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Made By: Muhammad Tayyab Ul

Reported by: Haq

Danielle Cruz
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 Staffingis the process of hiring eligible candidates in the
organization or company for specific positions. In
management, the meaning of staffing is an operation of
recruiting the employees by evaluating their skills,
knowledge and then offering them specific job roles
Impor tance of Staffing
 Finding out efficient and effective workforce.
 (Right person for right job )
 Per formance and productivity.
 Staffing requirements.
 Continuous sur vival and growth.
 Develops managerial positions.
 Increases employee morale and job satisfaction
Process of Staffing

 Manpower Planning
 Recruitment
 Selection
 Placement
 Training and Development
 Career Management
Manpower Planning

 Popularlyknown as human resource planning, it

is the process of forecasting the firm’s demand
for and supply of competent workforce, in the
adequate number in future.
 Sources of Manpower
o Internal
o External

 the process of finding people to work for

a company or become a new member of
an organization

 Itis the main step of the staffing process, which

involves differentiating between applicants, so as
to identify and choose the candidate who best
fulfils the qualifications and requirements of the
available position.

We have 6 steps for selection

Step 1: Completing application materia .

Step 2: Conducting an inter view.

Step 3: Completing any necessary tests.

Step 4: Doing a background investigation.

Step 5: Socialization

Step 6: Deciding to hire or not to hire.


 Theallocation of rank and responsibility to selected

candidate, is known as Placement.
Training and Development
New joiners undergo training to acquire specific skills.
Development implies learning opportunities,
designed by the organization, to ensure the growth
of employees
Career Management

 CareerManagement is a process in which the

individual understand and learns new skills and
interests and use them for the betterment of the
organization and self
Check your Clarify your
progress Goals


Know yourManagement Identify

targets your value


 Staffingis the most important activity of the

administration it decides how, when, who, where
will do what type of work for an organization. The
staffing decides how efficiently the organisation will
be able to achieve desired outcomes