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Two metals completely soluble in liquid state but only partly soluble in solid state + This type of phase diagram show the partial solid solubility. Les + T. and Ts indicate the ines) melting points of two pure metals. + TAETs is liquidus line and TsFEGTs show solidus line + Above the liquidus line, the is only single phase liquid solution. + The lines FH and GH show that with the deceasing the temperature the maximum amount of solute can be dissolve deceases. Composition, weight percent & + In alloy 1: liquidus line is cross 11 it will begin to solidify by forming crystals of a solid solution extremely rich in A. + The process continuous with liquid getting richer in B and gradually moving down along the liquidus line. + The a solid solution also getting richer in B, moving down along the solidus line. + When the solidus line crossed at T4 and with diffusion keeping pace with crystal growth the entire solid will be homogenous a solid solution. Temperature 250520 0 9 60 70 Composition, eight percent 8 + Alloy 2: is the eutectic composition and remains liquid until the eutectic temperature is reached at point E. + Since this is also the solidus line, the liquid now undergoes the eutectic reaction, at constant temperature The eutectic reaction may be written as Liquid S2= atp ae) ‘eutectic mature Temperature ~-- == z a Oo ----------------nF le r art eee matte >be 8+ eutectic rocture { I i ' i a ae 80 60 70 80 90 Composition, weight percent &