‡Tom sends Daisy back to Long Island with Gatsby. ‡Myrtle is killed in a hit-and-run accident. ‡Gatsby admits that it was Daisy who was driving the µdeath car¶ that hit Myrtle. . ‡Tom ridicules Gatsby¶s background and accuses him of bootlegging. ‡Wilson has discovered his wife¶s affair.SYNOPSIS ‡Gatsby replaces his servants and cancels his parties. ‡Gatsby stays behind at the Buchanans¶ house to make sure Daisy is safe. ‡Gatsby and Tom vie for Daisy¶s affection as they argue with each other. ‡The company decides to go to New York and Tom notices signs of a relationship between Daisy and Gatsby.

LIST OF CHARACTERS ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Nick Carraway Jay Gatsby Daisy Buchanan Jordan Baker Tom Buchanan Pammy Buchanan George B. Wilson Myrtle Wilson Mavromichaelis .

A suite in the Plaza Hotel. Wilson¶s garage. Buchanans¶ house. . ‡ Location: Gatsby¶s house.SETTING ‡ Time: End of summer.

MOOD/TONE ‡ Mood: Suspense and turmoil. ‡ Tone: Cynical. .

. time. ‡ Distinction between ³old´ and ³new´ money. ‡ Inability to annul the passage of ‡ Sacrifice in the name of love.THEMES ‡ Discreet versus indiscreet actions.

. 150). 122). 127 . thus the conflict between Gatsby and Tom is highlighted.128). ‡ Gatsby¶s illicit activities come to light (pg.LITERARY IMPORTANCE ‡ Myrtle was run over by Daisy (pg. 140). ‡ The relationship between Gatsby and Daisy reaches its pinnacle (pg. 144. ‡ Tom becomes suspicious of the relationship between Daisy and Gatsby (pg.

‡ Daisy¶s true nature is revealed through her own ‡ Tom¶s controlling behavior is expressed through Nick¶s thoughts: "His wife and his mistress«were slipping precipitately from his control (pg. 152). actions: She chooses Tom over Gatsby (pg. 131).´ .CHARACTER REVELATION ‡ Gatsby¶s illicit activities come to light through Tom¶s speech: Tom calls Gatsby a ³common swindler (pg. 140)´ and reveals that he has made his fortune bootlegging.

127). 142) represents a change from youthful idealism. Metaphor: ³Her voice is full of money (pg. 115). . The ³death car (pg.Figurative Interpretation ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Foreshadowing: The intense heat suggests heated conflict.´ Symbol: Nick¶s 30th birthday (pg.´ Personification: ³Singing breeze (pg. 126). 144)´ is a manifestation of American materialism.´ Oxymoron: ³Vaguely recognizable (pg. Juxtaposition: The chords of Mendelssohn¶s Wedding March (pg.133) were a contrast to the confrontation regarding Daisy¶s detachment from Tom.

IMPORTANT PASSAGES ‡ Tom arguing with Gatsby (pg.´ . 127). ‡ The cold reunion between Tom and Daisy (pg. 144 ± 148). ‡ Gatsby willing to take the blame for Myrtle¶s death (pg. 150). 152). ‡ Myrtle Wilson¶s death (pg. 135 ± 141). ‡ Oxymoron: ³Vaguely recognizable (pg.

´ (pg. 124)..´ between men.MEMORABLE QUOTATIONS ‡ "Daisy and Jordan lay upon an enormous couch«white dresses against the singing breeze of the fans (pg. 142).conspiring together (pg.´ . 115)..´ ‡ "[Nick realized that] there was no difference ‡ ³I just remembered that today¶s my birthday ‡ ³Daisy and Tom were sitting opposite each other. 146). in intelligence or race«he looked guilty (pg.

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