Critical Steps to Successful CRM

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CompanyCompany-wide consensus on the development of CRMS Organize CRM Project Team Business Requirement Analysis CRM Action Plan CRM Software Selection Vendor Selection CRM System Building and Installation CRM System Maintenance

Contents: (1) critical steps for CRM success (2) steps for designing and implementation CRM program .

Critical Steps to Successful CRM5 step5 CRM Software Selection Applications Factors Technical Factors Rapidly Application Development Toolset Multi-Platform SQL DB Support Cross Platform Data Synchronization Multi-level Security for Users and Data Real time Integration Ease of Use Functionality Fit Customizability Price Ease of Implementation Data Synchronizatio n Future Direction References System Architecture Legacy Support Alliance Support Other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Sources: Jim Dickie.IT Group-CRM Magazine-April 2000 .

documentation. configuration System development and technical support User and staff education Continued maintenance and support .step6 Critical Steps to Successful CRM5 Vendor Selection Check List Understanding of business automation requirement Project Team education System design.

Key Factors of CRM Comparison Source : Gartner Group 1999.9 .

policies.should Planinclude: ± ± ± ± Objectives of the CRM program CRM¶s fit with corporate strategy New applications to be purchased or developed Integration or replacement of existing methods or legacy systems ± Personnel Requirements.Designing & Implementing a Successful CRM Program (broad steps) What will CRM solve? This question must involve employees from all functions. Creating the CRM Plan. training. Requirements- . BROAD STEPS Broad Step 1.personnel.

employees should understand how it affects their jobs.Involve CRM users from the 2OutsetOutset. .Broad Step 2.Select the Right Application and 3ProviderProvider.Find an appropriate application and determine the extent of customization (adaptation). ± Test with a pilot application Broad Step 3. ± Create a project team with members from all affected organizational areas.To get acceptance of the CRM initiative.

± Centralized database or data warehouse containing all customer information. Broad Step 5.CRM is a collection of various applications implemented over time.Broad Step 4.Integrate Existing CRM 4ApplicationsApplications.Establish Performance Measures5MeasuresMeasuring performance allows the firm to: ± Determine if objectives have been met ± Compare actual to planned = variance . ± Customer contact mechanisms need to be coordinated so that every CRM application user in the firm knows about all of the activity associated with each customer.

Providing 6CRM Training for All UsersUsers± Provide and require training for all of the initial users and then provide training on an ongoing basis as applications are added. ± Training can also help convince key users like sales.Broad Step 6. and marketing personnel of . call center.

IMPLEMENTING CRM : A STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS STEP-BY(detailed steps) CRM Implementation Steps Pre-implementation The commencement meeting Project manager (PM) Implementation leader System engineer (s) .

CRM Implementation Steps Project manager Systems or business analysts Administrating or networking staff Integration professional Heads of non-technical departments non- .

What is the final objective of a commencement meeting? Requirements or Information Gathering Prototyping and Detailed Proposal Generation .

Development of Customisation: The size of the project The current availability of employees/users Technical problems MidMid-stream workflow .

Bata Test and Data Import Train and Retrain Basic training Customisation training Documentation Additional training Train the trainer Integrator course .

system Optimisation. and Follow ±up Culmination CRM for client Server Model CRM at Work .RollRoll-out and System Hand off Support.

The aspects of Client /Server CRM Model to be included: Customer records Locations Contact people Opportunity files Service Files Product Returns .

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