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• • • • • • What is SWOT Who does the SWOT analysis Why is SWOT necessary On what factors does the SWOT depends SWOT analysis of the Italian Republic with respect to the consumers.

This could include using information from performance measurement. O – Opportunities and T – Threats . SWOT refers to S – Strengths. W – Weaknesses.SWOT Analysis • It is important to base Strategic plans on robust intelligence. learning and benchmarking. research. in order to evaluate the information gathered. The SWOT framework provides for an analysis of the internal and external environment and can be used in conjunction with a scan of the external environment (such as PESTLE).



Who does the SWOT analysis • SWOT analysis is done by business organisations or firms • Researchers • Analysts • Economists • Market strategists  .

Why is the SWOT analysis done • To know about the market • To gain knowledge about the changing market conditions • To know where the firm stands in the present market scenario • Scope for improvements and the challenges coming in the near future. • To capitalize on the transitions created in the market .

General SWOT Flowchart Strengths Capital strength Reputation/image Brand image Knowledge Location Experience Resources Competence.  Opportunities Grants/Funding New Market Unfulfilled Customer needs New Technology Economic upturn  Weaknesses Disadvantages Gap in experience. knowledge Financial aspects Reliability and trust Loss of key staff Geographical factors S W Threats  Competitor activity O T • • • • Economic downturn Increasing regulation Declining markets Market saturation . capabilities Quality.

SWOT and the PESTEL .

W.O. (Repubblic a Italiana) S. Analysis of the Italian Republic .T.


An important member of G-8. Tourism Imports of energy for processing and manufacturing.5th largest industrial economy of the world. A tourist attraction One of the Fashion Hubs of the world.  . and OECD. Better relations with India. World’s 4th largest Gold reserve. Leading exporter in apparel trade. Highly unpredictable market conditions. GDP is expected to contract further due to the global economic crisis. EU.S. Processing and manufacturing of goods. U. Budget deficits and high public debts. Increasing Debts. ECONOMIC FACTORSVery few or limited naturaland hence imports are Land unsuited for farming   huge.  resources. Expensive labour. Investment in global fashion apparel industry.   Uncertainty in the retail sector Economic division between the northern and southern Italy. Low production rate of apparels. and China.

Emerging Music Genres Immigration leading to difference in styles. Rapidly changing fashion. High Crime zone       OPPORTUNITIES  THREATS   Influence of the subcultures. Fashion and luxury as status symbol. High end Fashion.SOCIAL FACTORS STRENGTHS  WEAKNESSES  One kind of culture prevalent throughout . Cuisines and Wines.  Security and potential threats from terrorists and gangs. Uncertainty in the consumers mind. Catholism hold the whole region together.   .


Oracle and Microsoft have begun their operations Other than IT.  .      Blend of technology with the fashion world. Advanced.   Lack of Natural resources to support the manufacturing processes.     Good relationships with China. Research and technological aspects are not upto the standards. and 11th in terms of cellular operations.Modern. services and software is one of the lowest in Europe.   4th greatest internet host.   Chemical and automobile production. 10th highest number of internet users. The Global economic downturn is still showing its effect.   Lump in the technical field in Italy. no other technical field is showing in Italy. signs of improvement.   Italian expenditure in IT hardware.        Currently. fast and automated country. Manufacturing of apparels. Energy and Power. developed. Italy doesn't have an internal software development market.


Ge   THREATS .Huge carbon content emissions  The great division between the northern and  Surrounded by competitors like France.


A great tourist destination often opens the door for a beneficial retailing business. Venice. US.SWOT ANALYSIS Positive factors S Apparel exports are high.  Always in touch with the world. A great tourist attraction. Transportation of goods are easy and affordable.  Direct and good trade links with the rest of EU. . Florence. Milan form the backbone of tourism Control over the Marine.  Rome. and South Asia. O Imports of Energy and raw materials can be a beneficial investment   The prices of Real estate are holding up.  Milan is one of the four fashion hubs in the world.

 Division between Northern and Southern Italy  Popular Crime zone T Unstable Environment  Increased chances of Smuggling Not updated.   Starting a business can be a headache. Technological hault.  High Income Tax.  Expensive Labour  Non availability of natural resources.  Chances of Profit attainability is low. Direct effect on GDP..  Corruption. .SWOT ANALYSIS Negative factors W Political uncertainty.

The apparel exports are the only thing which is keeping Italy in the market.SWOT ANALYSIS Summary SWOT summary S W O T Though the demand for garments is increasing day by day but the production rate has still not been able to match with the ever rising demand.  Most of the raw material needed for apparel manufacturing is available in the developing or under developed countries and Italy does not have enough resources and manpower to explore them  The importers of developed economies are facing very stiff competition as countries like China are producing good quality products in low prices due to availability of very cheap labour. More production facilities are needed to meet the demand.  Italy is under huge debts from the IMF and the things do not seem to be improving even after post 2010 era.  Crime and high income tax are not helping Italy inspite of being a fashion hub. .  The democratic system of Italy is also a hindrance.

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