Liril Freshness Positioning 

Liril launched in 1976 reached an iconic status with the Karen Lurel Waterfall Ad.  The TVC communication was same over the years emphasizing on :Lemon Freshness Freedom Feminine Beauty Attraction  Certain elements always there in the TVCs Water/ Water fall Lemon Girl in skimpy clothes

Liril Freshness Positioning

Reason for Liril success: Liril became synonymous with freshness  It capitalized on the social context of joint family where women had no time for them selves and bath was their only escape  Women could be in their own skin while taking bath and felt liberalized Liril TG  Housewives 28-35 years in SEC A, B & C.  Seeking an escape from the drudgery of their daily life.  Want to feel young and get the most out of life. Insight  My bath is the only place where I am truly alone. I can forget about the outside world... for a while.

Liril: The Birth 

Conceptualized in the early 70¶s  1973 - Marketing mix tested found that
-Freshness claim delivered through lime -Perfume seen to be tangy -Lime seen to have skin care benefits 

1974- Lime mix was introduced  1976- Brand launched nationally
Pack size - 75g, Colour - Green (striated), Price - Premium

Created the Freshness segment

 Target group
Young housewife aged 18-24 years 

My bath is the only place where I can let go of my inhibitions and do what I want. It is the only place where I know nobody¶s watching me and I can let pretensions down. 

Liril is the freshness soap- so totally different from any other soap, that it even looks different, rippled green.  Because only Liril captures the exciting freshness of limes- the most refreshing fruit in the world.  A bath with Liril makes a new person out of you. There¶s nothing like it.¶

The Result  Liril succeeded in creating a dream moment enabling the consumer to be whoever and wherever she wanted to be. irreverence brand seen as ahead of its time brought loyal consumers to the fold established leadership in the premium segment .  Liril shocked and surprised consumers with its bold communication ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ a bikini clad girl in gay abandon created a distinct personality cued freshness. modernity.

Liril has an exclusive new fragrance which lingers on. it¶s a feeling that makes a fresh new person out of you. There¶s nothing like it. leaving you feeling fresher.the 80¶s.. in its new rich tangy lather and now.  Liril is more than a soap. longer.  Communication unchanged for nearly a decade 1987 Sales showed downward trend due to product problem Relaunch with perfume and wrapper changes New advertising to emphasize freshness appeal Relaunch APS  Only Liril captures the exciting freshness of limes. ..

Liril seen as a dated brand Cinthol managed to reposition Liril 70¶s: Young housewife aged 18-24 years 80¶s: Loyal Liril consumer 25+ adult.Competitive scenario 1989 Competition moves into the freshness segment Cinthol Lime launched with a modern. youthful image .to strengthen the freshness promise with lime. Communication focused at her likes and dislikes 90¶s: The change in the consumer . while maintaining the positioning of a ¶deodorant¶ soap.

The nineties 1991 Objectives  To widen appeal of Liril  Keep brand young.Liril Cologne Lime . vibrant and contemporary  To strengthen brand by reinforcing the core values Two initiatives undertaken  Liril lime relaunched with new perfume and wrapper  New initiative .variant.

The interaction between the variants Lime Cologne Lime fights oiliness lemon fragrance natural modern reputation trust lime freshness young suitable for all types of skin perfume benefit fragrance that lingers day long freshness 'ultra' modern less natural (synthetic) .

 Results Surpassed action standard 10% of Liril in 3 months Seen to be male skewed Seen to be synthetic Withdrawn in 1993 due to product problems .

1993  Expansion of the premium market  Cinthol launched new variants New product form introduced .Gels  Fit in perfectly with Liril  Uplifted Liril¶s image  Made brand contemporary and youthful .

all add to a never before freshness feeling that only Liril can give.  Liril Active Shower Gel is a unique way to bathe.Create a bath wherever and whenever you want .APS  A bath with Liril Active gives you an exciting freshness feeling that you can be sure will last. Its extra rich lather. exciting new perfume and the long lasting freshness. Creative Idea .

1994  International brand Fa launched. impacted Liril Communication objective  Recreate 70¶s look and feel yet maintain core properties  New film made did little to stem decline TVC: Fa 1994 TVC: Ruchi Malhotra 1995  Liril Active discontinued in 1995  VFM equation not working (absence of a loofah)  High initial cost  Wastage .

75 g .Fresh body care .Inspiring freshness that leads to freedom and escapism  Premium . colour. advertised as a range  Differentiation through ideas.Rs. ingredients. 15/ Aqua = Revitalising with sea minerals  Caribbean lemon .Fa  Fa .Moisturising soap with cream complex  Beyond µLime¶.  High speed of innovations .Deep cleansing with lime extracts  Wild sandal . fragrances.

Rs.Rs. 18/- . 12/ 125 g .CINTHOL Premium  International Lime  International Spice  75 g . 18/- Popular  Lime Fresh  Skin Fresh  75 g .Rs. 15/ Original  100 g .Rs.

