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Seminar 6

Give instructions for the following games
(1st grade):

 Simon says

 Hot seat

 Grandmother’s footsteps
(weak) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (outstanding)
1. The teacher was able to obtain the attention
of all the students.
2. The voice was clear & easy to understand.
3. The instructions were staged & easy to follow.
4. The instructions were presented in a logical
5. The instructions were brief and to the point.
6. Understanding was effectively checked.
7. The language of the instruction was at the
right level for the students.
List the advantages & disadvantages:
 Whole class (T-SSS; T-Ss)

 Pairwork (S-S)

 Groupwork (SSS-SSS; Ss-Ss)

A ‘mingle’ (S-SSS; S-Ss)

 Individual/solowork

T-S; S-T
 Echo
S: I went to the cinema.
T: You went to the cinema. Good. You went to the cinema.
 Helpful sentence completion
S: I think that smoking is...
T: ...a bad thing. Yes, I agree. When I went into the pub...
 The running commentary
T: So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna tear up these
pieces of paper, and I had to use these because I couldn’t
get any card, so I’m gonna tear them up now and when
I’ve done that what I’m gonna ask you to do...
 Insufficient authority/over-politeness
T: So if you don’t mind, it would be very nice if you could
just stop the activity if you feel that’s OK.
 Wait time (flying with the fastest)
 Allow thinking time without talking over it

A friendly, relaxed learning environment

 Use gestures
T: Now, actually, I would really like you, if you could, now
stand up, yes everyone, please.

 Ask questions rather than giving explanations

 Eliciting from a picture (video)

 Eliciting opinions / feelings / experiences

(lead-in questions)

 Elicited dialogue (video)

 Eliciting forms – situational presentation

• T: Look at this picture. How many people can you see?
• St 1: Two
• T: Good. They are a man and a ….?
• St 2: Woman.
• T: Good. What might their relationship be?
• St 2: Friends?
• T: No.
• St 3: Husband and wife?
• T: No.
• St 4: Brother and sister?
• T: No.
• St 5: Co-authors of a field guide to Bulgarian mushrooms?
• T: Yes. And what might they be saying to each other?…etc.
• Eliciting ‘Guess what’s in my head’

• Provide sufficient information / prepare


• Avoid asking the obvious

• Don’ stretch the eliciting out too long

(flogging the dead horse)

• The right answer – get them to repeat it

• Avoid long teacher-writing times
• Write while Ss are working on other things
• Avoid blocking the view
• Organise different content
• Drawing stick people
• Pictionary challenge