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Strategic Plan 2017-2019

We are pleased to present you with the Life Enrichment Center’s Strategic Plan.

Formulation and
implementation of goals on
behalf of the individuals
Our Strategic Plan is an ongoing, adaptive process served.

which defines our day-to-day business strategy and
directs the goals and objectives of our organization. Input from individuals
served, their families, Thorough consideration of
caregivers, staff and other available resources.
Our Plan incorporates the following components to stakeholders.

ensure the highest quality of service delivery.

Input from individuals Assessment of internal and
served, families, caregivers, external environments in
staff and other which the organization
stakeholders. operates.

Ongoing revision and
adaptation and revision of
goals and objectives to best
meet the needs of
individuals served.
Effectiveness Objective 1: Recruitment of Board Members who
Ongoing enhancement of services through effective strategic management. bring diversity and growth to the board

Outcome: 6/25/18 New Board was elected to
include 3 parents, 4 retired business executives,
2 wellness professionals, 2 GCSU Affiliates.

Objective 2: To provide orientation and on-
going board development training.

LEC Board Outcome: LEC BOD orientation was held on
September 24, 2018, outlining board
Development responsibilities, LEC Mission, Values and Core
Competencies and Service Delivery.
October Meeting- Board member began training
on Erik Hanberg’s “The Little Book of Boards”.
November Meeting- By-Laws and Board

Objective: To establish well defined Re-Defining LEC
values, core competencies and staff Values & Core
COMPETENCIES Objective: Develop a tracking system that is more
Outcome: June 6, 2018- staff received accurate, less time consuming and meets
training on Values, Core Competencies requirements.
and Staff Expectations.
Outcome: 7-30-18- Work group implemented new
tracking system. Each month the management
Enhance Quality team will look at the effectiveness of this
document and make necessary adjustments.
and Accuracy of 11/18- This tracking system has not only enabled
Documentation us to more accurately capture the day but has
pointed out downtime. We are targeting this
time to ensure programs are in place to fill the
Effectiveness- Ongoing enhancement of services through effective strategic management.

Spring 2017 The re-branding of the LEC required the development of three
Obj. 1: Develop three separate logos that function as one voice. The first logo will be
logos that encompass used for official LEC documents, such as grant applications.
the different
objectives of the LEC, The second logo will be used for all promotional branding
while still maintaining purposes. This includes brochures, Facebook/website content
a consistent image and any other creative collateral. The two LEC logos contain
Goal 2: Obj. 1: Create 3 collateral pieces and and color scheme similar images in order to promote a consistent theme. The
social media campaigns for promotion of Venn diagrams in the two LEC logos represent the message of
events. the LEC which is promoting the similarities between all people,
Outcome: Posters, Postcards, press rather than focusing on the differences between them.
releases, photos and videos were created to
promote “Joy to the World” Recital, Night
to Shine Prom and Black and White Gallery. Provide Growth &
Sustainability to the Spring 2017
Fall 2017 LEC’s Visual
Obj. 2a: Increase
and Performing Arts volunteer tracking for
Goal 2: Begin Program thru the LEC. By developing a
framework for
collaboration with step by step instructional
GivePulse is a web based platform that Georgia
GCSU Strategic manual on operating
future LEC events GivePulse volunteering College has implemented on campus to make our
Campaigns Class tracking. volunteer management and coordination efforts
more efficient. Using this platform allows students
to track their impacts and see their progress from
G1: Obj.1: Sell $400 of merchandise at Deep Roots Festival. the comfort of their own home. The GIVE Center
Obj. 2: Grow social medial by 50 followers by 12-1-17 has provided training and this class developed a
Outcomes: $500.00 sold 10-21-17 at Deep Roots. Something Spruced surpassed its “How To” Manual to help the LEC
media goal via Instagram and Fb post. Givepulse has allowed Georgia College and
various other organizations/ non-profits to be
Deep Roots Festival 2017 more transparent with their reports.
Downtown Milledgeville, GA- October 21st, 2017 Fall 2017
Something Spruced’s official debut Statistics: As of May 2017
6 artists’ works including jewelry, home décor, and paintings.
Goal 1: Raise
Awareness of 824 people have tracked impacts with the Life
Featured artist, A. Mathis Enrichment Center
Deep Roots Festival 2018 LEC’s recycled art
brand “Something 2,191 impacts have been tracked by those people.
Downtown Milledgeville, GA- October 20th, 2018
10 artists’ works featured including home décor, signs, paintings, jewelry, Spruced”.
The total number of hours tracked is 7,975.
wind chimes, and upcycled art projects.
Guest artists, D. Webb and D. Weimer
Efficiency-Increased efficiency in business operations and allocation of resources.
Taking on a new theme each year, the Black and White Gallery aims
to attract people to the art itself, before the artist is even known.
Spring 2018 With the change of the Black and White Gallery to the fall, the
Obj 1: Increase event will have a soft opening for donors at a preceding time prior
attendance and to the opening of the event . The idea of a soft opening was talked
sponsorships for the through, and now it is being organized for the Fall. Giving donors
Black and White
and sponsors a preview of the event and the art, the purpose of the
. Gallery by planning
soft opening soft opening is to further connect and grow individuals to the cause,
hyping up the event before it actually happens. The preview of the
art will allow more incentives for the donors and sponsors to invite
their own connections to the event.
Outcome: Students created graphics, media post and a
Facebook event page for the Black & White Gallery presents
“Technicolor” event held November 30, 2018 at Black Bird
Cafe. This years success was contributed to a change in
photography style, a new venue and a soft opening for
sponsors and special guest. The overhead was down from Provide Growth &
previous events with the sales and revenue proving very Sustainability to the
LEC’s Visual Outcome:
profitable for the artist and the program. Total of 20 of the 22 NIGHT TO SHINE: Newsletter, social
and Performing Arts
original prints sold and 9 reprints. Program thru media post, schedule, stock photos and
collaboration with analytics.
GCSU Strategic CEC EVENTS: Stock Photos & video
Campaigns Class TUTORIAL: CANVA Newsletter
Creation and PHOTOSHOP.
Fall 2018 editing, branding, poster design and
Spring 2018
Give Black & White save the date cards.
Obj. 2:Raise awareness
Gallery Photographers of the abilities of CEC Concert: Poster design, press
a platform to disabilities through release and stock photos.
experiment in social media. Gulf South Summit Conference
Presentation & Award coverage
Increased efficiency in business operations and
allocation of resources.

