Michigan  Grew up on a productive family farm  Typical childhood    One room school house Farm chores  Interested in ³mechanical´ things rather than farm work . 1863 in Dearborn.Born July 30.

1947 in his Michigan estate  He was 83 years old . Ford died April 7.Attended school for 8 years before leaving home at age 16  Married Clara Bryant (at the age of 24)   She encouraged him to build a horseless carriage  Sadly.

 1886  Karl Benz received a patent for his crude gas-fueled car  Ford wanted to come up with his own version of the automobile  Started work at local power company in Detroit  Mechanic¶s apprentice for 3 years   1891  Became an engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit 1893  Promoted to Chief Engineer  This gave him some time to work on personal experiments .

steered with a tiller like a boat. people might give him money to start his own business  Goal  Build reliable cars quickly and cheaply so that the common man.  Build fast car. on the edge of something great. two forward speeds with no reverse)  Ford. . could drive to work. 1896  Created and finished his first experiment  Self-propelled vehicle he called the Quadricycle( four wire wheels. knew a fast vehicle would be key to his future. not necessarily rich.

 After two unsuccessful attempts at starting a company. 1901-1903  Ford tests knowledge in race cars  Enters 1of them in a 10 mile ran against Alexander Winton. . and beats him  Alexander Malcomson agrees to back Ford in business due to his victory  Malcomson decides to start another company. Luckily Ford had bought enough of them to assume a majority position. famous automaker from Ohio. the Ford Motor Company was finally formed (1903)  He could now work in his office at work instead of doing all his ³tinkering´ in a small shop behind his house. but fails and is forced to sell all his assets with Ford.

20 horsepower engine) and was quite affordable at $825 .000 sold in first year. easy to drive(2-speed trans.. 2 yrs devoted to plan and design   Vanadium steel used on only Ford¶s ³dream´ car and French luxury cars ³Dream´ car finally emerges in 1908.4 cylinder. and is now known as the Model T   10. a new record for an automobile model Lightweight.

body panels installed  3rd floor. With the large demand for Model T·s another factory needed to be built  Plans to build largest automobile factory in the world.wheels. 90 miles of railroad tracks  Space for 75.shipped out.finishing touches. tires.000 acres. and paint  2nd floor.000 workers to complete cars in forty-one hours  Included:  Power plant  Iron forges  Fabricating facilities . cars are completed and rolled down a ramp  1st floor.River Rouge  2.  1910  4 story factory in Highland Park to build his cars  4th floor.

  1914. to 5 hours and 50 min. to complete a car (Model T)  . Once they had completed one.770 cars.improves line to ³endless chain-driven´  Improves it once again for a ³man high´ assembly line (everything was at the workers waist level) With the assembly line. 30 min. Ford creates an idea of the assembly line  Assembly Line.000 workers manufactured 260.350 workers to manufacture 286. 13. they just repeated the steps until the next one was done and so on. Sped process up from 12 hours.729 cars compared to the rest of the industry who required 66.a large conveyor belt which brings the workers parts need to assemble the cars  Each worker was given a specific part of the car.

the now president of Ford Motor Company.1927.1927. and the 1908 prototype of the Model T. 1924  Ten millionth Model T rolls out of Highland Park GM comes out with their version of an inexpensive automobile.the end was here and no more Model T¶s would be produced May 26. Edsel.  June 4.fifteen millionth Model T rolls out. posing threat to Ford¶s Model T  Ford doesn¶t want to replace the car  Workers created an ³updated´ version of the car: Ford kicked in the glass and stomped on the roof  1926  Chevrolet still manages to out-sell the Model T  This finally convinces Ford to stop producing them   May 25. Together they drove to the Dearborn Engineering Lab and parked the Model T next to two other historical cars: his first car built in 1896. . Ford hops in the shiny black car with his son.

. Closed the factory at Highland Park for 6 months  Together Henry and Edsel work together to plan and design their next car  Model A is introduced in 1927  It was a brilliant success since its debut in December of 1927 and was able to put the company back on track again.

(sleek in style and yet affordable for the average man) Without Ford we wouldn¶t have as many companies competing to be the ³best´. It¶s just that there are so many more models of cars. but automakers still make a base line model in hopes that everyone can afford it.   Strived to have a car for everyone   Competition  More and more advances for each company to outdo the other . Still use the ³assembly line´ to manufacture automobiles   Made job easier and much quicker (less stressful) Speeds up process in order to manufacture more automobiles a day (Mass Production) We use that today.

"--Henry Ford Henry Ford Ford with his 1st car. the Quadracycle. and Model T Son: Edsel Ford ."Coming together is a beginning. working together is success. keeping together is progress.

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whether at twenty or eighty.´-Henry Ford . The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.³Anyone who stops learning is old. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

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