk Walked Walked
Remember Remembered Remembered
Rise rose Risen
Win Won Won
Buy Bought Bought
Yesterday jane woke(1) up at 7.00.She ate(2) an apple and she
drank(3) a cup of hot chocolate. Then she got in her car and
drove4) to work. At work she read(5) a newspaper and then she
wrote(6) some letters. At lunch-time she ran(7) in the park for
half an hour and then she bought(8) a sandwich. After lunch she
sat(9) at her desk again and made(10) some telephone calls. In
the evening she left(11) the office at six o’clock and met (12)
some japanese visitors. They went(13) to a restaurant together.
After a busy day Jane slept(14) very well.
1). We have SWUM in the sea every day this week.
2). Where is my bike ? Someone has STOLEN it !
3). I have SPENT a long time on this work
4). That boy has BECOME very lazy recently.
5). I hope Jack has CAUGHT the bus and won’t be late home
6). Poor John. He has HURT his leg badly. But he hasn’t BROKEN it