Lime Fresh & Skin Fresh Lime Fresh .CINTHOL Premium .International Lime & Spice With deodorant that prevents body odour Emotional payoff .With deep-cleansing lime µClean skin that bowls you over¶ µScentfresh¶ .Self-confidence Popular .smell like a thousand flowers Taazgi bhara atmavishwaas¶ Skin Fresh . that makes it irresistible¶ .With orange extracts µBreathes new life into your skin.

LIRIL ± COMMUNICATION MODEL Waterfall Bikini Big water feel High energy Activity Enthusiasm Lime Nature Freshness Unrestrained Unconventional Modern Jingle .

1996.A change in the communication First time moved out of waterfall Results  Retained freshness in spite of moving out of waterfall  Higher teen empathy as girl¶s personality seen as aspiration and irreverent  Lime salience and natural feel not lost .

1996 ± EQUITY FINDINGS Objective: To understand where Liril stands vis a vis other premium brands Findings: ‡ Image problem ‡ Liril not differentiated on freshness Liril¶s Equity Natural freshness Irreverent personality .

Q3 97 Nima Lime.Q2 98  Key issues pertaining to Liril ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Minimal interaction exists with discount lime soaps However.A being called ³Discount´  Brand launches Nirma Lime.Q1 97 Jai Lime. not seen as ahead of its times . uniqueness under threat Liril not differentiated on freshness VFM equation under question Product/ advertising dated.

perceived to be seasonal and harsh  Widen appeal of Liril  Liril to be seen as a freshness soap and not a lime soap Birth of Rain Fresh  Variant to convey product promise without µingredient¶  Rainfresh µnatural freshness¶  No µbuild up¶ required .RAIN FRESH.A fragrant variant Objective for varianting  Lime freshness segment.

uncontrollable urge to capture the freshness then and there.The soap  Natural. refreshing.Rainfresh . physical experience leading to a mental mood Proposition  Only Liril Rainfresh gives you a feeling as fresh as the rain. Brand idea: Bath addict . mild. cooling. all weather product Rainfresh moment  Pleasurable. Whenever you see Liril Rainfresh you get an insane.

Rainfresh : Key Reasons for failure  Poor Fragrance  Not µlingering¶. no µfreshness feeling¶ post use  Not nice  Esoteric nature of freshness experience. . What is feeling rainfresh??  Absence of an ingredient or µreason why¶ to rationalise  Attempt to position it as a separate sub-brand. when there was no significant difference in proposition vis a vis lime.

2003 The Year Of Body Washes .

x Gain share from Competition .60% share x Increase users . PW .97% penetration  Increase usage More usage occasions : Health/ Hygiene ---> LB Increase value / bath ---> Pre.

 Expand premium segment by increasing NPS / bath Route :  Create bodywash segment to command premium over soap bars Initially .role of body washes  To occupy the vacant `youth` slot  To be the image driver  To strengthen the `freshness` benefit / delivery of mother brand .

Target Segment ‡ Current premium soap user HHs.propensity to change habit from soap usage to bodywash is highest (as seen across developing markets) . 15-25 women .

A change in its avatar .

Liril Touch 2 .

posm .

Winter tvc 20s .

Tea tree oil ± anti-bacterial communication .

pack communication .Liril Minis ± Rs 10/.

 Studies revealed that contrary to the stereotype of being carefree.Relaunch of liril 2001  To renew the µshocking freshness¶ that endeared the brand to yesterday¶s youth and to win the affection of today¶s youth. What it is generously sprinkled with is provocative attitude  Being set in a hot environment the film enhances the relevance of the brand benefit of freshness. today¶s youth (girls) long to spontaneously break free without being told µbehave yourself¶. .  They expect Liril to understand and express how freshness creates a mood that makes her spontaneously behave without rok-tok.  Leading to the new campaign±µTaazgi Meri Marzi¶  The core of freshness remains.¶  Todays youth would love to do things their own way.

Liril and the millennium  Declining brand usership  High flirtatious premium soap consumer  Losing particularly to salient offerings (LTI. innovative and hip  Create a new functional / ingredient story  Recognise that not just the variant but the µbrand¶ has to be repositioned . FG) and discount  Brand image/equity weak on innovation. FAL.generic and commodotised  Premium soap market and freshness market declining OBJECTIVES  To find a distinct cut on the generic freshness benefit  Regain lost position of being young. sensorial. modernity and trust  Ingredient. advertising .

