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Breakfast Consumption and Weight Status in High School Students

By: Kaitlyn Taylor

Loyola University Chicago -- Dietetic Internship Certificate Program

Background Methods Results

“Breakfast is the most important This analysis uses data from the Results for this randomized sample
meal of the day” is a saying that has Freshmen Wellness Assessment of 100 students were as follows:
been around for many years. For collected at Proviso East High School. 361 ● 67 students consumed breakfast
teens, it is especially true. Research students participated in the assessment, (p=0.76)
shows that a healthy breakfast can however a random sample of 50 boys ○ Of that 67, 30 were female and
provide teens with energy, and 50 girls that had both breakfast and 37 were male
improved concentration, better BMI percentile data was used. Exclusion ● 15 students did not consume
grades, and a healthy weight1. criteria was incomplete data. 44 students breakfast and were overweight
However, breakfast can still end up were overweight and of that 44, 26 were while 40 students consumed
being the most skipped meal due to female and 18 were male. (Figure 1) breakfast and were normal weight
morning priorities, sleep schedules, (p=0.554) (Figure 2) Conclusions & Discussion
and varying appetites. Definitions of
breakfast vary, but for this analysis, ● There was not a significant
breakfast has been defined as statistical difference between
anything eaten before 10:00 a.m.2. students that were overweight and
lack of breakfast consumption
(p=0.554) .
● To promote consistency, a
standard definition of breakfast
Objective needs to be defined to prevent
○ Of that 15, 10 were female and 15 conflicting research results.
To evaluate whether there is a The Freshman Wellness Assessment were male (Figure 3) ● Quality of breakfast was not
correlation between breakfast also collected 24 hour dietary recall data ○ Of that 40, 15 were female and 25 examined in this analysis, but
consumption or lack thereof and using the program ASA24. ASA24 was were male (Figure 3) should also be taken into account
being overweight in a random utilized in order to determine what time for future research on the
sample of high school students. breakfast was consumed. relationship between weight and
breakfast consumption.
Chi square tests were used to evaluate
whether the male and female students
that were overweight (determined by References
their BMI percentile) consumed 1. Retelny, V. (2018, August 31). 5 Reasons
breakfast at or before 10:00 a.m. or not. A Your Teen Needs Breakfast. Retrieved from
two-sided P value <0.05 was used to
determine statistical significance. thy-eating/5-reasons-your-teen-needs-
Overall, females tended to be more 2. O'Neil, C. E., et al. (2014, December). The
Data was analyzed using SPSS version overweight and to not consume role of breakfast in health: Definition and
24.0 for categorical variables using Chi- breakfast. Most students in this criteria for a quality breakfast. Retrieved
Square analysis. sample did consume breakfast and from
were at a normal weight.