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Bentuk Rumus Simple Present Tense Contoh Kalimat

· Subject + verb 1 (+ s/es) + object · I use social media

· Subject + to be (am/is/are) + adjective/adverb · She is very polite and kind

· They do not use social

· Subject + do/does not + verb 1 + …
(-) · Subject + to be (am/is/are) + not +
· She is not very polite and

· Do/does + subject + verb 1 + object? · Does he use social media?

· To be (am/is/are) + subject + adjective/adverb? · Is she polite and kind?
I / You / We / They He / She / It

• Untuk kalimat positif, kata kerja tidak • Untuk kalimat positif, kata kerja diikuti
diikuti imbuhan s/es. imbuhan s/es.
Example: Example:
• I go to school • He goes to school
• Untuk kalimat negatif, do not atau • Untuk kalimat negatif, does not atau
don’t digunakan sebelum kata kerja. doesn’t digunakan sebelum kata kerja.
Example: Example:
• We do not attend class together • He does not attend class with me
• Untuk kalimat interogatif, kata do • Untuk kalimat interogatif, does
mengawali kalimat. mengawali kalimat.
Example: Example:
• Do you finish your homework? • Does she finish your homework?
Penggunaan Contoh Kalimat Simple Present Tense

· Sociolinguistics is the study of the

relationship between language and social
a) Untuk menyatakan suatu fakta
· The sun rises from the east
b) Untuk menggambarkan kebiasaan atau · My father wakes up at 5 am every morning
kejadian yang dilakukan berkali-kali dalam · The postman always delivers the mail on the
bingkai waktu sekarang. Biasanya morning
menggunakan adverb of frequency seperti:
always, never, sometimes, often, seldom, dan · I often check my assignment several times
lain-lain. before submitting it to my teacher
c) Untuk menggambarkan perasaan atau · I love my parents to the moon and back
emosi. · She feels anxious waiting for her cat to come
Biasanya menggunakan kata kerja statis back
(stative verbs) seperti feel, worry, love, dan
lain-lain. · We worry about his current condition
· My company has 70 branches all over the
d) Simple present tense untuk mengungkapkan · They own three supercars.
kepemilikan dan hubungan logis.
Biasanya menggunakan stative verbs seperti · The laptop belongs to me.
has/have, own, belong, consist, dan lain-lain. · It consists of chocolate and cheese

· I think it is better if people use public

e) Untuk menyampaikan pendapat dan pikiran transportation more often than their personal cars
· I agree that death penalty should be revoked

f) Digunakan pada kalimat instruksi · Pour some salt into the egg and mix them well

· If you do not pick me up, I will not come to the

g) Digunakan pada kalimat pengandaian tipe satu