Monitor and track
AWS Grant Goals
and Objectives to See AWS Grant Reports: 2017,
ensure funding 2018
requirements are
Outcome: Campus Kitchen Video starring Outcome: Awarded a $30,000 Engaged
our own, T. L. was launched Oct.30, 2017 in Grant from Georgia College in August 2017
hopes to get enough votes to win a to be disseminated over a 3 year period- 10k
$5000.00 start up grant. November 6, 2017- per year.
Partnership with
GCSU was named the winner!! Campus Apply for ~Notified in April 2017 by the Office of
Office of
Kitchen Project kick off was 9/13/18. LEC Master Grant Engaged that the funding for this C-bel
was named the official partner. This will from GCSU project was going away and we will only be
Campus Kitchen
enable students to recover food from Office of funded for the upcoming school year 2019-
Sodexo Dinning Hall to provide meals for ENGAGE 2020.
Provide Sustainability to
our CEC program. the LEC’s Creative
Enrichment Center
Outcome: Spring ‘17- present each semester GC1Y:
Abilities of Disabilities volunteer 8 hrs. with CEC (
sponsored- Pancakes and PJ’s Fall’ 17, Field Day of
Fun on Front Campus Spring ’18 & Fall ‘18- see
video link on website)
County Line Fundraiser- Sept. ‘17 ($800.00)- Sept.
Outcome: On-going partners Local Artist Ben Mathis- Partner with GCSU ‘18 ($2000.00) GCSU Athletics Bobcats – Fall ‘18
ASO’s, Athletics,
artist at all Tuesday craft events, Tidal Wave- fundraiser Community Men’s Basketball (Donated-Tickets, t-shits and
Classes and other
September ‘18 ($3,577) , The Mystic Sawyer donates Partners affiliates to sponsor assisted with Tidal Wave Carwash)- Fall ‘18;
lumber for projects and parent. CEC events Woman’s BB (Donated tickets and inducted CEC’s
B. Butts as the official water boy), GCSU Softball
Team sponsored an Ornament SWAP night with
the lady bobcats- Fall’ 18.
Increased availability of diverse opportunities
for community access for persons with
developmental disabilities.
Establish a
position with Outcome: Filled
GIVE Center as Position- Fall 2017 to
liaison to run for 2 years.
students Outcome: Ongoing Fall 2017- Present-
Videos and paperwork are available at
the GIVE Center through grad assistant.
Class/ group orientation is scheduled at
the first of each semester and PRN for
individuals. Required prior to working
Provide on-going
communication about
To positively impact with any LEC participant. Training
and educate GCSU To provide I/DD completed: Fall’ 17 Mass
students to become awareness training Communications- 10; GC1Y-26, Exercise
opportunities, CEC
Outcome: Email Data base advocates and leaders on: inclusion,
events, LEC Events, Science-35; Music Therapy- 32; Other-5;
was established Fall 2017 and in the field of I/DD diversity and social
practicum schedules Spring ‘18- Interns (Public Health-1, ES-1)
through ENGAGE role valorization.
will be updated quarterly. and potential
Partnership GC1Y-27; MT-26; ES-20; MC-10; Other-6;
Each student is encouraged to
Fall ‘18 – MT-34; GC1Y 26; MC-8; ES-20;
track their hours through GIVE
PH-6; MT Interns-2
Pulse and must be verified by
G.A. or LEC Executive
Director. 2017- 379 student
volunteer hours were tracked.
We encourage students to log Ensure
their hours but unfortunately background
checks are Outcome: Ongoing Completed at the first of each
not all do. completed on all semester at the GIVE Center through Campus Police.
