Social Entrepreneurship

An Introduction

Aims of Today¶s Workshop 

the Concepts and Methods of Social Entrepreneurship  Demonstrate how these methods can be used to address issues in Lakewood

What is Social Entrepreneurship? 

Entrepreneurship is the use of business practices such as business planning, project management, marketing and sales, for advancing social causes

Why Social Entrepreneurship?  

These methodologies focus on results that can be measured enabling a group to see how successful its work is. Then take corrective action if the ³desired results´ are not being achieved. NOTE: Many businesses do not practice to these methods their loss These methodologies work. Speaking from both research and practical experience, business methodologies, if implemented correctly, are extremely effective for getting things done.

To be Successful A Community Venture Needs: 

A clearly stated purpose A governing structure, knowledgeable advisors A solid Business Plan Good Project Planning A target audience A source of money &/ resources to run and expand the organization Good Communications, marketing and sales plan Solid Leadership A good working relationship with other community organizations

easily-obtained goals and build on your success. unrealistic.Clearly Stated Goals     This is often the single hardest part of the whole process Ambiguous. or ill-defined goals have ruined many projects Start with small. Your goals will change as your project evolves .

Useful Tool ± BODI Method BODI stands for:  Benefits  Other options  Drawbacks  Impacts/Consequences .

Lakewood Goals Three Modest Goals with BODI analysis .

open decision structures work best ± give people a sense of ownership Use arbitration service to resolve disputes in a situation when people can¶t agree .Governing structure     Complexity depends on whether the effort is a ³one-shot´ or part of an on-going effort There needs to be clear rules Co-operative.

Governing structure Lakewood .

small business owners. leading members of professional organizations .Council of advisors  In any venture it is easy to lose one¶s perspective  A council of advisors should be a part of any major project  Suggestions: Directors of other nonprofits.

Council of advisors .

What is to be done if there is a major unforeseen disaster?  What are the weaknesses in our thinking?  Do we have enough resources to run and expand the project?         .Business plan ³Failing to plan is planning to fail´ How the project is going to pay for itself? Where to obtain the initial startup capital? Who is the target audience for the system? What do we ASS-U-ME? What research needs to be done? What skills are needed to run the project? Have a current contingency plans.

Business plan Lakewood .

Project Management Turning Your Ideas into Reality .

Reality check  7. Budget. Brainstorming of concepts and ideas  3.Steps in Building a Project  1. projections. Project Planning . Definition of goals  2. Critique of concepts  4. and timeline  6. Mission statement  5.

 3) Documentation is vital.Project Management Tips 1) An early plan is good to get started quickly. resource assignments and a plan to build a detailed project plan.  2) Understand the scope of the project requirements before trying to break it down into specific tasks. especially when more than one person needs to work on parts of a project. An early plan includes a pre-project launch.  .

 7) Show your leadership.  6) Meetings. Just make sure that they are not too often. should be short and to the point. Listen and learn from your team.Project Management Tips (cont) 4) Communication is very important and it never hurts to double or even triple check to make sure that you are properly communicating with your project team. when they occur at all.  5) Find ways to build up your team early. You should have regular events to bring the team together. such as taking them out for dinner.  .

T method. concrete objective M = Measurable indicator of progress A = Assignable to a specific person R = Realistic T = Time (how long the job will take and a specific date that it will be done by) .R. the next step is to break down it into specific tasks.A. S = Specific.M. In developing your task use the S.Defining Tasks  Tasks After defining your project.

Project Planning Lakewood .

Defining a Target Audience "Try to be all things to all people and you will end up be nothing to anyone" .

Target audiences  Does your targets have enough capital (Money/resources/skills) to support your project?  If not you have two choices: a) Choose other target groups b) Redesign your project so that it is affordable by your target groups .

What to look for in a target audience  Enough members in the target who are interested in your project or are willing to learn about it  Resources (monetary or otherwise) to support it  Enough members to bring a substantial number of people the project  Enough connections to other groups so that you can grow your market .

