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Human Dignity, Human

Rights and Common Good

Human Dignity?
▪ Definition:
It is the person’s self-worth and self- respect
also came from a Latin word “dignitas”, came
from the word “dignus” which means
Human Dignity?
▪ Objective:
to show value to ourselves based on our
A simple act of prudence, silence and
sincerity is a way of giving significance to
our own dignity.
Human Dignity?
▪ Dignity is how people grade themselves
and each other on a social-moral ladder
▪ The human life is sacred and the dignity
of the person is at the care of a moral
vision for society
Human Rights?
▪ Definition:
It is believed to belong justifiably to every
person, since birth until death.
They apply regardless of where you are from,
what you believe or how you choose to live
your life.
Human Rights?
▪ Purpose:
to guarantee life, liberty, equality and
Human rights protect people against
abuse by those who are more powerful.
Human Rights?
▪ These basic rights are based on shared
values like dignity, fairness, equality,
respect and independence. These values
are protected by law.
Examples of Human Rights

▪ Right to life
nobody, including the Government, can
try to end your life.
Examples of Human Rights

▪ Right to freedom of opinion and

a right to hold opinions without
interference and cannot be subject to any
exception or restriction.
Examples of Human Rights

▪ Right to education
aims of education must be directed
toward the development of each child’s
personality and full potential, preparing
children to participate in society and to
do work.
Common Good?
▪ Definition:
In theological terms the common good is
defined in Pope John XXIII’s encyclical Materet
Magistra (On Christianity and Social Progress)
as “the sum total of social conditions which
allow people, either as groups or as
individuals, to reach their fulfillment more
fully and more easily.”
Common Good?
▪ Definition:
lot like the set of “optimal conditions”
that allow both the team and its players
to succeed
Sometimes presented as “sacrificing for
the good of the whole.”
Common Good?
▪ Purpose:
to make all civil status make beneficial for
the goods.
Common Good?

▪ It is essential element of any species of

wisdom about practical matters and for
the exercise of prudence

Human Dignity
• Person’s worth
• How people grade themselves
Human Rights
• Belong to everyone
• Guarantee life, liberty, equality
and security
Common Good
• Beneficial for all