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The purpose of this template is for the benefit of great communication. It is intended to be a starting point to guide you through all the critical elements of what makes a complete PR Plan. Because this is just a framework, you are invited to bring your style to the picture and make it your unique expression. Point being, don't limit yourself to just these slides, be creative and good luck! -The Folks from the Fall 2009 UCLA Extension Fundamentals of Public Relations class and Lance Webster

1. Background 2. Goals 3. Target Audiences 4. Messages 5. Means of Delivery 6. Timetable 7. Budget 8. Intended Results

(what brief necessary information do we need to know to understand the project and its scope?) (No more than 1 minute in oral presentation. No more than 1 page in written presentation)

(what is the challenge or problem you face, and what are the goals you set for the overall plan?) (that is, if it is a successful plan, what will you have achieved)

Target Audiences
(what/who are your target audiences...whom do you wish to reach with this PR campaign?)

(What are the key messages of the campaign, and at whom are they directed?) (all messages at all audiences, or some messages to some targets, others to others, and some to all)

Means of Delivery
(How will you get those messages to the specific target audiences AND who will do the various tasks?) (AND..who will do the various tasks)

(Provide a timetable leading up to the event, activity, or deadline for your press. What will happen when, or by when?)

(What are the costs involved? (Personnel, consultants, research, materials, etc.)) (If you don't know, do some research. Call printers, website developers, etc. and/or guestimate)

Intended Results
(If all goes as planned, what results do you expect? In other words, how will you be able to determine if the PR campaign is a success with the various audiences and messages? How will you find out?) (no more than 30 seconds in the oral presentation, 1/2 page written)

(hyperlinks, books, further reading ... a list of resources you wish to share that were critical/useful in creating your plan)

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