students Required and grad assistant ensures completed prior to
working with the start date. Fall ‘17-108; Spring ’18- 91; Fall ‘18- 94
Increased availability of diverse opportunities
for community access for persons with
Outcome: Fall ’17 “More Alike than Different”
developmental disabilities. Video
Collaborate with GCSU
Mass Comm. Dept.
Media Production Team
Outcome: CE Performance 2017-2019 Semi-annual to produce a video
Concert names and dates: emphasizing our
commonalities not
• Songs of the Street: Nov, 10th, 2015 @
Georgia Military College
• Hit Songs of the Decades: April, 22nd, 2016 @
Northridge Christian Church
• The Night of Soundtracks: November 17th,
2016 @ Northridge Christian Church
• The Jackson Family: April 26th, 2017 @
Northridge Christian Church
• Joy to the World: November 27th, 2017 @
Georgia College and State University in the
Arts & Science Auditorium Establish a local
• Classic Rewind: April 17th, 2018 @ community network
Northridge Christian Church that embraces
• Sounds of Color: December 4th, 2018 @ individuals with DD
for their
Northridge Christian Church
commonalities, not
their differences
Tim Tebow Night to Shine Prom: 2/10/17 Outcome: FEMA Disaster Relief
115 participants in attendance October 2017: Fri. Oct 6- Mon.
Partner with Oct 9th – GC Alternative Fall
Northridge Christian
Participate in Break FEMA Relief Irma Clean-
Church to host
Alternative Fall Break up project Brunswick Ga. – 9
Creative Expressions
with GCSU Students
Performances & LEC/CEC participants / 10
Night to Shine students/ 3 parents/ 1 GC
Faculty. Video Documentary
online, as well as, front page
article on file.
Increased availability of diverse opportunities
for community access for persons with
developmental disabilities.
To strengthen
our existing Outcome: Co-presented with
partnerships GCSU Faculty
with GCSU thru

To partner with
the Department of Increase capacity for To increase the
Outcome: 11/30/18 Working with Special Education GCSU professional, diversity of our Outcome: Fall 2017- present MOA
faculty at GCSU on the on developing a faculty, and student partnerships with the School of Health and
postsecondary education post secondary engagement in our within the existing Human Performance to work
program for adults with intellectual college program program Schools of with identified LEC individuals
for adults with I/DD development and Education at who have medical concerns. PhD
disabilities exploration grant.
services GCSU & RN oversight. Students work
Addendum 11/2018
one on one each semester with 6

To reach out to
Greek Life and Outcome: August 2017- Established
other ASO’s on partnership with Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
campus for and the County Line Fundraiser event.
Continuous incorporation of feedback from
persons served, staff, and stakeholders to aid in Maintain an “open
the development of programs and services. door, open mind”
philosophy when
Input from LEC
staff during
weekly meetings.

Input from the
Board of
Input from other Directors during
resources; monthly and
surveys and called meetings.
Objective: Incorporate input from stakeholders to
aid in the development and enhancement of Input from
programs and services. persons served
during Monday
meetings, ISPs
and when
planning events.

Outcome: Ongoing
We value input and are always open to new ways to gain feedback.