2. I can forget about the outside world. Target 1. Benefits 6. Discriminator Liril's 'natural' lime freshness gives me the licence to be 'what I want to be' in my bath.the first lime soap. Lower priced soaps offering lime freshness such as Jai Lime. Dettol and Dove. Housewives 28-35 years in SEC A. 5. Confident. Makes me come alive. Self expressive 4. 3. . 7. Pears. Exuberant. Insight Natural freshness. Youthful. Competitive Environment Premium soaps such as Lux International. My bath is the only place where I am truly alone. B & C.. Transports me into my own fantastic natural world. Heritage . for a while. Personality : Bon Vivant Spontaneous.Liril Brand Key 8. Want to feel young and get the most out of life. Striated look of tablet. Brand Essence A feeling of liberation. Nirma Lime.. Values Absolute freedom. Reasons to Believe Real natural lime. Seeking an escape from the drudgery of their daily life.

the brand can be repositioned as Freshness in the form of its powerful range that will include Pine. medimix and chandrika focussing on health. Rose  The brand will help create an imagery of a skin care for women/ Health of skin  Entering this space will ensure brand credibility and salience  Oppurtunities and capability: With the ever growing competition in the personal care category where most of the soaps like Lifebuoy creating a space for itself in Germ kill. Lavendar. Liril can focus on the freshness amonst the youth . Lemon. Dettol for protection and Herbal soaps like medicare.Strategic Plan  With its long history suggesting that core benefits of the brand were freshness.

Huge target market  Target market available Housewives 28-35 years in SEC A. market mix. Incase of celebrity endorsements. B & C. Seeking an escape from the drudgery of their daily life. Want to feel young and get the most out of life. packaging content and distribution networks With more than 70 % of the women focussing on beauty and skin care exist in the south. since Mumbai and chennai are the 2 main centers for communication. The communication needs to be region specific. the brand needs to penetrate the market with 2 different formats. Liril can use its freshness with fragrance as a startegy to e market penetrate .

Vision  To be the most trusetd brand in the market promising freshness with a tinge of fragrance  The ambition of being the No 1 soap in providing liberation to the consumer in the beauty category  New Positioning: A soap that gives Natural freshness. . Making a woman transport herself in to her own fantasy world Mission: To regain the no 1 position in the freshness segment by making in roads in to the beauty segment with the help of its supporting fragrance benefit. helping a woman come alive.

. Financial objective:  To drive penetration in the personal wash category and create a niche market for itself in the freshness with fragrance segment  Non financial: A aquestion mark on the bcg matrix of becoming a star  Where to put the money: Innovative packaging techniques to drive trial and purchase and large investments in terms of its advertising and communication rollout (ATL/BTL). also investing in Quali and testing concepts at snapshots.

18 to 35. Which business and which customer needs to be given prime importance?  Business: Personal wash category in the freshness segment with the purpose of introducing its fragrance variants thereby creating a niche space for itself.Basic need of creating a good impression in their personal and professional lives.  To further strengthen its tradition of being a ³freshness wonder soap´  TG: Women LSM 4 to 7 age group. A need to be recognized amongst the mass .

investment need to be withdraw:  Launching a new strong Liril soap with added freshness and a tinge of fragrance making a woman confident of herself in the world around her. A key potential market is south of India where beauty is the top priority amongst 70% women .  Study Growth:  New Product (Freshness+ Fragrance= beauty) in the metros and rural India. From which business.

Aditya  DSTP-Aditya  6 P analysis-Aditya  Implementation and control  Visual interpretation of the brand communication rolloutAditya  Key drivers in the market/ triggers . Topics that need to be covered:  SWOT analysis.Aditya  Product mix.Aditya  New marketing plan.

In this case builds confidence in facing the world Build Affinity To educate consumers about the importance of all day long freshness that builds confidence in a young woman·s professional life Eventually make the consumers like the product post trial. Strategic Phases .Strategy Educate Functional Relevance Give the consumers some tangible reason to believe to make the product relevant to their needs Authority/ Credibility To build credibility and authority such that a woman gets a good reason to believe to use the product Emotional Relevance Connect with the consumers on an emotional and realistic ground and make a bond/pact.

It therefore needs to provide more than just protection and conserving the eco system. it cannot disrupt nature·s imagery in the minds of the consumers very easily. .Strategy Differentiation Being responsible by contributing to nature Since the product is in the same space as using natural resources.

Hence: Segment 1: People who believe in being responsible in life Segment 2: People who feel the importance of contributing to first needs to understand the changing behavioral trends of the consumer. .Strategy Behavioral segmentation Segmentation Since the product needs to differentiate itself from the other branded and popular products credentials .

urban whites. . responsible citizens who believe in oneness in nature.Strategy Target Audience US Citizens (Both Men and Women) The selected target are people (Both men and women) 30 to 60 years.

Strategy Occupy the ¶Being responsibleµ space Positioning Back to nature.A visionary .

I don·t get the time to contribute something to nature Not Being responsible does not hurt «.but their consequences do No contribution the environment = Absence of being responsible .Some Insights I feel worried with the continuous environment hazards that take place around me In my busy life..

This negligence will lead to more responsibility not just an individual but also as a responsible citizen of this world.Recommended Consumer Insight Inspite of my several efforts. I am unable to contribute 100 percent to nature. .


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