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Proofreading + Editing Marks

ELA Dept.
Mini-Lesson: Essay Shorthand
Ital. Italicize
BGI Background information
TS Topic Sentence
Awk. Awkward
BP/CC = Body Paragraph/Counterclaim
wc Word choice
Sp. spelling
* or Context Introduce your evidence!
SVA Subject Verb Agreement
Mini-Lesson: Proofreading Marks
When editing work for typos and grammatical errors, there are specific symbols/marks
used to edit for common mistakes! Can you guess what these symbols mean?

Capitalize They fished in lake tahoe.

Make it lowercase /
Five Students /
missed the Bus.
Spelling mistake The day was clowdy and cold.
Add a period Tomorrow is a holiday
Delete Kim knew the the answer.
Add a word Six were in the litter.
Add a comma He ate peas^,corn^,and squash.
Mini-Lesson: Proofreading Marks
What about these symbols?
Reverse words or letters Mary needs glasses reading.
Add an apostrophe The childs’ bike was red.
^ ^
Add quotation marks “ Why can’t I go?”she cried.

Make a space #
He read twobooks.
Close the space Her favorite game is soft ball.

Begin a new paragraph We had fun. Next we went to…