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Patni Computer Systems Limited is a global provider of IT Services and business solutions, servicing Global 2000 clients.

Patni services its clients through its industryfocused practices and its technology-focused practices, including
‡banking, ‡financial services (BFS) and insurance (I); ‡manufacturing, retail and distribution (MRD); ‡life sciences; ‡communications, media and utilities (CMU


Employee strength of around 14,000 € Multiple global delivery centers spread across 13 cities worldwide € 28 international offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific € Patni has registered revenues of US$ 656 million for the year 2009.

include application development and maintenance enterprise application solutions

business and technology consulting

product engineering services

infrastructure management services

Conducted telephonic interview :  HR executive in training and development department working with Patni from last 3 years with a total workex of 6 years  Software engineer with a work-ex of two years in systems department


Before joining
¾ PPP (Patni Preparatory Program)
x Patni Preparatory Program (PPP) aims at imparting initial training to the participants before they become employees of the company


On the job training:
¾ Behavioral training- 2 days ¾ Foreign language training ¾ Technical training- 1 week to 20 weeks
x Training on Models x Training on Tools


How long is the probation period at Patni?
¾ Campus recruits (freshers) have one year of probation ¾ Employees with over one year of experience on joining are appointed on probation for a period of six months.


Expatriates: very good onsite opportunity, even before 2 yrs in the company


Training methodologies 
ILD : Instructor Led Training
x most of training is Instructor led Classroom training 

WBT : Web Based Training  Recorded Sessions  Virtual Classroom  Mentorship programs  Performance of the trainees are evaluated on the basis of daily quizzes, interviews and module tests.
Note: No part of training is outsourced

The Learning & Development (L& D) function imparts necessary ¶behavioral· and ¶soft skill· training to employees at Patni ‡ Key programs

‡ e-MBA ‡ Grooming Future Managers ‡ Boosting intellectual capital through

Knowledge Management

"knowing what we know and profiting from itµ

It channelize its energies in generating value from its intellectual and knowledge-based assets

Its Knowledge Management initiative focuses on achieving sustained individual and business performance through the synergy of people, processes, and technology, and by ongoing learning, unlearning and adaptation

Through continuous knowledge acquisition, retention and augmentation, it ensures that on an ongoing basis best practices are institutionalized and leveraged to deliver value to the customer    

Foster innovation by encouraging the free flow of ideas Improve startup productivity of new project team members Reduce the cost of knowledge acquisition and retention Leverage on reusable components to save on time and costs  


Create bodies and communities of knowledge Improve customer service Enhance employee retention rates Improve productivity, revenues and overall efficiency.

‡ Serves as an artifact repository, where artifacts and documents from various contributors across Patni are stored

‡A maven is an expert in his own field, who supports users across the organization in answering subject-specific queries

‡A Wiki Publishing tool, this is a peer moderated approach of building and refining content, by users across the organization.

‡This module enables ¶Discussion Forums·. It is a tool to quickly examine various points of views on a chosen subject and create action points.

Treasure Chest




‡A unified Google-like search, this module enables a search across the Knowledge Xchange.

‡A social networking site for users in Patni, this allows users to display their current and past engagements in addition to showcasing their profile.

‡This module enables you to create a community of like-minded people who are passionate and knowledgeable about specific areas of business as well as leisure..

Cross Search

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The company sponsors employees for higher education to facilitate achievement of higher proficiencies Programs available at Patni
1) e-MBA from IIM-Kozhikode 2) Two year MS Program with BITS Pilani for Engineering graduates 3)¶Patni Managerial Excellence Program (PMEP)· at IIMAhmedabad


Patni recently won an award at the World HRD Congress 2010 for ¶innovative retention strategies· like 1.Lifestyle Assessment Survey -Monthly medical test -Recommendations for maintaining good health 2.Winner·s Circle -Rewards and recognition to top performers

3.Patni Confidante Program -Monthly game shows, competition to provide recreation and increase bonding amongst employees 4.Patni Leadership Academy -Nurture & encourage future leader with series of lectures & workshops

Training and development -integral part of any company·s strategy. € Patni -proactive in continuing best practices in T&D. € Successful implementation of KMS improved retention rate & image. € Patni·s retention strategy ²successful -Attrition rate 8% as compared to 17% a year ago.


Depending on the brand name of the college, there is a demarcation in the salaries provided. On the job training is not counted as work experience.


Compensation should be based on the role offered, not on brand name of the institute. € A different mechanism for deciding compensation of fresh recruits. € Patni should continue its current retention strategy to further reduce attrition.

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