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• The video will be recorded at the UT Tyler Library in a study room.
• Roles:
-Introduction: Ivan
-Interviewer: Caleb
-Interviewee: Mallary
-Conclusion: Francisco

• Healthcare Industry:
• Made up of Doctors, nurses, hospitals and other private, public, and voluntary organizations.
• It includes manufactures of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
• Health insurance firms.

• The company we chose was the East Texas Medical Center which is a circular-knit system that consists of three
healthcare facilities, which would be primary, secondary, and tertiary. These services are spaced only throughout
East Texas. It consists of approximately 11 hospitals, 40 clinics, rehabilitation and fitness networks,
trauma/emergency systems, and home health services.

• ETMC’s philosophy, which started in the 1970s, differs from the rest of the medical centers. Instead of
competing with them, it collaborates with the smaller hospitals in the nearby communities. ETMC has two
goals which the first one is to create a well-founded relationship with the community, to gain their trust and
understand their needs. The second one is to give East Texas a variety of healthcare services that the entire
community can benefit from. East Texas Medical Center is well structured to provide excellent primary
services in rural clinics, affiliated hospitals, and ETMC centers. All of this to bring the people of East Texas the
care they deserve.

• The plan to create a regional medical center came to be post World War II. As the country began to build itself
back up and cities began to grow, it became evident that there was a greater need for bigger facilities to be more
effective and efficient. In the city of Tyler, TX, there were only 1.4 beds available for every 1,000 people while the
standard U.S. public health required 4 beds per every 1,000 people. The crucial shortage of beds, nurses, a blood
bank, and lack of adequate facilities for specialized doctors to work were all factors that influenced the idea behind
the fascinating ETMC plan.

• Fortunately, Tyler got aid through the Hill-Burton Act of 1946, a federal program which helped rural communities to
construct and equip hospitals. It was September 19, 1951, that ETMC (formerly Medical Center Hospital) opened
for patients. Roughly 200 employees, including nurses, were on the first year’s payroll at the new hospital. The
medical staff of the new facility included more than 30 doctors and dentists. It was agreed by the charter physicians
at both ETMC and Mother Frances that providing a choice of hospitals for Tyler was good not only for the city but
also for the community’s growth as a healthcare center for East Texas.

• The job is the Director of Human Resources at the East Texas Medical Center in Athens, Texas. The
Director of Human Resources is over the Athens Medical Center, Athens Cancer Institute, Cedar Creek
Lake Medical Center, and the Tyler Medical Center. The salary range is between $80,000-$200,000
• We contacted the Human Resources Director by phone on February 20, 2017 which was Jennifer
Rummel. Jennifer graduated with her Associates of Science Degree in Business Administration in 1992 at
Trinity Valley Community College. She also graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Human Resources
and Business Administration in 1996 at The University of Texas at Tyler, and graduated with her Master of
Science in Human Resource Administration and Technology in 2004 at The University of Texas at Tyler as
well. Jennifer worked at Trinity Mother Frances Health System from 1996 to 1999 and has been the
Director of Human Resources at ETMC Health System from 1999 to present.

• What are your major responsibilities as a Director of Human Resources?

-Interview and screen applicants to obtain work history, education, training, job skills, salary requirements of qualified
applicants, and perform reference and background checks

- Generate personnel action request forms for changes and terminations

- Conduct exit interviews on terminated employees

-Maintain personnel records on each employee and is responsible for accuracy of personnel files for all data elements

-Responsible for purging of personnel and payroll files consistent with established record retention policy

-Prepare annual Personnel Evaluation Reports for the Administrator to present to the Board of Managers

-Advises management of proper policies and procedures when corrective actions are needed, and also responsible for
coordinating the process and providing documentation

- Responsible for unemployment compensation claims and appeals

- Coordinate and participate in new employee orientation

-Coordinate with the System Human Resources Office to further proper implementation of all new policies and procedures.

-Assist in all employee relations matters either to resolve issues or to refer to the right person for resolution.

- Help in processing Immigrate Status Renewals

- For the Employee Injury Benefit Plan, I serve as the local Program Administrator.

- I’m responsible for the job descriptions and making sure everything is on it correctly.

