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The expansion of business across the globe and competitive environment has accelerated business to
induce modern workplace.
Globalization has out bounded operations of a company across borders to meet global demand. The
operations of business in different region of the work has exposed employees with people from different
culture and background. T
eam work remains to be an essential aspect in the organizations due to which employee’s interaction is
interdependent to be functional in teams.
Now the companies hire professionals across the globe based on the talents. People from different
cultural background are working in the same workplace. There are people from different culture,
ethnicity and gender which make the teams diversified that needs to be acknowledged.
(Robert, Dennis, & Ahuja, 2018) claims that the organizations that have diverse teams have higher
productivity and enhances over all organizational effectiveness (Robert, Dennis, & Ahuja, 2018). These
factors significantly helps the organization to attain strategic goals.
The diversity in the teams is still considered a difficult aspect which is not being
incorporated within the organizations in Pakistan.
Less understanding about communication with regard to manage effectiveness with
the diversification of the teams.
The culture and gender roles are sensitive concerns which are not adequately coped
within the Pakistani organization.
There is lack of interventions such as training and cross cultural management that
may affect the organization effectiveness in project team. In Pakistan, only
multinational organizations foster effective management to deal with the culture and
gender roles
Research Question
•What is the role of culture and gender diversity?
•How culture and gender diversity affects communication in project teams?

Research Objectives
The role of Culture and Gender Diversity
The importance of communication in project management
The impact of culture and gender diversity on communication in project teams?
Research Significance
The thesis will inquire about the culture and gender diversity’s impact on communication in
project them.
The research would contribute to developing understanding about the communication
patterns in the project teams in diverse group that can be effectively addressed. The purpose
of this dissertation is to explore how diverse teams operate and function.
Studying teams is a very complex process as there are no measures that can be easily applied.
Our analysis will be based on observations as a main tool to capture the processes that occur
in diverse teams. The research explain how cultural and gender diversity will affect the
communication processes in project teams and will bring a new light into this research field.
Communication is a fundamental procedure in our everyday life, and the whole
world rotates around it. Lasswell's Maxim characterizes correspondence as "who
says what to whom in what channel with what impact".
In the field of project management it can be stated that the project management is a
essential elements that is being taken place through different sources and medium.
However, the communication in project teams play a vital role that is associated with
the significance ordinary and is the focal point of all administration forms soon.
Communication Model
Thus, gender has a dominant impact on the communication patterns in the organization. It is
framed in the human culture, particularly influenced by social elements.
Gender diversification is definitely not a straightforward idea of being a men or ladies. It is
about conduct, considering and correspondence in a ladylike, manly manner or mix of both
Gender role as a standout amongst the most critical factors in the work environment, has
increased much consideration in the examination field, because of the expanding number of
female workforce entering associations.
Hajro, Gibson, & Pudelko (2017) explains "the gender plan is currently a blossoming
territory of research inside the human science of work and business writings" (Hajro, Gibson,
& Pudelko, 2017)
H1 The teams that effectively manage gender diversification have a significant impact on
communication in project teams
(Null Hypothesis) The teams that effectively manage gender diversification does not impact
communication in project teams
H2 The teams that effectively manage cultural diversification have a significant impact on
communication in project teams
(Null Hypothesis) Ho The teams that effectively manage gender diversification does not impact
communication in project teams
Gender, Culture
Dependent variables
Communication pattern
Research Philosophy Positivist
Research Approach Deductive Approach
Research Design Quantitative
Research Type Descriptive Investigation
Data Collection Primary and Secondary Data
Sample Size 251 Male and Females
Sampling Technique Non-probability convenience sampling
Data Analysis SPSS
Research Instrument Survey Questionnaire