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Examples :
- Let’s go to the library.
- Let’s go to movies.
- Why don’t you do
homework before going out?
- We could eat at home
- What about eating at
the new place?
- How about going to
Suggestion are abstract and can be in Sam’s place first?
form of solutions, advice, plan, and - I suggest that we call it
idea. It can be accepted of refused. day.
- You need to change
your sleeping habits.
- Ithink you should go and
meet her.
- I think we should do it
this way.
Making Accepting
Declining Suggestions
Suggestions Suggestions
Let’s ...
Let, go to No, thank you. I do not
Why don’t we ... Yes, let’s go
movies. feel like going.
We could ...
Why don’t you
What about ... do your Sorry, I think I will go out
How about ... homework Ok, I will first and then do my
I suggest that ... before going homework.
You might want to change ... out?
I think ... How about going
I don’t think ... to Sam’s place
Yes, let’s go. It is a No, let’s just go to the
first and then to
good idea. supermarket.
Ithink you
Sorry, I can’t. I have
should go and Ok, if you say so.
previous engagement.
meet her.
Offer means to give something physical or abstract to someone, which can be taken as a gift or a trade.
(Penawaran berarti untuk memberikan sesuatu fisik atau abstrak untuk seseorang , yang dapat diambil sebagai
hadiah atau perdagangan ).

Offer means to give help. It can be taken or refused. (Penawaran berarti untuk memberikan bantuan . Hal ini dapat
diambil atau ditolak) .

Offer can be in terms of food, money, solutions, friendship or a bargain. (Penawaran dapat dalam hal makanan ,
uang , solusi , persahabatan atau murah.).
For Example : Making Offers Accepting Declining
- Shall I take you home? Suggestions Suggestions
- Do you want to help with your homework? Yes, please.
It’s okay, I can do it
Can I help you?
I really appreciate myself.
Expressions/Gambits it.
When making offers we often use the following expressins :
- May I ... Shall I bring you Thank you, its very
No, thank you.
- Can I ... someta? kind of you.
- Shall I ...
- Would you ... Would you like No, thanks. I don’t
- How about I ... Yes, please, that be
another helping of want another
cake? helping.
Exaples :
- May I give you a hand?
- Can I help you? Yes, please, that
How about I help Don’t worry, I will it
- Shall I bring you some tea? would be very kind
you with this? myself.
- Would you like another piece of cake? of you.
- How about I help you with this?
Thank you, I That’s allright, I will
- Can I clean the car for you? Can I take you
appreciate manage on my
- Shall I help you with your homework? home?
yournhelp. own.
- I will do the washing, if you like.