Introduction to PCM7230

Introduction to PCM7230 .

5TE instruction set architecture ‡ Peripherals ± 32MB Flash ROM. Ethernet interface . 64MB SDRAM ± CF/PCMCIA slots ± VGA. up to 400MHz speed SoC engine ± ARM v. USB. Audio In/Out ± RS232.Introduction to PCM7230 ‡ Processor ± Intel® Xscale® PXA255 RISC CPU ± 32-bit.

‡ 40 MHz RISC processor ‡ RS-232 serial port .0 ‡ BrainStem controller.Introduction to GP 1.

0 ‡ This sensor reports the distance as a byte-value corresponding to the distance between 10cm to 80cm .Introduction to GP 1.

Introduction to boot-loader and embedded Linux .

the function of boot-loader is sometimes extended . boot-loader is the first program being executed by processor ‡ Boot-loader has the following functions ± Initialize the hardware setting ± Pass the control to OS ‡ To simplify the development process.The role of boot-loader ‡ When the machine is on.

ROM size. ex: RAM size. external peripheral ‡ Bootloader also sets up an environment for OS ± Memory mapping ± Stack pointer ‡ Pass these information to OS kernel .Initialization ‡ Bootloader does some settings for devices ± I/O ± Setting of hardware.

Memory Mapping (Net-Start) .

/etc. ‡ We can port our Linux kernel and root file system to the Flash ROM so that they can be permanently stored on the board ......Embedded Linux ‡ What components are in our embedded Linux? ± Linux kernel ± Root file system ‡ /bin.. /usr.. /dev..

Homework ‡ Replace boot-loader on the board ‡ Put Linux kernel image and root file system to Flash ROM .

exe Run ³LOADDRV..exe " Run "Jen255..exe ³ JFLASH Version 2.000 . copy bootldr in the same folder with Jen255. the boot-loader on the board is replaced by iBoot .DBPXA250 OS Version 0x2 Parallel Com port found at I/O address: 378 PXA250 revision 0x6?? CPU_TYPE = 0x255 FLASH ROM: AMD Am29LV800BB 1MBytes enter binary file name: bootldr .10.Replace boot-loader ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Connect your PC parallel port and PCM-7230 JTAG with JTAG cable Turn on PCM7230 Under your Windows. Now.

JTAG connection ‡ The brown-color line is at the right-most side black brown .

xmodem and select rootfs ramdisk. Linux (minicom) ‡ Setup serial port mode ± Baud-rate: 115200.gz iBoot> flash 0x41c0000 0xa0000000 0x1000000 . hardware flow-control: No ‡ Turn on PCM-7230 and follow below instructions // put kernel image iBoot> download xmodem 0xa0000000 Press Control-S. xmodem and select kernel image zImage iBoot> flash 0x40c0000 0xa0000000 0x100000 // put root file system iBoot> download xmodem 0xa0000000 press Control-S.Put Linux kernel and rootfs ‡ Connect your PC COM 1 and PCM7230 COM 1 ‡ Use terminal program to access target board ± Windows (hyper-terminal).

iwconfig. SSH server«« .Finish ‡ Connect PCM-7230 with serial port ± COM 1: enter boot-loader mode ± COM 2: enter Linux ‡ Log in Linux system ± username / password: root / rootme ‡ You can try software in the embedded Linux system ± Ifconfig.

3/bin:$PATH // set path .bz2 // extract package # mkdir /usr/loca/arm // create directory arm # mv 2.tar.95.95. arm-linux-ld.95.cross-2.95.Cross-Compiler ‡ Why do we need the cross-compiler ± The platforms of target board and host PC are not the same ± Compile binary that can be run under target platform ‡ ARM toolchain ± Toolchain package . arm-linux-objdump« ± Setup your environment # tar ±jxvf cross-2.bz2 ‡ arm-linux-gcc.tar. under arm # export PATH=/usr/local/arm/2.3 /usr/loca/arm // move 2.

out # .d/ssh start ‡ Use scp utility to copy binary to the board // binay a.c program # arm-linux-gcc helloworld.out // change mode to executable # chmod a+x a.out // execute # rz .Run a simple program ‡ Write a helloworld. zmodem and select binary a./a.c ± Network ‡ Configure IP address of your target board ‡ Start ssh server # /etc/init.out is generated ‡ Put the binary to your target board ± Serial port // Connect to target board using minicom // RS232 receive using zmodem Press Control-S.

Homework ‡ Assemble your PPRK ‡ Connect PPRK serial port and PCM-7230 COM 1 ‡ Install PPRK development package # tar -zxvf brainstem.tar # cd usr/local/acroname/brainstem/aBinary # sh run aStub .txt // under PC host # make CC=arm-linux-gcc CCP=arm-linux-g++ ARCH=ARM // generate dist_ARM.gz ‡ Follow steps in the readme. zmodem.tar.tar # tar ±xf dist_ARM.tar to your target board // under PCM-7230 # rz // minicom: control-S.tar # make ARCH=ARM tarball // Put dist_ARM. dist_ARM.

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