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What principles do you live by?

Choose from the list below, or explain your own.

• Be loyal Why is it important to try
• Never lie and live well ?
• All people have equal rights
• To identify some
• Try everything once Christian values &
• Don’t harm nature where they come from
• Respect your parents
• Do whatever feels good • To explain how the
Holy Spirit helps us to
• Don’t use people as objects live a good life
for your own benefit
• To evaluate the virtues
• Mindmap key Christian values – attitudes Sources of Christian Values:
towards others, and towards themselves. Where do they come from?
• In a different colour, next to each value,
explain where these values come from 1. Bible
• image of God (Genesis)
• 10 Commandments (OT)
• Prophets (OT)
• Jesus’ life & teachings (Gospels)
• Apostles teaching (NT letters)
Christian 2. Church teachings – abortion/ sexual ethics
values 3. Our Conscience – the law of God “speaking”
within us, giving us an instinctive idea of
what is right and wrong

1. Write down the 3 sources of Christian values. Give examples of

2. Which of the sources of Christian values would you (or a
Christian) take most notice of? Why?
3. How important is
a. the teaching on being made in the image of God? How
does it affect how you treat others?
b. Your conscience, in helping you act in God’s way
Christian Values:
• Give an example of a value that comes from
each of these sources
(wise decision
The 4 Cardinal Virtues making)

A virtue is a skill, or habit, in doing good. (sensible
Justice amount of
Virtues help us to live well. They build a (acting fairly courage in
good character. They keep us happy and to all) difficulty)
safe. Virtues, like any skill, need to be
practiced and encouraged. Anyone can Temperance
practice virtues. (putting sensible
limits on pleasures)
There are 4 main virtues “cardinal
virtues”. They lead to a good life for 1. Why are virtues important?
yourself and others. 2. Write out the 4 cardinal virtues and match
them with their opposite. (greedy, foolish,
reckless/ timid, selfish)
Other virtues like honesty, generosity, 3. Which of the 4 cardinal virtues do you think is
patience, hard work, come from them. the most important to have? Why?
What are the 4 cardinal virtues?
What do they mean?
To understand how
the Holy Spirit helps
us to live a good life

To evaluate the gifts of

the Spirit in helping us
to live a good life

To reflect on the fruits

of the Spirit in your
own life.
God gives us the Holy Spirit to 1. Explain what the 7 gifts of the Spirit are – how are
help us live in a virtuous way. they different/ similar to the 4 cardinal virtues?
2. How can you tell the Holy Spirit is at work in
The Holy Spirit helps us and encourages us 3. Is it easier for someone with the Holy Spirit to be a
to live a good life, even when there is no good person? Why?
obvious reward for doing so. **If someone claimed to be a good person because
they won a million pounds in a lottery and gave it all to
1. At baptism, Christians receive “7 gifts charity, would you agree that they are?
of the spirit” (like virtues for free) -
wisdom, understanding, knowledge,
fortitude, worship, respect of God.
They become more developed as the
person tries to live as a Christian.

2. You can tell that someone is living a 7 Gifts of H.S

virtuous life and that the Holy Spirit is
in them, helping them, because they
begin to have the character of God
fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, Fruits of H.S
patience, kindness, goodness,
gentleness, faithfulness, self control).
Draw the diagram
• Label the 4 cardinal virtues
• Label the Holy Spirit and the 7 gifts
the Holy Spirit gives
• Label the fruits of the Spirit seen Cardinal
that show the person is being Cardinal virtue 3
helped by the Spirit virtue 1
+ 7 gifts of the
**Which of the Fruits of the Spirit Holy Spirit
would you most like to see develop
in your life? Why?
Cardinal Cardinal
virtue 2 virtue 4

What fruit (of the Holy Spirit) am I?
Meditation on Fruits of the Spirit