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Modular Construction

Modular Construction Contains
Input Switch/Circuit Breaker
Mother Board NPPB
Monitor/ Control card NPSJ
Inverter card NPID
P15/N15 Regulator card NPSK
Input : Nominal 115 V rms (
103-127 V)
Frequency – 47 to 63 Hz (
Single Phase)
Multiple Outputs :
28 V DC / 3.5 A Unregulated
Regulated 5 V DC/15 A, +/- 15 V
DC/1.5 A
NPSP :This card is intended to be used in power
supply Psff . it contains under voltage detector,
bleeder resistor for the unregulated P28 and rectifier
diodes. the card itself is incomplete, therefore it cannot
function independently PTH means copper plated
through holes. These holes are used for end to end
connection means to make tracks. Connector we are
using in NSFC module is made by GE notch at the
both corner .
 NPPB – This is a mark IV power supply mother
card. Three daughter board (NPSJ,NPID,NPSK)
incorporate the mother card NPPB,into a
power supply module (PSCB) with output
5V,20 AMP,±15 V,1AMP.
• Signal Conditioning
• Connection for inter panel and customer wiring ( Through
• Backplane Boards – 2 Nos. XBPH and
XBPG – Provides interconnecting wiring
• Input Boards ( HRIA ) – 2 Nos.
• Output Boards ( HROA) – 2 Nos.
• Power Supply - DPSA
DPSA (105 V ) Power Supply
Provides 105 V DC for input contacts
• Short Circuit Output Protection
• Fused Input Protection
•Controls firing of power converters and
field converters which are connected in
Source / Load for driving motor.
• Microcomputer for implementation of
control algorithm
• Contains L bus and R bus.
Input Signal Conditioning (HISA) Module Functions:

• Input Attenuation – 30 channels

28 V to 5 V attenuation Optical isolation
• LED Annunciation - 28 V at input cause

Respective LED to glow.

L Bus Buffering – 30 attenuator circuits
Divided into 4 bytes and multiplexed on to the data bus.
• TSTHI & TSTLO relay
Microprocessor (HMPG/DMPB) Modules
• 80286 Microprocessor

• Programmable Communiction Interface

• Programmable Interval Timer

• On Board Memory

•Bus Hog timer

• Four sockets for EEPROM/RAM

• Write enable switch

Analog Input (HAIA) Module
The HAIA card accepts is analog input
signals. Multiplexes them to one line and
converts to a two byte digital word. It also
routes general purpose one byte. Digital
inputs and outputs with respect to the
microprocessor data bus. Both functions
occur under the direct control of a
microprocessor (DS3800HMPC).input-
105VDC,output 28VDC
System Firing (NSFC) Module
Primary Function
• Convert information from
microprocessor based control to cell
pair and timing for generating
firing pulses.
Flux Integrator (NLIB) Module
NLIB contains various analog signal
conditioning as follows:
• Voltage integrators
•Line/Load current transformer
• SEM Rack – Zinc plating for proper earthing
• PS7A - Glass Epoxy sheets in place of PRBCF

insulation sheet
• NTRF – Improved heat sink mounting to take

care of transit/handling damage

• HMPG – Motor run test included

• PSFF/PS7A – Polycarbonate sheet in place of

Perspex sheet
• Provision of CAUTION CMOS Label on VFD

panel and modules