Target Audience Lakewood .

Sources of Money &/ Resources  Very detailed plans of where the resources are coming from and how they will be used  An experienced financial person should be involved to handle the monetary side  Need to have a very high confidence that resources will be available  ³Plan to Fail´? Must have a ongoing detailed contingency plan. .

Planning To Fail  What if few of your expected resources come through?  Your ³target audience´ is un-interested in your project  Another competing project comes along & steals your thunder  Your project idea is simply to strange for people to understand .

funds become tight for you target audience Times change & people¶s interests shift to other projects .Planning To Fail (cont)     The project requires far too much time & energy than you can give to it In order for the project to succeed it requires far more resources than originally anticipated Due to a major economic downturn.

Sources of Capital/Resources Lakewood .

Planning To Fail Lakewood .

e.Communications/Marketing/Sales  Communications: PR functions (i. inform of upcoming events)  Marketing: get people to ³buy into´ your project  Sales: get people & organizations to give resources to your project .

Communication Rules  KISS ± Keep it Simple ...  Keep it relevant to your project & to your target audience  Make it professional  Make sure the message you are sending is consistent with the project .

Communications Lakewood .

Marketing Strategy  Who are your target audiences?  What exactly are you trying to get those target audiences to do?  How can you make a message that these target audiences are most likely to respond to?  What are the best mediums to reach your target audiences? .

Marketing Mediums  News Kits and News Releases  Sales Letters  Sales and Marketing Brochures  Advertisements  Web Sites  Speciality Items .

Marketing Mediums (cont)  Sale Proposals  Goodwill Materials  Promotional Materials  Sales Kits  News Letters  Speeches  Your Imagination .

Marketing Lakewood .

if any Demonstrate understanding of prospect needs Show how project can meet prospect needs Moving from prospect to customer Keeping commitments .Sales ± Basic Steps          Find prospects (part of target audience) Research prospects Gain their attention Build trust Determine Common Ground.

Sales Lakewood .

Leadership  Good Leaders  Bad Leaders  What are some of the traits of a good leader?  What are some of traits of a bad leader? .

not born  Anyone can become a leader if they are willing to learn .Skilful Leadership  Without good leadership a great project can fail  With good leadership a weak project can often succeed  Leaders are made.

Features of Great Leaders (from Kouzes & Posner)  Challenge the Process  Inspire a Shared Vision  Enable Others to Act  Model the Way  Encourage the Heart .

Features of Bad Leaders  Threaten  Indecisive  Refuse to listen to the people around them  Keep all the power for themselves  Refuse to learn or change .

Leadership Lakewood .

I¶ll scratch yours´ .Working other community organizations  Try and coordinate your effort with existing groups  Approach existing groups to see if there are ways of working together  Build up a network among community groups and be willing to help them with their projects  ³You scratch my back.

Community Organizations Lakewood .

.Software Tools  Open Source Groupware: pware/  Warning: While these tools are very powerful and are free they require a great deal a technical expertise to set up.

Available Professional Services  My associates and I can offer. Consulting and Training in all of the areas discussed in this presentation  I can provide. Computer Consulting if you should decide to install any of the groupware listed in the previous slide .

and Deliver Projects on Time and within Budget´ by Robert K.  ³Effective . ISBN: 0-471-11521-5. Wysocki et al. Manage.Recommended Reading  ³Don¶t Get Caught In Risky Business´ by Steve Bareham (ISDN: 0-07-560814-6) Project Management: How to Plan.

J. Kouzes and Barry Z.Recommended Reading  ³Smart Marketing on a Small Budget´ by S. Ross (ISBN 0-07-560469-8)  ³The Sales Advantage´ by J. Posner (ISBN 07879-0860-6) . Oliver Crom and Michael Crom (ISBN 0-7432-1591-5)  ³The Leadership Challenge´ by James M.

How to Contact Tim Inkpen E-Mail: Skype: tinkpen Phone: (613) 241-7394 .

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