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AR412S1 : Building Technology 5

Alternative Building Construction Systems

Asst. Prof. JS de Asis, RLA, M.Arch, DURP
Course Information

 Credit Units: 2 units Lecture; 1 unit Studio

 Contact Hours : 90 Hours (2 lecture & 3 studio hours per week)
 Prescribed References:
 Knaack, U., Chung-Klatte, S., & Hasselbach, R. (2012).
Prefabricated systems: Principles of construction.
 Kubba, S. (2012). Handbook of green building design and
construction: LEED BREEAM and green globes. New Delhi:
Tata McGraw-Hill
Course Information

 Course Description:
The course includes construction methods and techniques for
different types of buildings, using any appropriate alternative
building construction system.

 Pre-requisite : BT4 [AR322S1], BU3 [AR323N], ToS [ARSC323]

 Co-requisite : none
Specific Goals for the Course
 Course Objective:
 Understand the fundamental principles governing the
design, including the purpose and application of the
different types of non-conventional systems of
 Acquire the ability to provide working details of the
various types of alternative building construction
systems and system components
 Understand the advantages of using alternative
building construction system
 Acquire working knowledge of the latest system of
construction available in the building industry
Specific Goals for the Course
 Course Intended Learning Outcomes:
 Differentiate the current building systems
 Discuss the implications of different building systems
on architectural design
 Identify and Specify the most appropriate building
system related to a specific project
 Analyze the behavior of structural system components
and Translate this behavior into conceptual sketches
 Draw the different building systems and its
components as it is to be represented in shop
Specific Goals for the Course
 Student Outcomes Addressed by the Course:
 Communicate effectively in oral and written English, including visual communication
[SO a]
 Articulate and discuss the latest developments in the field of architecture [SO b]
 Design the built environment in the context of ecological balance and sustainable
development and conservation of cultural and historical heritage [SO e]
 Provide the professional services in the realm of the scope of practice of architecture
[SO g]
 Use the techniques, skills, and modern tolls necessary for architectural practice [SO h]
 Create architectural design solutions within realistic constraints such as economic,
environmental, cultural, social, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability, in
accordance with architectural design standards [SO i]
 Recognize the need for, and prepare to engage in lifelong learning [SO j]
Course Topics

 Prelim Period (05Nov-16Dec):

 Introduction to the Course
 Cast-in-Place and Pre-Cast; Floor System and Roof Slab
System (flat slab, flat plate, ribbed floor slab, waffle slab, lift
slab, spanstress floor system, slipform method); Wall Panel
Systems (flat type, ribbed type, window-type and wall-type,
tilt-up wall panel system)
 Prestressed Concrete; Pre-Tensioning; Post-Tensioning
 Composite Construction Method
 Shell Structures
Course Topics

 Midterm Period (17Dec-19Dec ; 03Jan-10Feb):

 Cable / Tensile Structures
 Membrane Structures
 Pre-Engineered Buildings
 Geodesic Structure
Course Topics

 Final Term Period (11Feb-24Mar):

 Kinetic Structures
 Contemporary Alternative Building Construction System
Grade Computation

 50% Prelim Class Standing + 50% Prelim Major Plate
 33% PG + 67% (50% Midterm CS + 50% Midterm Major Plate)
 33% MG + 67% (50% Final Term CS + 50% Final Major Plate)

 Class Standing:
 Homework, Seatwork, Quiz, Reports, Minor Plates, etc.
Grade Computation

 PASSED: Computed FG of 50% or above

 FAILED: Computed FG of below 50%
 INCOMPLETE: Passing Status of MG and FCS; no Final Major Plate
 DROPPED: Excessive Absence but with Letter of Dropping before
the Midterm Exam Period
 UNOFFICIALLY DROPPED: Excessive Absence without Letter of
Dropping before the Midterm Exam Period

 Excessive Absence : failure to comply with 50% of the CS req’t

AND no major plate for the current or previous term
Classroom Policy : ATTENDANCE

 The Professor will give a grace period of 10 minutes. After which,

it is expected that students are in their respective seats and are
ready to participate in the discussion and/or presentation

 For most days, CS outputs shall be used as basis for attendance.

No CS output = Absent

 If the Professor is not inside the classroom after 30 minutes from

official start time of class, kindly check for announcements via the
group page, announcement board, or the Department Secretary
Classroom Policy : SUBMISSION

 Submissions for take home work is at the start of class.

 Deductions for Late Submission
 Same day submission : less 2.5% from computed grade
 Beyond the day of submission : less 5.0% from computed grade / half day
 Late Submission will be recognized only if with affixed official
signature and/or date and time of submission
 Late Submission will not be accepted if class output have been
graded and/or returned
 Late submission due to valid reason with documentation will not
incur deductions