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Hemp Oil Benefits
Introduction – Hemp Oil

Queen VictorCBD Sacred Leaf Hemp Oil is the highest quality hemp oil
available and has been described as giving a feeling of well-being and
alertness. Hemp has been grown for over 5,000 years for its fiber – used for
rope, twine, fabric and so on. Since at least 1500 BC, hemp has been widely
used as medicine. Many scholars believe that the gall and vinegar, or myrrhed
wine, offered to Jesus immediately after the crucifixion was, in all probability,
a preparation of hemp.ia used hemp extracts for menstrual cramps and
anxiety. Her reign from 1837-1901 paralleled the explosive growth of hemp
based medicines. From 1842 to 1900, cannabis made up half of all medicines
sold. From 1850 to 1937, the U.S. Pharmacopeia listed cannabis as the
primary medicine to treat more than 100 separate illnesses or diseases.
Hemp Facts
• Quality Products
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• Totally Legal
CBD Sacred Leaf Hemp Oil comes from industrial
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Hemp Facts
• NOT Psychotropic
CBD doesn’t contain the same psychoactive properties
as THC meaning it can be ingested without the side
effects usually associated with marijuana or cannabis.
So it’s not hard to see why it’s fast becoming a popular
addition to people’s daily and dietary supplements.

• Effective
CBD Sacred Leaf Hemp Oil is the highest quality hemp
oil available and has been described as giving a feeling
of well-being and alertness. Research CBD Hemp Oil to
learn about its many benefits.
The Start of Hemp Prohibition
Americans have been precluded the mending impacts from securing cannabis
since Harry Anslinger, leader of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (1931-1962),
pushed through enactment that had been made in mystery for a long time. The
outcome was the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act that made hemp and cannabis illicit
for any utilization. Students of history trust Anslinger's activities were at the
command of Randolph Hearst and Dupont petrochemicals. The machine had
been concocted to effortlessly take fiber from hemp. In this way, an excellent
paper could now be made less expensive than utilizing the customary wood
mash. Randolph Hearst possessed a huge number of sections of land of
woodland arrive that provided paper for his paper realm. With this new
innovation, Hearst's property would be useless. Dupont was against hemp for a
comparative reason. Anslinger and others used newspaper emotionalism
(through Hearst's papers) to persuade individuals regarding Congress and
people in general of the threats of hemp utilizing the moderately new word
maryjane (Spanish slang for cannabis).
America Has Been Cheated Out of the Amazing Benefits of Hemp

At long last, in 1964, Professor Raphael Mechoulam and his associate,

Yechiel Gaoni, at the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel, detached,
dissected and combined the primary psychoactive fixing in the cannabis
plant as tetrahydro cannabinol, or THC. Ruth Gallily, a teacher emerita of
immunology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has contemplated
another fundamental constituent of cannabis that is cannabidiol, or
CBD. CBD is non psychoactive and is viewed as an amazing mitigating and
hostile to tension specialist. Israeli analysts state CBD can be
advantageous for an assortment of sicknesses and conditions; including
however not constrained to pressure issue, malignant growth, joint
inflammation, headaches, PTSD, unending agony, numerous neurological
issue, recuperation after a heart assault and considerably more.
Recognizing Hemp’s potential
In 2003, the U.S. Bureau of Health and Human Services recorded a U.S.
patent on CBD (#6630507) that covers CBD treatment for different
neurodegenerative and fiery disarranges. In light of the February 6, 2004,
Federal Court Ruling Nos. 03-71366, 03-71693, each US native can lawfully
utilize CBD (separated from mechanical hemp high in CBD without unlawful
measures of THC). The American therapeutic network had come to accept
(or been "mentally programmed") in the years following the 1937
Marijuana Tax Act that cannabis had no utilization as a medication. Just
currently have they ended up at ground zero on cannabis, acknowledging
what their forerunners knew 100 years back.
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