- I’m responsible for approved job requisitions are in place for positions being recruited

- I need to provide good customer service by using good communication skills and technical knowledge to help ETMC grow.

• What are the basic skills needed to perform your job?

- Communication skills, Computer skills, and Documentation skills
• What are the physical requirements?
- You must be able to lift up to thirty pounds on occasion and up to fifty pounds rarely.
Also, being the director requires a lot of standing and walking around the hospital talking to

• What did you do to get your position?

-I received a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources and started working on my Masters Degree in Human Resources as well. I had
five years of working in Human Resources at Trinity Mother Frances before I received the Director position at ETMC.

• Do you have any unusual responsibilities?

-Some weekends I’m on Administrative Call for the Hospital because I’m on the Administrative Team which requires me to be on
call a weekend or two out of the month.

• What power and authorities do you have as the Director of Human Resources?

-I have authority over the hiring, termination, and counseling processes.

• What does it take to do your job?

-My job requires a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources or Business Administration, but preferably a Masters Degree. It also
requires five years experience in Personnel with progressive responsibilities and two to three years in healthcare is preferred.You
must also be able to work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

• Who else would have the best understanding of your role?

- My HR Generalist or HR Assistant

• Who do you deal with as contacts as part of your job?

- I deal with Recruiters,Vendors, Employees, Directors, the Government, Physicians, and Allied Health Staff.

• What are the toughest elements in your job?

- The toughest elements in my job would be recruiting key positions such as nurses when there is a shortage of experiences
nurses. Investigating incidents and terminations are also one of my toughest elements in my job.

• What is the nature of the direct supervisory responsibilities your job has?
- The direct responsibilities include Hiring, Terming, Benefits, Employee Injury, Recruiting, Counseling, and Disciplinary Actions.

• How many positions report directly to you and which ones?

- Four positions report to me including HR Assistant, HR Generalist, and two File clerks.

• How many employees are indirectly supervised through your job?

- 800+

• What is your regular work schedule?

-Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm but I’m on call 24/7 for any HR occurrences that might come up.

• What is your work environment like?

-I’m either in an office environment or in meetings at the Healthcare Facilities.

• Are there any exceptional problems a Human Resources Director might expect to encounter in performing the job under normal

-In the Healthcare environment there are always employee relation issues, staffing, culture of safety, employee recognition, and employee
retention strategies to deal with.

• With whom do you regularly communicate inside the institution in order to perform your duties? What do you normally communicate
about with these individuals? How often do you communicate?

- I regularly communicate with my Vice President of Human Resources and my Administrator of the Hospital on a daily basis. We communicate
about Employee Relation issues or incidents, salaries, and surveys.

• With whom do you typically communicate outside the institution, if anyone? What do you normally communicate about? How often do
you communicate?

- I typically communicate with Employment Attorneys on a monthly basis. We communicate about Employee Injury, termination, and
Employment Law.

• Provide an example of a difficult problem that you have dealt with as being the Director of Human Resources.

-I had an employee, will state her name as Sally feel she was being bullied by a co-worker, Jean that she worked with every night on
a 8 hour shift. The bullying consisted of constantly calling Sally stupid to patients and nurses. Sally was made to feel incompetent,
talks around her and over her. Jean, the bully, writes about the employee on social media stating how she has to work with an
incompetent co-worker and she is ready for her shift to be over. Constantly belittling her and verbal abusive.
This is a very difficult investigation due to the number of people that have witnessed this.....getting statements from everyone and
reviewing surveillance video to see what Jean was doing when she was suppose to be assisting Sally. Human Resources has to
make sure that the whole investigation is fair and complete to make the correct decision of a written counseling/moving the
employee to another shift, Disciplinary Suspension or Termination as the result of the investigation.

• What do you think of your job?

- I absolutely LOVE my job. I enjoy the employee relations and recruiting part of my job the most. I feel if I can help the Employees enjoy
their work environment that I have accomplished my job in general!

• It was established that we would focus on the Director of Human Resources at ETMC in
Athens, TX.
• An interview was conducted asking the current Director of Human Resources what it
would take in order for somebody to fill the position if need be.
• The Director of Human Resources does not fit to just one industry. They are needed in
many different Industries.
• As one can see it is quite a complex job, requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

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