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3rd Technique in Selecting

and Organizing
 Another way of organizing
information is through outline.
An outline, also called
hierarchical outline, organizes
materials hierarchically and
sequentially by classifying the
main topics, sub topics and
supporting details. Outlines
allow you to group materials by
similar concepts or content and
put them into a logical order.
 The arrangement of items
follows a consistent principle. An
outline of any type follows a
specific formatting using the
character in this order : Roman
Numerals, Uppercase letters,
Arabic Numerals and Lowercase
 An alphanumeric outline includes a prefix
at the beginning of each topic as a
reference aid.

 Example:
I. Distinctions in Linguistics
A. Synchronic and Diachronic
B. Langue and Parole
C. Competence and Performance
D. Oral and Written
Sentence Outline Topic Outline
I. City workers were trimming I. Trimming limbs of trees
limbs of trees.

A. They found a nest of baby A. A nest of baby robins

B. The workers did not touch B. Didn’t touch the limbs
the limbs until the young birds