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Ascent 2019

Mid-year Review FY 19

September 06 2018


Any use of this material without specific permission of SunSource Energy is strictly prohibited
Objectives of our workshop Today

Review and Re-Align on our shared aspiration for 2019

Suggest mid-course changes needed at company/functional/individual levels

Continue spirit of unprecedented cross functional collaboration (or we don’t succeed)

Continue to challenge and develop ourselves and strive for excellence across all
departments and functions

Big Picture

Workshop Agenda

Session Time From - To Led By Supported By

Morning Tea 09:00 - 09:30 - -
Kick-off and Update 09:30 - 10:15 Adarsh & Kushagra
BD Session 10:15-11:30 Anil Ahuja Saurabh Singh
Coffee Break (15 minutes) 11:30-11:45 - -
Operations: Supply Chain, Costing 11:45-12:30 Deepak Laroia Anubhav Gupta
& Estimation
Lunch Break (45 minutes) 12:30-01:15 - -
Operations: Project Management 01:15-02:00 Vivek Hazari Ravi Rachchh
Engineering Electrical + Structures 02:00-02:45 Vijayti Agrawal BK, Vishal, Prince
Coffee Break (15 minutes) 02:45-03:00
Summarization & Close 03:00-03:45 Adarsh & Kushagra -

Workshop Outline

Overall Agenda

■ Update from KN & AD

■ Current FY Functional updates, expectations for rest of the year
■ BD
■ Ops: Procurement & Estimation
■ Ops: Project Management
■ Engineering

■ Wrap up
■ What’s coming in FY 2019 and FY 2020
■ What’s needed from all of us

Impact of Investment
[Repeat slide from February workshop]
SunSource Pre-Investment: ~100 Cr Turnover SunSource Post-Investment ~500 Cr Turnover

 SunSource Energy (SunSource) - solar firm with  However, there were some constraints to growth..
established presence…  Time to close project financing
 Headquartered in India  Speed of closing PPA’s
 Present in United States, Philippines, Singapore and  Future-looking investments
 ... Which should now go away…
 Established financial growth pattern..  Capital no longer a constraint
 SunSource has operated and grown its solar business  Speed no longer a constraint
globally, with a focus on the Indian market, since 2010
(Early phase of PV development in India)  ... But it’s up to our team now, to perform and
fulfill our potential!
 Respected track-record: Developed and executed & in  Get the requisite growth we all deserve
process projects include 200+ MW of Solar PV  Maintaining the standards of quality,
 Completed projects ~ 60 MW; In process projects ~ 20 reliability, and customer relationships that we
MW in India, 100-MW solar PV project in Philippines, have a reputation for
32 MW built
 Almost 100 MW under development
Big Picture

What we are striving for (long-term)
[Repeat slide from February workshop]

What is the direction in which SunSource is headed?

• We must strive for profitable growth
• Our pursuit of TOP LINE (revenues) is meaningful and sustainable ONLY if
• There is a BOTTOM LINE (profits) that we can protect from competition and project-level risks

• We must serve our Clients, Colleagues, and Society (Indian & Global)
• Meaning and value to us, as well as the company, follows from delivering value to all of the above
• Knowing that we are playing our part in creating a future

• Our purpose: Being ahead of the market => Innovate, Collaborate. This is on EACH ONE of us.
• Service & product offerings that fill specific market needs (which will continue to evolve)
• Technical innovation
• Financial innovation
• Superior customer service
• High levels of internal collaboration and “sync”

Big Picture

Overall Agenda

■ Update from KN & AD

■ Current FY Functional updates, expectations for rest of the year
■ BD
■ Ops: Procurement & Estimation
■ Ops: Project Management
■ Engineering

■ Wrap up
■ What’s coming in FY 2019 and FY 2020
■ What’s needed from all of us
Workshop Outline

Guidelines for presentation

• Each Functional team has to prepare 4 slides which will be presented by them to the whole team
• Page 1: Current FY 18 YTD performance indicators  Refer to February formats
• BD: Projects Won / Completed / Invoiced YTD
• Ops Supply Chain and Estimation: Cost performance YTD
• Ops Project Management: CTQ (cost time quality) delivery record YTD
• Engineering: Turn around time for prelim and detailed stages; First Time Right performance

• Page 2: Plan to achieve FY 19 goals 

• BD: Pipeline by quarter, geography and people
• Supply Chain and estimation: Cost targets by each quarter and levers to reach these targets
• Project Management: Targets for CTQ delivery and plan to achieve these targets
• Engineering: Turn around time goals for prelim and detailed stages; Target for First Time Right

• Page 3: Learnings Till Date in YTD

• What you have done to Improve company’s market competitiveness, efficiency, quality
• Your top 3 learnings in FY 19 till date
• Continuing or new challenges in achieving FY 19 goals

• Page 4: What will you do differently to achieve your FY 19 goals – Your Interventions
• Not limited
Workshop Outline

All functions: Page 3 format – Learnings in YTD

Actions Taken To Improve Top 3 Learnings in last 6 months Continuing / new challenges

• E.g. Added resources: • •

All functions: Page 4 format – Interventions for the future

Proposed interventions

Intervention 1

Intervention 2 Details

Intervention 3 Details

Can add more interventions as seen fit